The Problems with Poor Nutrition Today…

It is time to face the facts… the Standard American Diet (SAD) of fast foods, highly processed foods and junk foods is an international disgrace. The majority of people in the US are uneducated, unprepared and unresourceful in dealing with the statistics and warnings regarding our current State of the Union and Citizens Economic Health Crisis. The alarming messages are being raised constantly and yet most people seem to ignore the message or deceive themselves regarding the long term consequences of poor nutrition and poor health.

Big Green Salad

Fresh Produce is Packed with Nutrition

The majority of people in the US today are “Living to Eat instead of Eating to Live” and are overweight guinea pigs on a run away train headed for disaster. The brainwashing, deception and misinformation that is perpetrated by the giant food conglomerates using the all powerful media is out of control and this should be a major concern of every man, woman and child in the US and the world.

The majority of American adults and children lack the knowledge and understanding of how their complex physical, mental and emotional systems work.They also lack basic fundamentals and sufficient knowledge on the key questions regarding: what, when, where, why and how to plan, shop, prepare and eat healthy foods to provide high quality fuel, natural nutrition and optimal health. With the significant increase in incidences of diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, autoimmune disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and other diseases it is obvious that the lack of basic understanding of the essential role nutrition plays towards our health is not good for our communities and not good for our future.

The US is also plagued by excessive addictions, depression, obesity and low self-esteem due to our obsessions with unhealthy drinks, foods and other addictive substances. We all benefit from information to help guide us with holistic programs focused on better choices for great nutrition and perfect health. Individual, family, organization and government accountability is crucial for our long term success.

We must stop allowing the powerful bureaucrats and manipulative media of the self serving corporate conglomerates, government and regulatory agencies from abusing their authority and power.

Their influence concerning the fast food, junk food and sick care industry places us on a direct collision course with healthcare disaster. The biased and self serving drug and sick care industry must be scrutinized, sanctioned and censored due to a long track record of being an unreliable source of objective health and wellness information.

The Solutions with Great Nutrition Tomorrow

Fruit is Packed with Fiber and Nutrients

Fruit is Packed with Fiber and Nutrients

It is time for our local and global society to benefit from learning the truth about natural beauty, energy, fitness, health, nutrition and wellness. Key factors to greatly influence the measurable results and success of such a program will be the integrity of the content and educational delivery system. The outdated home economics class teaching the USDA food pyramid and health class teaching outdated disease, germs and sickness models should be updated with the information children need to enjoy perfect health and well being.

We must develop a comprehensive new vision for optimum health, nutrition and wellness based on a balanced lifestyle, nutrient dense whole foods and a sustainable holistic ecosystem.

It must be centered on a combination of traditional wisdom and expert authorities sharing the best of ancient wisdom and profound knowledge to protect all life and ecosystems on planet earth.

The content must be independent from bureaucratic government and special interest agencies like the USDA, CDC, FDA, AMA, CODEX, and pharmaceutical, fast food, junk food, media and other unreliable sources frequently promoting misleading and greed motivated propaganda. It will be important to develop a total wellness based program with high quality content delivered by informative teachers who walk the talk and can inspire and motivate students.

It will require modern communications and information technology systems to deliver the best in experiential learning to re-educate and re-empower our children and future leaders with the optimum health and nutrition information available. This will include high quality books, learning guides, teaching aids, DVDs, internet resources, websites, and tele-seminars delivered with integrity. The programs will require ongoing cooperation and development from expert resources including: local organic sustainable farmers, natural healthcare professionals, holistic health teachers, eco-friendly green industries, socially conscious non government organizations, parents, students and educators for feedback and guidance.

Little Girl Eating Strawberry

Empower Our Children with Optimal Health & Nutrition

It is essential to regularly monitor and document our health statistics and overall progress for attainable and sustainable results. The parents, family members and community must be educated and motivated to cooperate and support the transition and transformation towards perfect health. Remember our current health and nutrition disaster evolved over many decades and will require significant re-engineering and resources to re-educate the US population.

