Many people are struggling with more constipation, immune challenges, and weight gain than in the past. Constipation can be a major pain in the a$$ and an indicator of problems in your abdomen. After enduring over two years of crazy coronavirus conditions many people have allowed their eating habits and health to downgrade even further.

Many people are eating more fast food,  sugar-laden comfort foods, and ultra-processed foods while eating fewer fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.  This is a recipe for constipation, immune issues, and weight gain.  Today might be the perfect day to discover some new insights to help you eliminate better and eliminate constipation as you reboot, refresh, renew and restore your happiness and health. By implementing some efficient and effective suggestions you can eliminate your constipation and some excess weight at the same time.

“Discovering the main causes of constipation and weight gain is a key first step to stop the problems and start the solutions to enhance your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.” —Michael Morningstar

Constipation is caused by several avoidable factors that can result in emotional, mental, and physical health problems. Being constipated, immune deficient, and overweight will most likely impact your lifestyle and prevent you from staying happy and healthy. The goal of this blog is to share the education and information needed to make better decisions that can easily eliminate constipation.

As was mentioned in the last blog spring is a great time to clean your house and it is also a great time to clean your colon. A clogged colon and cluttered house can affect your energy and health.  For more great background information on constipation, be sure to check out a previous blog titled: Is Constipation a Health Hazard?

Constipation – Pain in the A$$ and Problems in the Abdomen

Constipation is a condition where bowel elimination is less frequent and more difficult than it should be. When food moves through the stomach, intestines, and colon too slowly many unhealthy events can occur. Not chewing properly and weak stomach acid can hinder digestion. An excess of refined foods and a lack of fiber lead to a more compact and sluggish movement. Sluggish food movement can lead to bacteria overgrowth, bloating, gas, and purification. Food can become compacted in the colon and become dried and hardened. Without good bowel movements, we are less likely to be energized, happy, and healthy.

Constipation results from compact and dry fecal stools that clog you up and can be a literal pain in the a$$ to eliminate. Straining to force a bowel movement can cause bleeding and hemorrhoids.  Both of these problems are an indication your stool is lacking enough fiber, salt, and water. Bowel movements should be daily and easy rather than difficult and effort. Believe it or not, the optimal number of bowel movements should equal the number of meals you consume in a day. Yes, that means a lot more bowel movements than most people are having and why so many people are being affected by the pain and problems of constipation.

Constipation Bowel Movement

Constipation Signs and Warnings to the Wise

Constipation pain and problems result from certain factors that give signs and warnings to the wise.  Constipation is not natural but is the end result of specific behaviors, beliefs, and biology.

Some clues you may be dealing with constipation include:

  • You answer emails or watch Youtube videos on the toilet.
  • Your bowel movements look like cat turds (dried, hard, and small)
  • You use Metamucil or Miralax regularly
  • You read books, magazines, and newspapers on the toilet. If you are sitting and straining on the toilet for more than 3 to 5 minutes at a time that is a clear warning sign.
  • You believe not having daily bowel movements is normal and OK. You think 3 to 5 times a week is good enough.
  • Most people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration contributes to constipation because there is not enough water in the bowels and stool to allow for easy elimination.
  • Many OTC medications and prescription drugs have side effects such as causing constipation. Most diuretic drugs, pain pills, and stomach medicines lead to dehydration which contributes to constipation. Therefore it is important to find ways to get off all medications and take better care of your colon and health naturally.
  • Most people have tall toilets which are not optimal for effective elimination.
  • Weak internal muscles and weak peristalsis action have become contributing factors to constipation. Like any muscles, they must be properly maintained and trained to be fit and functional.

Constipation Solved with Simple Suggestions

With dedication and education, you can begin to eliminate constipation from your life naturally instead of relying on drug stores and pharmaceutical products that all have detrimental side effects. Constipation is the result of what you put in your mouth.

These suggestions will help you understand how to care for and nurture your digestive system so constipation problems are eliminated:

  • Colon cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, and enemas can be healthy and important lifestyle choices to help deal with bowel and constipation issues. As you learn more about how your digestion and elimination system works best you will discover other benefits as well.
  • Consuming a mostly plant-based diet with a rainbow of fresh whole foods is exactly what the body needs to eliminate constipation and deliver peak performance. Nutrient-dense organic whole foods can promote happiness, health, and nutrition whereas fake, fast, fried, and Frankenstein foods promote being unhappy, unhealthy, and undernourished. Eating highly processed and refined ingredients create issues for our intestines and we will suffer the consequences. Consuming a wide variety of nutrient-dense organic whole foods helps fuel our bodies and release waste more easily.
  • Drink warm herbal tea or warm water immediately after waking in the morning and sip room temperature water throughout the day. Too much cold water at meals is not healthy and can dilute the stomach acids needed to properly digest foods. Warm water is particularly beneficial in priming the bowels to operate more efficiently.
  • Dehydration is a major cause of constipation, so healthy hydration by drinking water is a key part of the constipation solution. Consuming a bit of baking soda, Epsom salt, or sea salt during the day are great ways to help keep things moving in and then out of the gut. Taking some magnesium in the evening helps with sleep and elimination in the morning.
  • Fiber keeps things moving and is food for the probiotics that live in our gut and keep our microbiome happy and healthy. Without fiber, we can get plugged up from too many fake foods lacking fiber. Fiber is a prebiotic to feed the probiotics in our gut. Good fiber choices include chia, flax, hemp, and pumpkin seeds. BTW, a separate bowel movement should result from each meal consumed.
  • Green plants provide a lot of chlorophyll, fiber, and nutrients to feed and fuel us. It is almost impossible to have constipation when you eat enough good green foods every day. Eating green foods at each meal is good for you and good for eliminating the waste product that collects in your gut.
  • Fewer carbohydrate food glues and grains are important to reduce and relieve constipation. When we eat foods with refined flour like bread, bagels, cake, cereal, chips, cookies, crackers, pancakes, and pasta we are making plaster of Paris in our gut. Dehydration, causes the feces to harden which gets stuck like glue.
  • Using a foot elevation device or a Squatty Potty can go a long way in helping the body with proper positioning to easily eliminate. When the knees are too low it causes a pressure point response that blocks the colon release action. Understanding the importance of having your knees higher than your bottom will help.
  • Yoga is a great way to improve your overall conditioning and health. Different yoga positions help keep the abdomen and gut flexible, loose, and toned for better and easier elimination.

Fiber-rich Foods

Passion and Purpose

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. Remember, constipation is a health hazard, wake-up call, and warning sign. Constipation starts a chain reaction of events that can harm your happiness, health, and wealth and shorten your life. Implementing these simple suggestions can help you eliminate constipation as a pain in your a$$ and prevent problems in your abdomen.

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