29 09, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z Helpful Homeopathy

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What have you heard about the benefits of homeopathy? Many followers of Homeopathy swear by its benefits while other non-believers think it is a fabricated bit of hocus pocus and pseudo-alternative medical science quackery. With so many people admitting to feeling sad, sick, and stressed now may be a great time to discover if the [...]

1 09, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z HeartMath

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Have you heard about the benefits of HeartMath for your harmony, health, heart, and well-being? Energy psychology offers many methods to support your body, mind, and spirit and HeartMath offers easy and effective support for maintaining your overall health and wellness. Many people are stuck in a state of feeling abandoned, aggravated, alarmed, angry, and [...]

25 08, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z Healing Music, Sounds, and Vibrations

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How often do you access healing music, sounds, and vibrations in your health and wellness maintenance programs? Making energy psychology part of your body, brain, and spirit maintenance, mental health, and mindset process for your overall health and wellness can pay big dividends. Many people are feeling sad, sick, and stressed which can lead to [...]

18 08, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z Gregorian Chant and Chanting

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What do you know about Gregorian Chant and other forms of chanting? Regardless of your awareness, experience, or knowledge about chanting I hope you will consider making it a regular part of your energy psychology maintenance, mental health, and mindset program for your overall health and wellness. With so many people feeling sad, sick, stressed, [...]

21 07, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z Frequency Medicine

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What have you heard about the benefits of frequency medicine? If you have not heard much, that is not a big surprise because it is labeled as far out there or fringe by many with a modern medicine mindset. While there appears to be a long history of Allopathic approaches to medicine many people over [...]

23 12, 2022

Alcohol – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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With the holiday season upon us and as we rapidly approach another year's end, what New Year's resolutions are you contemplating? Since many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety, frustration, and stress, maybe now is a good time to review different ways to improve your emotional, mental, and physical health. Some of the top [...]

2 12, 2022

30+ Calming Essential Oils and Herbs for Holidays, Happy-Days, and Holy-Days

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How many calming essential oils and herbs are you using during the holidays? How many essential oils are you familiar with and using on a regular basis? Most people have heard, read, or seen information about the benefits of essential oils and healthy herbs. During the hectic holiday season and honestly any time of the [...]

11 11, 2022

Start Seventeen Simple Steps and Smart Suggestions to Stop Strokes

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A dense artery sign in a patient with middle cerebral artery infarction is shown on the left. Right image after 7 hours.By Hellerhoff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37147790 Are you ready to learn and start seventeen simple and smart suggestions to stop strokes? Most people would say yes, yet they are [...]

21 10, 2022

How Cancer Free and Clean is Your Colon?

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With October dedicated to breast cancer awareness and March dedicated to colon cancer awareness, maybe we should focus more each month on overall prevention and protection strategies. What are you doing to boost your resilience and resistance naturally against developing cancer? To live cancer free and maintain a clean colon requires energy, information, and motivation. [...]

25 03, 2022

Constipation – Pain in the A$$ and Problems in the Abdomen

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Many people are struggling with more constipation, immune challenges, and weight gain than in the past. Constipation can be a major pain in the a$$ and an indicator of problems in your abdomen. After enduring over two years of crazy coronavirus conditions many people have allowed their eating habits and health to downgrade even further. [...]

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