This program must be viewed as an essential joint venture between the local community, business community, education system and local/ state / national government as necessary to deal with the impending health, nutrition and sick care crisis and economic tsunami that we are currently facing. It is essential that all Americans and global citizens totally commit to do their part to reverse the unhealthy trends and avert our impending national and international health disaster.

The mission of Great NEWS Perfect Health is to reveal the sad story about the Standard American Diet (SAD) and then help people focus on solutions. This will be the new paradigm shift as people learn and implement the suggestions, strategies, systems and sources for great nutrition, emotions, wellness and success.

My Wish for You is Health, Love, Abundance and Time to Enjoy Them” — Michael Morningstar

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Nutritional Wellness Client Testimonials


Michael, Enjoying your amazing Energy Elixirs the last three days and feeling so fantastic has been wonderful. Thank you!!! I am experiencing lots of energy, a wonderful sense of well-being and love that I am doing something great for my body. I also feel lighter and feel as if my body is living in a higher place. I feel sooooo alive! Enjoying an energy Elixir first thing in the morning sets me up for a fantastic day and getting more things accomplished. Knowing that I am eating live, healthy, nutritious food that tastes wonderful all blended together gives me a great feeling. I have an endless variety of foods to choose from so every day seems like a different taste and texture. I love it! I am having my personal assistant learn to make them so I can have them anytime – morning, noon or night – and enjoy the benefits of these wonderful quick meals anytime. Having one in the morning totally satisfies me until lunch and knowing I can have as much as I want gives me the certainty that I will not be hungry. I now truly enjoy eating healthy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Ann McIndoo
Author, Speaker, Writing Coach
La Quinta, California


Michael Morningstar is as a health crusader who champions the best practices that lead to a happy, healthy and balanced life. As an experienced guide who “walks the talk”, you can rely on him to assist you and others in traveling the magnificent journey of life. His website offers information on nutrition, energy, wellness and success, as well as several absolutely delicious raw whole food (living cuisine) recipes.

Perry A & David S.
Austin, TX


I want to acknowledge the good that has come from my experiences with Michael Morningstar. We worked an intense, 4 day long conference together in San Jose CA. that required long hours, extreme positive attitude and quite physical demands on our bodies. I had recently changed my meal plans entirely, switching to vegetarian, minimal dairy and very little sugar. I found it challenging each day to find foods that would give me energy, sustainability and also be enjoyable to eat. I took extensive notes during his lecture on food combining and chatted with him daily around the food tables. I gained great insights and began instantly to celebrate the amazing results! I eat for maximum nutrition now and my food has never tasted better. Broccoli and bananas together; who would have thought? Thanks Again

Steve Peterson
ARC Crew


I am writing regarding the seminar that my daughter (Megan) and my mom (Shay H) attended Tuesday evening at the YMCA in Missouri City. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to give this seminar. I have been telling my mom (Shay) for months about the health hazards of eating meat, drinking milk, drinking juice, etc. I started doing research when Megan (my oldest – 10 years) started going through the “change.” My pediatrician told me it is what we expose our kids to – from the foods we eat to the “stuff” we put on our skin. I did not realize how detrimental mineral oil is to our bodies until I started doing the research and that lanolin comes from sheep! I just know that what we put on our skin and in our bodies go hand-in-hand.We have also started shopping at the Whole Foods Market and have changed our diets immensely. I have been working on my mom to change her diet, but she would not listen to me. Thankfully she is listening to you. A book called the Mad Cowboy REALLY got my attention regarding our diets.Thanks again for the presentation. My daughter and my mom loved it!

