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After years of coaching and personal experience involving an avalanche of calls, communications, confrontations, confusion, concerns, consultations, and conversations with people being cautious, diagnosed, or impacted by cancer and other health issues, it was time to consolidate the life lessons learned. These blog posts, Can Cancer Coaching Compound Your Chances and Choices? Parts 1 and 2 are intended to share important information I found helpful and hopeful. I wrote notes to myself to help me, a family member, or a friend who received a possible Big C diagnosis or wanted to significantly improve the odds of preventing cancer and all diseases.

Please read Can Cancer Coaching Compound Your Chances and Choices? Part 1 first is to understand the options and suggestions available.

How often do you invest time to review your lifestyle to identify the rewards and risks of your decisions? How well do you analyze and calculate the weak links that can cause cancer and disease? What is your long-term happiness and health worth? Awareness, education, and information are essential to protect your quality of life. With the sad and sobering statistics for cancer, now might be a great time to do an audit, checkup, and detailed review to identify, manage, and mitigate most of your health hazards and lifestyle weak links that may contribute to cancer.

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Preparing and Preventing a “Big C” Diagnosis

This blog summarizes solutions, strategies, and suggestions I have studied to be prepared if I or someone I cared about was given the Big C diagnosis. Once someone receives the dreaded news, they are too stunned to think logically or objectively. Instead, most people go into emotional, mental, and physical overload and overwhelm. Therefore, many decades ago, I started making a list and checking and updating it often to locate the education and information before needing it.

It seems logical to think the same information about cancer prevention would also help reduce many other disease risks. I invited you to read this blog and create a comprehensive checklist and call-to-action journal with an action plan and blueprint to help improve your lifestyle wisdom lessons and minimize lifestyle weak links.  When you are willing to identify potential weak links in your lifestyle, you can learn techniques, therapies, tips, and treatments that minimize many risks. Implementing these strategies and suggestions may help prevent problems such as cancer and disease that sabotage your happiness, health, and longevity.

This blog continues an earlier theme about utilizing the power of powerful questions to help transform your life. Our actions, belief systems, habits, and questions determine our long-term happiness and health. This blog is dedicated to improving your happiness and health as you minimize cancer risks and weak links. Consider rereading the previous blogs regarding action steps to minimize as many weak links as possible.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to learn successful solutions, strategies, suggestions, and systems to improve their lifestyle and quality of life. Weak links often lead to cancer and diseases that could be avoided. You will find important information and helpful signals on your dashboard that will indicate if and when a weak link is present. An annual review and regularly checking your dashboard to look for weak link indicators can avoid wrecking your quality of life.

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Can Cancer Coaching Compound Your Chances and Choices?

Consider this checklist like your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. If you want to operate your vehicle safely, protect your investment, and take good care to keep it running well for a long time, there are important steps, strategies, and suggestions that have proven helpful:

