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Success is the Result of Being More Fulfilled in Body, Mind & Spirit

Occupational WellnessWhat would it be worth for you to finally unlock the mysteries to having vibrant health and energy without pills, impossible diets or fake foods? What will it be like when you learn easy, safe and all natural methods of rejuvenation and revitalization in one day and see measurable results within 90 days?

If this is something that you really desire in your life now and are ready to make it a priority then read on.

Weeding Out What Doesn’t Work

If you are like most of the overwhelmed and stressed out health seekers then it is safe to assume that the process has been very frustrating. With all the new fads, gadgets and conflicting theories it is no wonder that most of the populace has become more confused and gone even further into denial. As you feel your energy level steadily depleting and the pounds keep steadily increasing it’s no wonder many like you have given up and resolved themselves to just accept the inevitable ravages of time and accelerated aging caused by our fast paced lifestyles.

Of course, you could keep doing what you’re doing and try 10 more diets and read the top 50 books and hope that over the next 10 years you finally figure it out.

It took an investment of 10 years dedication, 50+ seminars, and hundreds of books and over $50,000 for me to finally figure out the profound knowledge for a process that works…a proven system that will work for you and anyone else that faithfully and diligently applies it. What is it worth for you to get similar great results with a fraction of the time, effort and money normally required?

Weeding to Find the WayConsider what will it cost you in time and money to buy a whole new business and casual wardrobe as you go up another yet another size? How will this impact your self esteem, health and relationships as this pattern continues over the next decades during the prime of your life? Not a pretty picture or comforting feeling for many of you I’m sure. So, what can be done now to tame this gremlin that has come to rob you of a sound mind and healthy body?

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Putting Into Practice What Does Work

Now is the time for you to learn the best in class practices condensed from decades of research and experience into hours of cutting edge nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching. By tapping into these outstanding resources and world class role models you can create similar results for yourself in a fraction of the time. This benefit comes from utilizing the power of compounding key knowledge and more effective actions to magnify the desired results in a fraction of the time of normal trial and error methods.

How would you feel about a program that did not require special pills, counting calories or grams of fat, or food deprivation? A plan where you are educated and encouraged in ways to eat 3-5 satisfying and healthy meals a day plus have sweet treats at least twice a day while regaining more energy and vitality than you may have had 10-15 years ago.

For many it sounds almost too good to be true. You will learn why and how you must first reduce and manage the stress in your life and then redesign your nutritional lifestyle to fuel a healthy body and mind. Once this foundation is built then the next step is to add the additional structure to create the body, mind and spirit you deserve.

You see for the vast majority, exercise is not the first step to unlocking the health mystery as many of the so called experts would have you believe. Yes it is very important to your overall health but it should come after designing and constructing a solid foundation to avoid the numerous challenges and flaws that may sabotage your substantial efforts later. First you must build an overall wellness and nutrition program and then focus on your physical structure so that you will soon have a vibrant and healthy body. Imagine the sense of great personal pride as you create a healthy temple to protect your body, mind and spirit from the ravages of depression and disease.

Today’s many demands and temptations call for more vigilance than ever before to insure the body and health you deserve. If you do not take care of yourself first than who will?

To begin designing a program to bring the great nutrition, energy and wellness systems with proven results to your special team now, contact me now.

You owe it to yourself and those with whom you share a vested interest in personal and financial success to invest in being all you can be.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. All you have to do is apply this profound knowledge and see the results that 90 days of focused action can produce.

Investing In Your Own Longevity

Yellow Alpine Mountain FlowerInvest in yourself now or risk your long term physical health, well being and longevity, the choice is up to you. I think you will agree that the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to your everyday health decisions. What have you got to lose? What are the long term consequences and cost if you don’t take this opportunity now to protect your most valuable asset…your health?

Choose wisely between the current course of accelerating decline or the benefits of slowing and then reversing the biological aging process. Even the simple process of making the decision to begin a nutrition, energy and wellness program can begin the first step to manifesting positive changes in your life.