Margi A
Missouri City, TX


When my son, Ryan, hit puberty his face erupted with acne. The poor kid had it so bad that you could hardly see his face underneath all the zits. I took him to a dermatologist who wanted to prescribe an oral medication. Because I know the havoc taking medication can have on the body I was against that. Next the doctor prescribed a topical ointment of Rentin A, this caused his sign to turn bight red and it became extremely painful in the sunshine. Imagine an active teenage boy who loves to ski, play in the pool with his brothers and soccer with his friends, hiding inside all day because even to walk outside was too painful. To occupy his time inside he spent a lot of time in front of the TV or the computer, this started to cause a little chubbiness around his middle. Now not only was his face literally peeling off and bright red – it looks worse than just the acne, he was becoming an introverted couch potato. Michael Morningstar introduced the Calcium Bentonite Clay to us last year and after just a few weeks of using just the clay daily as a mask, Ryan’s acne has for the most part cleared up, he is back outside enjoying his life and we are not paying an arm and a leg for prescriptions. Thank you Michael

Angie Fink
Denver, CO


The Nutritional Coaching I received from Michael Morningstar has allowed me to live my life on a day to day basis at a whole different level. It’s not just Michael’s vast knowledge that produces results. It’s his coaching style and techniques that make you WANT to make the changes necessary for a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. I would highly recommend Michael Morningstar to anyone looking for massive positive results in their life.

Bill Keefe
Miami FL
Owner of Bimini Under Sea – Scuba Diving Tours


I know I am definitely on the path to looking and feeling younger after hearing from others and seeing the changes in my skin and overall appearance. It feels so great to have the energy, wellness and peace of mind as I begin my transformation to the healthy person I am meant to be. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Carolyn Crowder
Austin, TX


I could quickly see that Michael had two traits that aren’t for sale: integrity and the desire to help others. I began to wonder what might happen in my own life by applying some of Michael’s suggestions. Well, I did, and what a difference it made. My blood pressure dropped from the 140/95 range to the 120/80 range in a matter of 2 weeks. The drinking of 12-15 glasses of water a day helped clear up my brain fog for the first time in years. I woke up in the mornings actually feeling awake and ready to hit the day running instead of struggling to start my day.

Keven H
Houston, TX


Like most other teenagers, I have been trying to get rid of my acne for a number of years now, and nothing I tried seemed to do the trick. Well that is until I talked to Mr. Morningstar about my acne troubles, and he gave me some very interesting information on acne. What he told me surprised me very much, he said that some of the causes of my breakouts was caused by drinking too much milk, eating certain foods and most importantly, not drinking enough water. I decided to test out his facts, and I was astonished to find that after just TWO weeks my face was absolutely clear! I would recommend this simple program to anybody who has acne because not only is it easy to do but it is one hundred percent cheaper than any pills or creams.

John M.N.
Sugar Land, TX


Michael knows what he talks about – nutrition and natural wellness. He walks his talk. He conducts a weekend workshop, took us shopping and taught us all about what to buy and why. THEN he shows us (hands on) now to prepare nutritious meals using raw foods and it was delicious. Under Michael’s guidance I lost 18 healthy pounds in two months and really felt charged.

Perry A
The Consummate Entertainer
Kyle, TX


Dear Michael, I was truly inspired by your Raw Foods / Living Cuisine seminar on Saturday. I have attended other seminars and felt overwhelmed, but the way you taught this one really “clicked” for me. The seminar helped me understand raw food preparation much better. I went home that evening and looked up recipes to make, from Noni Shannnon’s book (which has sat on a shelf for over a year and a half) made a list of items to buy, and am ready to take off. I know it was simple for you, but when I saw you make the elixir as a breakfast item, I thought, well, I can do that!

Gloria B
Houston, TX


I have known Michael since 2004. He is a personal friend and my coach on all matters regarding my health and nutrition. He is an expert in his field and he shares his knowledge and skills but above all supports you while you make the desired changes you want in your life using the best techniques to achieve lasting sustainable change. When you connect with Michael you will feel, hear and see his passion and energy for health, nutrition and above all helping others.