  • Lungs are key to breathing, health, and longevity. Do you have any habits that are harming your lungs? What are you doing to improve and protect your lungs?
  • Lack of physicals and regular checkups may allow a small problem to become a big problem.  Catching early cancer and disease hints, indicators, and signs can help minimize and prevent more extensive long-term damage and problems. Have you heard about the benefits of blood analysis, diagnostic testing, live blood analysis, screenings, and thermography?
  • Learning the benefits of consuming healthy beverages and foods will help you avoid many diseases.
  • Lymph fluid is the body’s sewage system. What do you regularly do to keep your lymph clean and circulating to prevent and protect against cancer and disease?
  • Makeup is normally made with health-hazard chemicals and ingredients. Do you read the ingredients label to avoid buying chemical toxins?  Do you know which ingredients are linked to cancer or other problems?
  • Medications can harm or help. Are you reading the medication inserts and warnings to understand potential serious adverse reactions and side effects? Do you realize how many Over-the-counter OTC medications and prescription drugs cause adverse reactions, harm, and potentially death or disability? What lifestyle and nutritional changes can help you avoid the need for synthetic drugs?
  • Meditation and mindfulness are beneficial habits. What do your meditation and mindfulness practice look like? When would be a great time to quiet the monkey mind with regular meditation? Do your beliefs allow for self-healing and self-resiliency? Have you heard that prayer is talking to god and meditation is listening?
  • Microbiome health is linked to overall health. What steps are you taking to improve and protect your microbiome defense system to prevent cancer and diseases?
  • Minerals and trace elements are important for health. Mineral deficiencies contribute to cancer and health issues. What are you doing to ensure you have all the minerals and trace elements needed to support all the cells in your body? Are you getting the minerals and trace elements necessary to prevent cancer and disease?
  • Mouth breathing excessively can be detrimental to health. Is your breathing harming or helping your health?
  • Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses in your cells. Are your mitochondria healthy and strong? Do you have the energy to fight disease and maintain your body? What are you doing to boost your mitochondria health and vitality?
  • Mold is a serious health hazard. Could mold exposure be compromising your health and contributing to cancer and diseases?  Have you had your home checked for mold? Are you consuming any foods that contain mold?
  • Muscles are key for health, movement, and longevity. What are you doing to build, maintain, and protect your muscles? What else can you do to boost your muscles?
  • Music can harm or it can heal. Do you know what types of frequency, music, sounds, and vibrations can help heal your head and heart feel happy and in harmony? What music helps you want to feel even more happy and healthy?
  • Nature is necessary for maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. How much time do you spend in nature regularly? Are you utilizing Earthing, Forest Breathing, Mother Nature, phototherapy, and sunlight to help prevent cancer and diseases? What can you do to be more connected to nature and enhance your health?
  • Nose breathing is essential for good health. Mouth breathing leads to problems. Are you nose breathing or mouth breathing?  How aware are you of the issues associated with mouth breathing and contributing to sinus issues, sleep apnea, and snoring? Could this also be linked to cancer and other diseases?
  • Nutrition is important for dental, emotional, mental, and physical health. Are you consuming foods that harm or help your health? Are your beverages and food contributing to cancer, disease, and sickness?
  • Oxygen is a key fuel for our cells. Is your oxygen level optimal for protecting your body and brain and preventing cancer?
  • Pain is a sensation, signal, and warning sign from your dashboard that alerts you that something needs attention to prevent a malfunction. Are you ignoring pain signals that need attention? Are your belief systems, habits, lifestyle, and nutrition causing pain in the form of cancer or disease?
  • Plaque, gum disease, and teeth troubles are major problems linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and health issues.  Are you brushing, cleaning, and flossing for good oral hygiene? Are you aware that many dental procedures, mouthwashes, and toothpaste may contribute to cancer and disease?
  • Poor dental hygiene often leads to bacteria overgrowth, gum disease, and tooth problems. Are you brushing and flossing twice a day? How many prevention strategies do you have to prevent problems?
  • Relationships are important for maintaining emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Do your relationships create a supportive environment? Do your relationships cause anxiety and stress? Could relationship issues be contributing factors for cancer and diseases?
  • Role models help with coaching, education, guidance, information, strategies, and wisdom. Who are your role models in your wheel of life? How are they helping you prevent and reverse cancer and disease?
  • Root canals are serious health hazards. Are harmful bacteria hiding in your gums or root canals and harming you? Do you have any root canals? How will you deal with them if they contribute to cancer and other diseases?
  • Sea salt is an important health resource for minerals and trace elements. Have you heard that Sodium Chloride (processed and refined Table salt) is an industrial product? Do you understand the difference? Are you willing to use Epsom salt and sea salt regularly to help protect you against cancer and other issues?
  • Second opinions and third opinions are valuable. What would you do if a mechanic said your car needs a new engine, paint job, tires, and transmission? Would you get a second opinion? Is it common sense to seek additional opinions for a possible disease diagnosis? Does it make sense to seek alternative and complementary medicine strategies and suggestions? Is it common sense to access an advocate, alternative practitioner, cancer coach, health specialist,  holistic health expert, or additional resources and role models? Does Google Maps give you one or multiple routes to arrive at a destination? Is it common sense to identify multiple choices, options, and resources now and in the future? Does it make sense to start researching prevention and treatment strategies while you are healthy versus procrastinating? How many articles and books on cancer and disease prevention have you read in the last year? What are you waiting for…a diagnosis?