Remember that health is a form of wealth…be sure you stay healthy if you want a chance to be wealthy.

If you still want more background information on my personal transition to outstanding health as well as references from others who have benefited from the process, then go to my About Page to learn more about my story and read additional testimonials.

Sincerely Yours,


As a Certified Perfect Health Instructor with the Chopra Center, I can help your business, employees, associates or you yourself become more productive and successful as you achieve perfect health.

Success Client Testimonials

US Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Morningstar,

Thank you so much for taking the time to assist us and instruct us to further help ourselves and to make it easy for improving our lives. The success in our Cadet Challenge/Presidential Physical Fitness test is always a direct result of your outstanding presentations. We appreciate your joy, playfulness and love of life. You make a major difference in the life of this Junior ROTC Battalion. We owe you a sincere vote of thanks for your cooperation and support of the JROTC program at Hightower High School. Sincerely,

Harry Memnon
Assistant Army Instructor
Hightower HS, FBISD



Thanks so very much for your time and energy last Saturday……it has proven to be invaluable!!

The EFT is truly a blessing in disguise!! I have had this anger thing inside of me since I was a child. I was slowly figuring things out regarding it…. but how do you get a handle on it? The EFT tapping has not only helped with my inside anger but it will also helped me with a number of other emotional blocks that I have been avoiding. I believe I will now be able to unblock my emotions and begin to have a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

The time-line has helped me to go back and retrace my childhood and repair some of the emotional damage that had taken place there. It has helped me to begin the healing process I so desperately needed regarding things said or not said while I was growing up and as a young woman.

The life mapping session has given me a clearer picture of who I truly am and what has brought me to where I am today!!My new life map has given me more direction and more focus of where I will take my life in the future. By viewing it everyday it makes it easier to stay on task and to build the kind of life I truly deserve!!

Thanks so much, Michael, for your patience and your love for helping others!! You are truly a gift and a blessing.

Jeannie Austin
Austin, TX



There are many great words that come to mind in describing your presentation which was informative, dynamic and passionate. Your commitment to helping people improve their lives was clear from the moment you took the podium.

You make a difference for many people and I’m delighted you were so well received by the Sales and Marketing Council. It was a pleasure to work with you. Most Sincerely,

Krista Mathis
Director of Special Events
Greater Houston Builders Assoc.
Houston, TX


I had just received some news that had emotionally upset me. It caused a lot of emotional “reactions” in my physical body. Symptoms like nausea and a pounding headache. I needed to be at the top of my form for an important event that was coming up in a couple of hours and all I could think about was going somewhere dark and quite to lay down and get some rest. Michael walked me through a tapping session (Emotional Freedom Technique –EFT); this session was very powerful because at the end of the session which lasted only a few minuets, I felt fine.

My stomach was calm and the pounding headache that would usually linger for hours until I took some painkillers was gone. I felt great – alive and energetic. It was an important time for me because I was able to go out and function at my peak for the event and it was very impactful for me personally.
Michael – Thanks for teaching me an effective technique to break my patterns and focus my energy elsewhere!!!!

Angie Fink
Denver, CO



Allow me to compliment you on your web site. It is one of the best I have seen. It is very professional, crisp and easy to navigate. You have a premium tool there. Great job!



I know I am definitely on the path to looking and feeling younger after hearing from others and seeing the changes in my skin and overall appearance. It feels so great to have the energy, wellness and peace of mind as I begin my transformation to the healthy person I am meant to be. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Carolyn Crowder
Austin, TX


I am extremely impressed with his dedication of helping people and for being extremely focused under pressure.” …”Michael is a trustworthy, honest, caring man who has profoundly impacted my life in the most positive of ways! I feel if the world had more people like Michael Morningstar, the possibilities in life would be endless!

Laurie Driggers
Derry, NH


Michael, It has been almost one full year that I am smoke free. The guidance and tools you provided me with gave me the leverage I needed to obtain this goal. I wake up happier and healthier then I have ever felt in my life.
The time you took to work with me was so beneficial to my success in this process. I took the tools you shared with me and began to make a new life for myself (A smoke free life).

