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What is it worth to enjoy peak performance, perfect health, super stamina, and vibrant energy? Transform your life forever and never need deceptive diets, fake foods, pills, and potions again. How will it feel to learn easy, safe, and all-natural methods to rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize from head to toe? You are guaranteed to feel and see measurable results within two to three months. If you desire and deserve this right now and are really ready to make it a priority then read on.

The majority of people whether they are managers, professionals, sales personnel, special skills supervisors or technicians are overworked, overstressed and feeling overwhelmed. As a result, they usually endure a terrible toll on their body, mind, and spirit. With all the new fads, gadgets, and conflicting theories it is no wonder that most people have become more confused and frustrated than ever and feel helpless and hopeless.

Fountain with Blue BottomWhen you feel your energy levels decrease and the pounds steadily increase it’s no wonder many people give in to quick fixes and gimmicks promising to help you feel better. Many accept the antiquated aging myths about the body wearing down over time, hereditary helplessness, and average life expectancy rather than focus on their fast-paced and unbalanced lifestyle. You can keep doing what you’re doing and try 10 more diets, read the top 50 books, buy a new exercise machine, and hope you figure it out during the next 10 years.

Or you can learn the proven principles from my decades of health challenges and life lessons to discover the “fountain of youth” and “mother nature’s secrets” for perfect health.

After being sick and tired of being sick and tired I dedicated 20 years to re-education, attending 100+ seminars, reading hundreds of books, and investing over $250,000. The Great NEWS Perfect Health system will help anyone that consistently, diligently and faithfully follows the recipes and applies the proven principles.

What is it worth for you to receive great results with less effort, money, and time? Consider what it will cost you to buy a whole new business and casual wardrobe as you go up another size. How will this impact your self-esteem, health, and relationships as this pattern continues for decades robbing you of the best years of your life? To create the vibrant body, mind, and spirit you desire and deserve requires changing your psychology, physiology, and past programming.

Now is the time for you to discover the proven principles learned from decades of experience and research compressed into days. You will receive great nutrition, emotions, wellness, and success coaching for perfect health and peak performance. By tapping into great resources and role models you can create amazing results in a fraction of the time. Using the power of focus to compound key knowledge, follow simple strategies and accelerate actions you experience the desired results in a fraction of the time of trial and error methods.

Imagine a program without special pills, counting calories or grams of fat, or food deprivation. A plan where you are educated and encouraged on how to eat three delicious, nutritious and satisfying natural whole food meals a day plus having treats twice a day.

Delicious CitrusYou will discover more energy and vitality than you had 10-15 years ago. For many, it sounds almost too good to be true. You will learn how to reduce and resolve the stressors in your life and then design a new lifestyle to enjoy the perfect health of body and mind. Once this foundation is built the next step is to create the body, mind, and spirit you deserve.

For most people exercise is not the first step to health that many self-proclaimed experts would suggest. Yes, it is very important to your overall health but it should come after creating a great strategy and system to avoid the numerous challenges and flaws that sabotage your efforts later. It is important to build overall nutrition, emotions, wellness, and life success system and then focus on your physical structure in order to have a vibrant and healthy body. Imagine personal pride when you create a healthy body, mind and spirit which is protected from the disappointment, depression and disease that most people experience during their life.

Today’s deceptions, demands, and distractions call for more awareness and vigilance than ever to ensure you enjoy the happiness, health, and harmony in life you deserve. You must take care of yourself first. Contact us today to help you design a custom program for great nutrition, emotions, wellness, and success. We provide proven principles for real results. Let our team help you, your family, and your business team now. You owe it to yourself and your family to be all you can bee and protect your business, career, financial and personal success. Your progress and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. When you apply the suggestions, strategies, systems, and sources you will experience a total transformation and enjoy the new you.

The choice is yours: invest wisely in your happiness and health now or put your emotional, mental, and physical well-being at risk. Remember “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

What do you have to lose? What are the consequences and costs if you avoid taking action now to protect your most valuable asset…your health? Choose wisely.

