24 05, 2018

7 Super Supplements for Stem Cells

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After the previous blog you now understand more about your stem cells and ways to nourish and protect them. Now it is time to focus on super nutrition and supplements to help better support them. Many people are just beginning to learn the role stem cells play for repair and replacement of injured tissues. Unfortunately [...]

17 05, 2018

7 Steps to Support Your Stem Cells

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How well do you understand your stem cells and ways to nourish and support them? Many people are beginning to learn about stem cells for repair and replacement of injured tissues but most have not been thinking about better care for the ones they currently have. This can couse them to deplete faster. Unfortunately most [...]

10 05, 2018

Are GMOs a Health Hazard or Healthy?

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Who do you beleive when it comes to the real risks or safety standards of Genetically Engineeered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Unfortunately too many people with powerful financial funding and incredible incentives are telling us they are safe and basically the same as non GMO foods. Common sense dictates GE and GMOs artificially [...]

3 05, 2018

Belize Eco Village Bulletin 2

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Did you know that May 3rd is International Permaculture Day? For our Belize Eco Village project this is a day to celebrate and honor the many permaculture pioneers that promote renewable and sustainable agriculture and living. Photo by Michael Morningstar. For people who are curious about the country of Belize and our Belize [...]

26 04, 2018

Super Smiles with Oral Health 101

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Are your gums and teeth healthy or are you dealing with dental problems and struggling with oral health and hygiene? Unfortunately too many adults and children are dealing with dental problems today that will likely become worse with time and lead to serious disease issues and health hazards. Unfortunately too many people are clueless, complacent [...]

19 04, 2018

Is Our Water Healthy or a Health Hazard?

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How will you celebrate Earth Day on Sunday Apr 22, 2018? Maybe we should all celebrate Earth Day Every Day to help raise greater awareness of our limited supply and precious clean water resources. While our global water resources seem abundant and vast we are rapidly contaminating, depleting and polluting one of our most precious [...]

12 04, 2018

Is Salt Our Friend or Foe?

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Are you confused by the many conflicting stories and suggestions regarding salt? Unfortunately there are many differing opinions and theories regarding the heath benefits or health hazards of salt. As a result many people are clueless and confused as to what they should do. Previous blog posts have addressed the importance of providing the body [...]

5 04, 2018

Belize Eco Village Bulletin 1

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Aubrey and Shaun Diaz tour 149 acres for the Belize Eco Village. Photo by Michael Morningstar. For people who are curious about the country of Belize and our Belize Eco Village sustainable community, welcome to our first Belize Bulletin monthly update. We are fortunate so many people are asking for planning and progress reports [...]

29 03, 2018

Is Being Healthy Wealthy & Wise a Myth or Mindset?

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Do you have a vision and written mastery action plan to keep you on course to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Unfortunately many people seem to be drifting through life and unaware of the importance of following a blue print and winning strategy for The Game of Life. Previous blog posts have addressed the importance [...]

22 03, 2018

Heavy Metals Are Horrible Health Hazards

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March 22nd is World Water Day so it is appropriate to discuss how heavy metals are contaminating our global waters. Have you heard the warnings that heavy metals are horrible health hazards causing many health problems? Are you doing a periodic cleanse and detox to rid your body of heavy metals on a regular basis? [...]