I made my body healthier by replacing the cigarettes with energy, energy from water that I drink daily and energy for my spirit by listening to music to lift me to the gratification that I once got from a cigarette. I now know by doing these things I am so much stronger in body and mind. My body once craved nicotine now it craves water, which I so desperately needed but was not aware of until your help.

I think of what my life is like now and will be in the future because I am no longer a slave to a drug. It is filled with energy, vitality and my spirit is filled with strength to never stop feeling this great. I look at a future that is now and will continue to be smoke free and I am embracing that future and all it has to offer me.

I thank you for all you gave me to concur this endeavor and look forward to helping others do the same. Thank you,

New Jersey


Michael Morningstar is one the finest people you could ever meet. His talents as a coach are unsurpassed. His depth and caring is an extraordinary gift.

Will Patton
San Jose, CA


74,460 Dr. Peppers Is Enough!

Dear Anthony Robbins,

Tomorrow I head to Dallas to my third “Unleash the Power Within” seminar and my excitement level is off the scale! You have taught me that “success leaves clues” and I can’t wait to find out how my third UPW is going to inspire me! After this “immersion” I plan to begin crewing for UPW, and as soon as I achieve my financial goals for the year I will sign up for Life Mastery. By luck on my way back from my last UPW in Tampa, I met a group of people who had formed a Houston Tony Robbins Support Group. It is made up of about a dozen members, who had done a variety of your seminars; Life Mastery, Date With Destiny, UPW, or Competitive Edge. I felt honored that they asked me to join them and for over the past year I haven’t missed a single monthly meeting yet. One of our senior members, Michael Morningstar, is a very talented individual who I really admire.

Every other month it seems he is off to another one of your seminars working as crew and leadership team. On a more serious note, it was at our last meeting on Feb. 21st that Michael and I had a very frank discussion. In the past three months, ever since I turned fifty, I have had health problems like I had never had before. First a colon problem that required an operation; then I started losing my balance, and finally chest pains that mimicked a heart attack. He knew that I was addicted to Dr. Pepper and when I admitted that I drank six a day; everyday, he kept the pressure on me. I told him that “someday” I would quit and he kept letting me know that someday was now and how much longer was I going to continue to put my health in peril.

That meeting was a “Breakthrough” for me. When I left I knew I was either going to give up Dr. Peppers or quit going to the meetings. I’m glad I chose giving up my addiction. What really convinced me was an exercise you talk about in UPW during your emotional Sunday Breakthrough Session. Not only did I look into the future and envision what my life would be like if I didn’t take corrective action immediately to improve my health; but I also did the calculations of just how many soft drinks I had consumed since my addition started at age sixteen! When I Did the Math it Set Me Free!

6 Dr. Peppers a Day x 365 Days a Year = 2190 per year
2190 per year x 34 (age 16 to 50) = 74,460 Dr. Peppers!
Each Dr. Pepper drink = 150 Calories, mostly sugar!
74,460 x 150 Calories per drink = 11,169,000 Calories!
Dollars spent on this habit is estimated at $35,000.00!

I have now gone 21 Days without drinking a Dr. Pepper or any similar soft drink; and it’s hard to believe that even in that short period of time, I would have normally consumed 126 Dr. Peppers! I now reward myself by making Healthy Energy Elixirs every afternoon at work and I’ve now lost six pounds! I feel great without all those 900 calories of sugar, and it nice not being wired on caffeine all the time! Tony, my question to you is since I still have four Dr. Peppers left from my case when I quit; would you like to have me tell my story as I pour out one of those Dr. Peppers during your Dallas UPW?.

I think it would possibly help other people with similar soft drink addictions and for myself give me great leverage not to be ever tempted to start up again. I promise to you that I will find three more large groups of people to share my story with and dispose of the remaining three Dr. Peppers!