You can continue on the current course of decline or enjoy the benefits of reversing your biological aging. Even the simple process of making a decision to design a nutrition, emotions, wellness, and success program will begin manifesting positive changes in your life. Remember that health is a form of wealth…be sure to stay healthy if you want to be and stay wealthy.

For more information on my personal transition to perfect health and testimonials from others who have benefited from the process, go to my story and testimonial pages.

Health, Love, Abundance and More Time to Enjoy Them” — Michael


3 Day Elite Platinum Program Consultation

Elite Platinum Program Consultation is a comprehensive 3 day program provided at your business and home location. The outcome is to analyze and audit the key areas of your life from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. The goal is to assist you in redesigning your days to eliminate the areas that are not supporting your goals and to establish new patterns that help you create an even more balanced, fulfilled, and healthy life. The entire family and key team are encouraged, strongly suggested, and warmly welcome to attend the entire 3 days.

Day One

Day one is primarily focused on the physiology, psychology and past programming that is responsible for where you are today. Most successful people are doing great in 80% of their life and doing fair or poorly in 20% of their life. While the 80% is great it is the 20% which is less than great which is keeping someone from truly enjoying the life they desire and deserve.

Your Life CompassThe great patterns and winning formulas will be identified, fine tuned and reinforced for even more improved performance in the future. The fair and poor patterns are typically areas where you have emotional upsets, limiting beliefs or misinformation. We will address these and you will be able to make better informed decisions with the power of focus and truth to decide what is really in your best interest

We will look at these areas in more detail to identify the specific story and then provide new solutions, suggestions, strategies, systems, sources and support. We will access great resources such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy, Qi Gong and other amazing self growth and personal development principles.

We will also discuss the Life COMPASS (Comprehensive Owners Manual & Plan of Action Success System) and then design a Life MAP (collage, destiny board, dream board, future diary, goals board, storyboard, treasure map, vision board).

Day one also includes an audit of the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, kitchen, appliances, bathroom, bedroom, garage and laundry room. Our goal is to find the factors, foods and substances that increase your risk for accident, illness, obesity and toxicity.

Day Two

Day two begins with some yoga, meditation, exercise and relaxation techniques to soothe the body, mind and spirit. After a great Energy Elixir for breakfast we will discuss basic cleanse and detox concepts to improve your body and mind from head to toes. Our physical alignment, core strength, and looks are very important to us and deserve time for maintenance and repair.

We then focus on designing a system to plan, shop, prepare and enjoy delicious and nutritious nutrient dense, live and raw whole foods.

No matter what you currently eat you will learn essential information on how to be even happier, healthier and more holistic than you are currently.

Japanese FloatWe will go to a grocery store, farmers market, and health food store to shop for great foods and products to replace the ones that have been removed due to their risk factors. Additionally, we will go out to eat and have guidance on how to eat out in a healthy way. We also have time allocated for planning, preparing, and eating healthy when you travel.

Day Three

During day three we will focus on the business, community, environmental and primary and extended family factors which have a major impact on the quality of one’s life.

We specifically focus on a daily routine and system that is realistic and responsive to your needs. We identify additional areas that will benefit from redesign and we order books, equipment, super foods and supplies to provide new and exciting opportunities and variety to help support our new strategies and systems.

We wrap up with a final environmental and lifestyle audit and focus on building a supportive environment, peer group, and team.

Be assured there will be an amazing abundance of great solutions, suggestions, strategies, systems, sources and support to insure you receive great benefits and long-term value.
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$7997.00 Plus T&E for 3 days (30 hours) intensive. (10% discount for in Texas program and 20% discount for Houston area programs). I highly encourage you to plan on an audio or video recording of the 3 days to capture the content and conversations for future review.


Consulting Services

Great NEWS consulting services are available for companies, municipalities, and organizations. The primary areas and topics include conscious communications, health & wellness programs, stress reduction, occupational wellness, and HSE (health, safety, and environment) issues in the workplace.

