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13 10, 2011

Part 7: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Exercise

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Last week we shared the Part 6: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health - Natural Nutrition and this week we will discuss the importance of (Part 7) exercise. In the previous article we discussed the many advantages to avoiding the foods which are associated with the Standard American Diet (SAD) and making healthier choices on a [...]

14 04, 2011

Part 12: Focus on Fitness – Key Fitness Review

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How do you feel on this twelfth and final week of specific strategies and suggestions to help you maintain your focus on fitness? We have emphasized many simple modifications to core exercises to help you receive the maximum benefit in the minimum time. Now is a great time to summarize your choices and options to [...]

7 04, 2011

Part 11: Focus on Fitness – Jumping, Lunges, & Rebounding

By | 2013-02-10T21:15:48+00:00 April 7th, 2011|Exercise & Fitness|0 Comments

We are in the eleventh week of our focus on fitness program. Our outcome is twelve weeks of strategies to help you manifest greater mental and physical health from maintaining great exercise habits and rituals. With a comprehensive focus on fitness it is easier to maintain your energy, endurance and enjoyment for life to insure [...]

31 03, 2011

Part 10: Focus on Fitness – Squatting and Stepping Routines

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We are now in the tenth week of our focus on fitness program to help you enjoy even better mental and physical health from the energy and vitality that exercise provides. With twelve weeks dedicate to a total focus on fitness it is apparent how essential this area of your life is for maintaining your [...]

24 03, 2011

Part 9: Focus on Fitness – Modifying Your Daily Routines

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After eight weeks of constant focus on fitness and exercise it is very apparent this is a key process for our mental and physical health. It is essential to understand the dynamics of fitness and develop a variety of routines that provide optimal benefits. With a dozen core fitness routines that can be done whenever [...]

17 03, 2011

Part 8: Focus on Fitness – 12 Power Push-Ups

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As we continue to focus on fitness to maintain our mental and physical health it is essential to develop a variety of routines for different situations. When you have a dozen core exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere you are more likely to maintain your program in spite of distractions or travel. Last [...]

3 03, 2011

Part 6: Focus on Fitness – Empowering Your Exercise Commitment

By | 2013-02-10T21:16:54+00:00 March 3rd, 2011|Exercise & Fitness|0 Comments

As we continue to expand our focus on fitness and exercise it seems to be an even more natural and normal aspect of our core being. When we shift our identity from a person that dislikes exercise, healthy foods and maintaining our body to one who totally enjoys exercise, great nutrition and fitness it becomes [...]

24 02, 2011

Part 5: Focus on Fitness – Detailed Terms & Designing Your Regime

By | 2013-02-10T21:17:15+00:00 February 24th, 2011|Exercise & Fitness|0 Comments

Every week it is important to maintain a focus on fitness basics and conditioning in order to maintain your health and well being. It is up to you to realize the importance of establishing exercise as a key outcome for this year and every year for the rest of your life. This week we will [...]

22 10, 2009

Ten Energizing Exercise with Basic Equipment Costing Under $50

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October 22, 2009 Upon returning home from two weeks of international travel it was great to restart my routine of energizing exercises with basic equipment for a greater variety of workouts. Even without a gym membership offering expensive and fancy equipment it is easy for anyone to be fit and healthy with low cost basic [...]