Andy Turner



International Nutrition Testimonials

Hi Michael, It was great working with you recently in San Diego.I tried your breakfast Energy Elixir recipes, and I am hooked! I highly recommended them for a healthy and filling start to the day. As you know I am keen on personal fitness and believe our mornings set us up for the entire day. Not only are your breakfast recipes highly nutritious, they taste delicious too. More importantly they are far more filling than just having a healthy juice. And they keep my appetite at bay so I have no hunger pangs mid-morning and enjoy a light lunch too. Even the Fig Delight, which didn’t look the greatest, when I finally tried it turned out fantastic. So much so it’s on the agenda for tomorrow morning too! All the very best Michael and keep up the great work. Warmest regards & thanks

Steve Broadbent
Technical Director
Australia & SE Asia


Dearest Michael, Thank you so much! I just had to let you know you are a gift from God and what a difference you have made in our lives.I knew intellectually I should eat healthier, exercise regularly and my typical Australian diet was not good since I am 15 kilos overweight. I’m so busy with my business, marriage and new baby (5 months) that it seemed too much effort. My old pattern was to keep eating and drinking the usual for comfort and relaxation.When you stayed with us for 3 days sharing your Platinum Coaching everything started to shift. You helped re-engineer our cupboards, refrigerator, and pantry and refocused our lives back on health, our most precious resource. You made us aware of our current patterns around food and drinks and how to make major improvements. Your audit of our kitchen to review our food and food preparation methods, including our pots, pans and appliances was most informative. We appreciate your guidance to reorganize our kitchen so it is now an easy and convenient place to prepare and eat lots of healthy food which are now visible and close by, with less healthy options gone or more out of reach.Michael you greatly increased our awareness and choices for easily buying healthy foods at very economical prices. We discovered foods and shops that we did not know existed when we shopped at near by Asian, Health Food and Fruit/Produce stores. We really appreciate learning simple, easy and fun ways to make and eat lots of wholesome and nutritious food all day long. It helped us set this up as a daily lifestyle (not a diet) and encouraged us to establish a supportive peer group to maintain and anchor in our winning strategies and great feelings around eating healthy. Hearing about your three very successful adult children helped us appreciate your coaching for our young son. It had seemed so easy to follow the norm and give him bottled juices loaded with sugars and baby foods which begins the unhealthy eating cycle. We have interrupted our old patterns by giving him natural options such as fresh fruit blends, preparing fresh veggies and seed milks. We appreciate your ideas to positively influence his overall physical and mental development and are now focused on reading to him for one hour, playing instrumental and classical music and providing a stimulating physical and intellectual environment every day with minimal TV to ensure he is surrounded by positive and valuable influences. I have already seen many benefits in a short time (after my initial detox and cleanse) and I am feeling more alert, awake and alive than I have in a long time. Thank you so much.

Melissa Gilbert
Financial Planner
Sydney, Australia


Hi MichaelI spent a week together with Michael Morningstar supporting an event. From the very first moment we met, Michael’s passion for health was obvious. He has more knowledge on this subject than anyone I know. Every morning we made a so-called ‘Energy Elixirs’ for breakfast, each day with a fantastic new taste. What a great start! I was never hungry, I had so much energy and the taste was just great. We once eat at a restaurant and Michael showed us exactly what our delicious healthy options were. His knowledge of raw healthy food impressed me. He is also an expert on other issues such as stress and sleep management. If you have any kind of health or well being issues then Michael Morningstar is definitely your man.

Rolf Stauffer
Business owner, Golf Psychologist and Trainer


Michael, It was such an honor and a pleasure to be in your company on Saturday while we prepared food for the seminar. There is something about preparing healthy live food that felt so right. Having read Emotos book meant I made sure that me state was fantastic as I was touching live food with a high water content.I have been drinking the Energy Elixir every morning for the last week and I’ve been eating as a raw vegan since UPW. I am absolutely astounded at how amazing I feel, I sleep soundly and get out of bed when the alarm goes off(I used to hit the snooze button 3 or 4 times), in fact…for the last two mornings I have woken up 10 minutes before my alarm. That alone is enough to convince me that my body loves the new scrumptious delights I’m giving it.I am doing research on eating live raw foods and have some of the books you recommended. The more I read and research the more I’m astounded by how logical eating raw is.Thank you Michael for the gift you gave by sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience. You’re outstanding. Be the best that you can be.

Tarren Agnew
Senior Sales Executive
Buyandsell House
Argyle Square, Donnybrook, Dublin 4


Michael, I’m happy to report that some of the material has rubbed of on me. I no longer drink any soft drinks, tea or coffee, eat enriched flour based foods or dairy products. I’ve gone from drinking next to no water to a minimum of 2 Liters a day and my fruit and veggie consumption is regular.

