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What have you heard, read or seen on the practice of Energy Psychology (EP) for directing our happiness, harmony, and health?  One of my main fascinations over the last few decades and now a writing focus for my blogs is the benefits of various forms of Energy Psychology that can help improve our emotional, mental and physical well being.

Over 100 modalities have been identified as being linked to Energy Psychology and our goal is to share the benefits of using them to improve our health and well being. Imagine the many benefits of tapping into Energy Psychology for holistic health and natural methods to improve our resiliency and vitality. Dr. Deepak Chopra teaches that “Everything around us consists of energy and information and can influence our body, brain, emotions, and thoughts”. Why not learn ways to access even more of our personal power and pure potential?

What is Energy Psychology?  The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology says “Energy Psychology (EP) is a collection of body-mind approaches for understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield). These systems and processes exist, and interact, within individuals and between people. They are also influenced by cultural and environmental factors.” While EP is a fairly new term it is based on a very strong foundation of information and methods, some of which have been used effectively and efficiently for thousands of years.

How Can Energy Psychology Help?

The first two Energy Psychology A-Z modalities we will address are Acupressure and Acupuncture and their ability to influence our energy meridian systems. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) identified an energy meridian system of “life force” often referred to as “Chi” that flows through our body in defined channels or pathways. The free-flowing movement of chi helps maintain our well being whereas any energy blockage could contribute to a disruption or imbalance of energy and health. Naturally, the goal of TCM is to help identify and monitor one’s chi and meridians condition to help prevent disease and disharmony and promote health and well being.  The use of Acupressure and Acupuncture evolved over time as TCM identified the meridians and methods to keep our Chi life force moving and strong in our body.

Acupressure is a method and process of applying pressure to our meridians and specific pressure points that influence our chi energy life force. By applying specific pressure at various pressure points along the meridians one can activate the chi energy flow to enhance healing and health.  This method has been found to be helpful with a wide variety of challenges and conditions. There are some acupressure points like Hoku LI-4 that are well documented to reduce pain whereas P-6 or ST-36 can relieve motion sickness.

Many people suffer from headaches and rely on Over The Counter (OTC) or prescription medicine for relief.  Imagine the benefits of using acupressure techniques anytime and anywhere to get natural relief from a headache without any negative side effects.  For headaches, there are several acupressure points listed on The Chopra Center website to help with headache relief which includes:

  • GV 24.5—Yin Tang: On the forehead, midway between the eyebrows, at the point of the third eye.
  • BL 2—Zan Zhu: On the inner end of the eyebrow, directly above the inner corner of the eye.
  • ST 2—Si Bai: On the cheek, directly below the pupil when looking straight ahead, in the depression on the bone right below the eye.
  • ST 8—Tou Wei: At the corner of the forehead, away from the midline of the head.
  • GB 1—Tong Zi Liao: away from the outer corner of the eye, in the depression of the temple.

Acupuncture is a more aggressive and invasive process where a highly trained acupuncturist uses specially designed, very fine needles to insert into the skin to activate the chi energy field along the meridians. Many people attest to receiving benefits and results with acupuncture that is nothing less than miraculous.  People have been able to get pain relief from injuries and trauma that have been bothering them for years.

Many people have raved about acupuncture helping with relief from anxiety, depression, injuries, pain, PTSD, sleep disorders and trauma so there seems to be a lot of personal experience with the benefits that acupuncture can offer. Even though the acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin and left in place for a while there is generally no significant discomfort or pain. If there is discomfort it may be because the needle is inserted in a point other than the correct meridian point. With more awareness and information it is easier than ever to give acupressure and acupuncture a try.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset.   People can benefit from using various forms of Energy Psychology to harmonize, heal, and help maintain health. How will you apply energy psychology to help yourself in 2020?

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