  • Sinus problems are often linked to unhealthy choices and lifestyles. Are sinus issues impacting your health? What are you doing that may contribute to sinus issues?
  • Sitting for extended periods has become a major health hazard. Are you sitting too much? Could excessive sitting contribute to cancer and disease? Is sitting and watching commercials about disease, doctors, and drugs programming your body and brain to seek disease and drugs instead of natural happiness and health?
  • Skin is the largest organ and needs proper Tender Loving Care (TLC). If you knew that most body care products contain chemical health hazards, how would you choose which ones to use? . How healthy or unhealthy are your skincare products? What would you do differently, knowing that skin beauty and health start on the inside?
  • Sleep is a vital part of our health, lifestyle, and well-being. Is your sleep harming your health or helping your health? Is it possible that a lack of quality sleep contributes to cancer and disease? Have you done a sleep study for sleep apnea or sleep disorders?
  • Snoring is an important warning sign that a person’s breathing patterns are suboptimal. Do you snore? Have you had a sleep study?
  • Spine and neuromuscular health is vital to our longevity and well-being. Do you have any bone, joint, ligament, muscle, nerve, or tendon issues that could create health issues or pain? What are you doing to resolve these issues and prevent problems from sabotaging your happiness and health??
  • State, Story, and Strategies refer to the many aspects and influences of our belief systems, decisions, and lifestyles. Are you usually in a positive state of mind with an optimistic outlook and story in your head? Are you often in a negative state or stressed? Knowing your State, Story, and Strategies produces empowering or disempowering results, what shifts and strategies are worth considering? Are your state, story, and strategy moving you toward happiness and health or sadness, sickness, and stress? What negative states could be replaced with positive states to help avoid conditions like cancer and disease?
  • Stress (chronic) is a harmful emotional, mental, and physical state that triggers a cascade of unhealthy factors and influences. Are your anger, anxieties, concerns, emotional upsets, fears, hurts, problems, traumas, and worries contributing to cancer and disease?
  • Sunlight exposure is essential to produce plants for food, herbs, medicines, and nutrition. Sunlight exposure is vital to producing Vitamin D in our bodies. Sunlight is important for many benefits and complex processes that keep us healthy. Are you getting adequate sunlight to maintain your health and well-being? Could low Vitamin D contribute to cancer and other diseases? What do you know about sunlight and biophotons boosting your happiness and health?
  • Sunscreens yield big bucks for big business. Unfortunately, most of the chemicals in sunscreen are toxic health hazards. Could sunscreen be a big contributing factor to developing cancer and disease? Did you know many cultures around the world have a lower incidence of skin cancer even though they receive way more sun exposure? What other factors may be contributing to higher rates of cancer and skin cancers?
  • Surgeries can be a blessing or a curse. Some surgeries save lives. Many surgeries have become too common and convenient as they focus on the cosmetics and symptoms instead of focusing on the real you and the root cause. All surgeries have a significant risk of infection. Will you focus on a fast fix or the root cause of the symptom? Could cancer be a symptom or a deeper root cause that has not been addressed and resolved?
  • Sugar has been found to feed cancer., diabetes, and other diseases. Are you consuming too much refined sugar? Could artificial sweeteners, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), and refined sugar be fueling and turbocharging your chances of cancer and disease?
  • Sunlight is essential for good health. How much do you know about Far Infrared and Near Infrared light therapy to help support your health?
  • Superfoods provide beneficial amino acids, enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, proteins, trace elements, and vitamins. What superfoods are you consuming regularly? What superfoods can you add to your nutrition plan?
  • Taste is your security guard to identify what enters your mouth to fuel your body and brain. Do you consume too much sugar? What cold beverages are you consuming that may be harming your health? Did you know that companies spend big bucks to put your security guards to sleep and trick your taste buds?
  • Technology can offer a healthy or unhealthy aspect to your life. Are you aware of unhealthy aspects like cell phone distractions while driving, ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), and social media addiction? Too many people spend too much time on electronic devices and develop unhealthy habits. Can you relate to that? Could electromagnetic radiation contribute to cancer and disease?
  • Teeth are important for chewing our food sufficiently for good digestion. How healthy are your gums and teeth? Does your oral health contribute to a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy one? What else can you learn about dental health to boost your immunity and reduce the risk for cancer and other diseases?
  • Toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, larvicides, pesticides, plastics, and pollution are poisoning our world. What are you doing to reduce your toxin footprint and load? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? What can you do today to reduce the toxins you buy and use? Do you have a plan to cleanse, chelate, and detox from toxins?
  • Trauma comes in many forms and can affect many aspects of our health. Can you think of past traumas that could benefit from healing and resolving? Could acupressure, acupuncture, or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping help resolve past traumas and support better health in the future?
  • Tobacco usage is known to contribute to cancer and many health issues. What will it take to replace toxic tobacco with life-supporting habits like exercise, meditation, nature, and yoga?
