4 03, 2010

Be Prepared for Emergencies – First Aid Kits

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While traveling in Fiji recently several health challenges materialized which highlighted the need for always being prepared and carrying your own essential first aid kits. You never know when you, family, friends or others may be in need of essential first aid assistance. My recommendation is to carry a small first aid kit in your [...]

19 03, 2009

Magnet Therapy for Improving Health

By |2015-06-07T12:26:57-05:00March 19th, 2009|Improving Health|0 Comments

Magnet Therapy is a great option to help maintain your vibrant energy and health. Every cell in our body has an electrical charge. Even our organs have a measurable megahertz of energy and must maintain that energy level for peak performance. Strong cells, glands and organs are the source of our health and vitality. Even [...]

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