Several programs and training are available to meet your specific needs. All of the features offered in the Platinum Consulting Program are available for company and work environments. Also, all of the keynote and guest speaker topics are available as educational programs and training.
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$1,997.00 per day plus T & E


Keynote & Quest Speaker

Michael Morningstar – Toastmaster Advanced Communicator Gold is an International Author, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

He is a recognized expert and a great resource for your Association, Convention, and Keynote presentations on several topics.

Sunshine in the SandMichael is an International Author, Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer. He is a “Member of the Robbins Research International Trainer Team: facilitating change with small groups of people using Robbins human development psychology”. He is a Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Timeline Therapy.

As the founder of Great NEWS Coach, he focuses on great Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness, and Success to help others transform.

He teaches how to resolve negative emotions; integrate peak performance psychology/ physiology and then map out action plans for life. His Ten Commitments for Perfect Health is perfect for groups committed to health, safety and the environment.

In 1995, after 20 years in corporate sales, he experienced an epiphany of body, mind, and spirit and applied this profound wisdom to eliminate all personal health challenges, prescription, and over-the-counter medicines, and now enjoys perfect health. Excellent biomarkers and completing four marathons validates he walks his talk and is healthier now than in his 20’s.

Modeling the best practices of top holistic health practitioners around the world, combined with his personal caring style contributes to the rapid results people experience with Perfect Health.

In Michael’s words:

My goal is to help others enjoy the life they desire and deserve. Discover a holistic approach to educate, empower and energize clients to overcome the physical and mental challenges that show up.

Michael received his B.A. in Biology/Environmental Studies from Trinity University. He served as an officer in the US Army on active and reserve duty for 18 years. He is dedicated to sharing Great NEWS to be a great leader, role model, and teacher to empower himself and others for great nutrition, emotions, wellness, and success. He is committed to improving the health and well-being of people by improving the economic, ecological, and environmental quality of life on earth.
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Topics List

  • Ten Commitments for Perfect Health
  • Health, Safety & Environmental – Cracking the Health Code for HSE
  • Stress Reduction with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – Easy, Fast & Terrific
  • Great Communications for Great Relationships & Teams
  • Chopra Center Perfect Health Instructor- 2 day program
  • Life MAPS – Turn Your Day Dreams …Into Your Magic Moments
  • Live Whole Foods Cuisine- The Ultimate Nutrition System
  • Look Great & Feel Fantastic
  • Ageless Beauty & Timeless Health
  • Health Mastery – Hotel, Resort, and Spa programs.
  • Unleash Your Energy…Unleash Your Results (presentation for businesses in athletics, broadcasting, consulting, emergency services, energy, entertainment, frequent travelers, management, manufacturing, municipalities, oil & gas, sales, service, transportation, and other high stress / high demand occupations)


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$2997.00 Plus T&E 


Platinum Coaching

Platinum coaching includes Entire family and team consultation and participation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy, fitness training, special events, training on Live Whole Foods planning, shopping, preparation and lifestyle,.
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$249.00 per hour in person (55 minutes) plus T&E. (Minimum 10 hours per program). Phone and skype internet-based follow up coaching is $197.00 per session (55 minutes) (Minimum 3 hour per block)


Individual & Professional Coaching

A Book at the BeachPersonal Coaching is available for select individuals with chronic challenges and special situations. In an effort to help people when other programs have not yet been effective my goal is to offer consulting on an as-needed basis. Expectations will be similar to Platinum Elite consultation except you will learn and implement the program yourself.

A life lessons journal is required and you are requested to write and co-author an article or e-book on the transformation process. This serves several key purposes. It demonstrates your commitment and allows our time together to be documented and shared with others.

Once you have experienced a transformation your family, friends, and co-workers will ask you lots of questions. Rather than retell the same story to explain the detailed process it will be easier to say “When my book is complete you will have the complete recipe”. This way our journey together is fully documented, we are able to help others and we both add value for the energy, money, and time we invest together.
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A coaching session is $249.00 plus T&E. (55 minutes) (Minimum 3 hours per block)