  • Tongue brushing and scraping help remove excess bacteria and gunk to improve oral hygiene. Do you brush or scrape your tongue regularly?
  • Toothpaste should be all-natural to avoid any health hazard chemicals. Do you use natural options or DIY recipes? When would now be a great time to begin?
  • Turmeric offers many health benefits and naturally protects against many health hazards. Are you consuming turmeric regularly?
  • US Library of Medicine says our mouth contains over 500 species of bacteria, fungi, viruses & protozoa. Is your mouth healthy or unhealthy?
  • Values, Visions, and Virtues are like your Code of Conduct. Do you have a clear Code of Conduct blueprint to be happy and healthy?
  • Virus stories are appearing regularly in magazines, newspapers, and television. Viruses have coevolved and coexisted with humans since the beginning of humans. Did you know humans have more nonhuman cells than human cells? Scientists estimate humans are 90% nonhuman cells (bacteria, fungi, mold, pathogens, parasites, and viruses). Did you know that animals and humans are unable to exist without viruses? Can you see the advantages when we stop waging war on viruses and start making peace with viruses? Is it possible the best way to deal with viruses is to boost your immune system, eat healthy, and train your body naturally to adapt and coexist as the viruses adapt? Do you feel your creator gave you the natural ability to be happy and healthy despite bacteria and viruses living in and around you?
  • Vision boards can help keep you focused on your happiness, harmony, and health. Would now be a great time to make or update your vision board?
  • Vitamins are essential for health. Are you consuming whole food vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K to help support your health? Are you consuming quality whole-food vitamins or synthetic junk vitamins? Do you know how to choose wisely?
  • Vocabulary usage is an indicator of knowledge and mindset. Do you use words that are positive and support your health and well-being? Do you use disempowering and negative words that harm your health? Could a coach or mentor help you be more aware of your word choices and manifest more beneficial choices? Have you read Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins or Cyber-Cybernetics by Karl Maltz to learn more about the power of thoughts and words?
  • Walking may be one of the most important activities to stay happy and healthy. Are you walking an average of 10,000 steps per day? How often do you walk 5 miles?
  • Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and height are important biomarker measurements to track.  Other biomarkers are your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. How do your biomarkers look for your age category? Are you biologically older or younger than your chronological age? What anti-aging and anti-cancer strategies will you implement?
  • Wellness is the state of being that results from a healthy lifestyle and mindset. How important is your health, longevity, and well-being? Do you have some daily rituals to enhance your health and wellness?
  • Wisdom teeth are there for a reason. Did you know that removing wisdom teeth can alter the spacing of teeth, impact the meridian and nerve connections, and may cause cavitations later? What if wisdom teeth removal affected your wisdom? What can you do to improve dental health to protect your physical health?
  • Work is what our body and brain were designed for. Is your work supporting your happiness and health?  Does your career support your passion, purpose, and wealth?
  • X-rays, CAT scans, cell phones, cordless phones, microwaves, MRIs, radar, smart meters, and wifi expose you to electromagnetic radiation. Are you careful to avoid excess and unnecessary radiation exposure?
  • Yes to happiness and health means saying no to health hazards. limiting beliefs, and a loser lifestyle. What is your motivation to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle? Do you have a vision board? Would having a vision board help you manifest and visualize your values, virtues, and vision? If a picture is worth a thousand words what will your blueprint, life map, movie script, treasure map, and vision board be worth for manifesting your happy and healthy lifestyle?
  • Yoga is a body, mind, and spirit practice that offers many benefits. Is yoga a part of your health and wellness blueprint and mindset?
  • Zen thinking emphasizes intelligent insight, meditation, mindfulness, and self-awareness. How often do you focus on your bliss and zen? Is Zen missing from your healthy lifestyle? Can Zen add more zest to your life? What will happen when you add Zen to your values list and vision board?
  • Zest for learning, living, loving, and leaving a legacy is a powerful force for staying happy and healthy.  What can add more zest to your lifestyle?

Call to Action

A call to action is an invitation to implement ideas to improve your current situation. A call to action suggests immediate steps to implement change, improvement, and progress:

  • What calls to action come to mind after reading the cancer coaching considerations?
  • What master action plan will help you reduce your cancer and disease risks?

I don’t trust words, I trust actions

Helpful Hint

Creating a journal with a blueprint, checklist, and vision board pictures is a great way to stay focused and provide a path to progress. We benefit from recording our scores, steps, strategies, and suggestions to improve our health and well-being. Remember, maintaining your health is key to maintaining your wealth. What will improve your health and wealth today?

Passion for People & Planet

Did you know the passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration? This blog is shared to help you identify cancer and disease risks, yo develop a master action plan to protect yourself from things that can harm you, and focus on things that can help you prevent cancer and disease.

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food” —Hippocrates (IMO: the more you read these words with wisdom the more common sense will prevail and guide your lifestyle away from unhealthy habits and toward being happy and healthy)

“Will you invest 30 minutes a day for education, information, and motivation to implement action plans to avoid cancer and disease, or will you waste your energy, money, and time as you attract cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases?” —Michael Morningstar

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