Colin Mulcahy
Dublin, Ireland


Michael Morningstar is tops in his field of outstanding health and vibrant energy. In 2006 I invited him to Ireland to deliver his world famous ‘Living Cuisine’ workshop. This guy totally rocked in both knowledge and content. Best of all, we learned and conditioned great practices in food shopping, food preparation as well as adopting practical alternatives to fit a balanced and healthy lifestyle. To say he was a hit would be a massive understatement. Within six months we had Michael back in Ireland to inspire us at the School of Culinary Arts, DIT in Dublin. If you wish to fuel your body to be not just fit but truly healthy then I would highly, highly recommend Michael as your nutritional consultant, coach and/or your main guest speaker.

James Martin
Managing Director
TeamLife Training & Consultancy Company
Dublin, Ireland


Hi Michael, I wanted to follow up on the seminar you did in Dublin. I loved it – the energy, the living example that you are in all that you do. The food was amazing and your knowledge of your topic is exceptional and most of all – you truly do walk your talk and that’s what I loved about your whole approach and also how simple you made it. I am already doing the morning Energy Elixir and they are fantastic. And I also loved how you gave so much time to answer questionsYou are an outstanding person, a man who is truly on purpose, making a massive difference, and literally saving lives with your work. I really admire you for that. I would love to see you make a even greater impact and if you need any more thoughts on the above, happy to help. Many blessings to you Michael, in all that you do.

Shiera O’Brien
Zenith Coaching
Corporate Training & Executive Coaching Services


Hi Michael, I attended one of your seminars in Dublin last year, it was great. Many thanks.

Marie Osborne
Washington DC


Oona Big hugs and THANK YOU for Michael Morningstar. I had the privilege to spend time with him while he coached James and crew in preparing the Dublin event and he ‘coached the arse off me’ in the car as we went shopping for the right kind of dates and many other gorgeous things on the shopping list. I love him Big big hugs xxx

Laura Rossney
Dublin, Ireland


Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your recent seminar in Dublin, Ireland. I had looked forward to it for a long time, and you did not disappoint me! I even put off my business flights to Finland to be able to attend your seminar, and on the actual Saturday, I drove from Wexford (South-East of Ireland) early that morning, after going down there on the Friday for a charity ball which I had to attend! I did not get much sleep that night, as I had to get up at 6am to start driving back to Dublin to attend your seminar, but it was all so worth it! I attended your first seminar in February 2006 in Dublin, a week after my first UPW experience in London. I was convinced in UPW’s fourth day about the necessity to eat living food, and your February seminar was a great way to get started on my road to a healthy diet! I got the elixir out of the first seminar, ie. your great breakfast “smoothie” drink of seeds, nuts, greens and fruit whipped up in a blender. I and my partner have had this breakfast every morning since then, and we have noticed a great change in our health. The second miracle we have got out of your seminars was the Calcium Bentonite Clay. This has become a family favourite! I drink it to feel great, my partner and his sister take it to get rid of symptoms of allergies, and another sister of my partner has healed her bad acne, which she has had for a long time! My partner’s father is starting to take it now, and the word is spreading! I just spoke about it today with a good friend of mine… I ordered the book Living Clay to learn more about it, now that I know it works! We have just set a date for a couple of people to come to my house to try out a few recipes from your book, it should be a great night. I’m well on my way to eating living cuisine, and I’m looking and feeling fabulous! Keep up the good work, Michael!

Tiina Suvanto
Dublin, Ireland


Great NEWS Michael! You were great in the Studio with Matt Cooper of “Today FM”, (radio), Friday 29th September. The show called “Food on Friday” was Magic Moments Morningstar!Keep up the manifesting! Smiles

Oona Doherty
Sligo, Ireland


Hi Oona. You introduced me to Michael Morningstar. After 5 minutes with him I said, this is it, this is what I want to do!Even before I went inside! And now I’m a Hippocrates Health Educator, after my training.

Cathal Spelman
Naas, Ireland