May all of your Dreams Come True! Hope to See You Soon
At Life Mastery!

Tom Steets
Houston, TX


International Success Clients

G’day Michael!

I am really looking forward to catching up with you in Gold Coast. (Life mapping charts definitely works!!) I just wanted to update you on few things, I have brought a few Chicken Soup for the Soul books and we all are enjoying them ((teenager, for woman, dreams, preteen, couples). I also bought these books you recommended; Think and Grow Rich, Dancing with Anger, intimacy and connection.

We, as a family are currently listening to Think Bigger by Mark V Hansen (it is great, we enjoy this when we are traveling together)

Family has started writing 101 goals for their life – currently everyone is sitting around 50-80 goals – we are going to discuss and share these goals with each other on Sunday this week. Once we have finalize the goals we are going to work on our life map charts – we all have started collecting pictures, words etc for our charts. (Once it is complete we will send you a picture) I am very excited about all this. It is amazing as kids have now started to really think what they want in their lives.

Michael, I am so excited about all this and would like to definitely keep the momentum going. I also would like to thank you so much for showing me the path and giving me the direction. I enjoy challenges like this! Best Wishes and Love

Jyotee Patel
Melbourne, Australia


Are you looking for passion and expertise? You’ll find both in Michael!

Clauio Belotti


Dearest Michael

Thank you so much! I just had to let you know you are a gift from God and what a difference you have made in our lives.

I knew intellectually I should eat healthier, exercise regularly and my typical Australian diet was not good since I am 15 kilos overweight. I’m so busy with my business, marriage and new baby (5 months) that it seemed too much effort. My old pattern was to keep eating and drinking the usual for comfort and relaxation.

When you stayed with us for 3 days sharing your Platinum Coaching everything started to shift. You helped re-engineer our cupboards, refrigerator, and pantry and refocused our lives back on health, our most precious resource. You made us aware of our current patterns around food and drinks and how to make major improvements. Your audit of our kitchen to review our food and food preparation methods, including our pots, pans and appliances was most informative. We appreciate your guidance to reorganize our kitchen so it is now an easy and convenient place to prepare and eat lots of healthy food which are now visible and close by, with less healthy options gone or more out of reach.

Michael you greatly increased our awareness and choices for easily buying healthy foods at very economical prices. We discovered foods and shops that we did not know existed when we shopped at near by Asian, Health Food and Fruit/Produce stores. We really appreciate learning simple, easy and fun ways to make and eat lots of wholesome and nutritious food all day long. It helped us set this up as a daily lifestyle (not a diet) and encouraged us to establish a supportive peer group to maintain and anchor in our winning strategies and great feelings around eating healthy.

Hearing about your three very successful adult children helped us appreciate your coaching for our young son. It had seemed so easy to follow the norm and give him bottled juices loaded with sugars and baby foods which begins the unhealthy eating cycle. We have interrupted our old patterns by giving him natural options such as fresh fruit blends, preparing fresh veggies and seed milks. We appreciate your ideas to positively influence his overall physical and mental development and are now focused on reading to him for one hour, playing instrumental and classical music and providing a stimulating physical and intellectual environment every day with minimal TV to ensure he is surrounded by positive and valuable influences. I have already seen many benefits in a short time (after my initial detox and cleanse) and I am feeling more alert, awake and alive than I have in a long time. Thank you so much.

Melissa Gilbert
Financial Planner
Sydney, Australia


Michael, thank you so much.

This call has gone straight to my heart.

I can relate to how you feel because when my mom was in hospital for breast cancer, I was far away from her and I was not able to be close to her. It’s a very hard feeling not to be able to be close and accept that you can’t help. So, I have actually tapped on my inability to help and that I am distant, right with you.

I can’t imagine that I’m already that far in the process. This information was much needed to give myself a push. EFT is what helps me so much, daily but the book Dance of Anger is really amazing. I have to admit that it has totally impacted the way I think about myself and relationships. This week I had a huge breakthrough:

Your program has launched me on a total transformation of my body, mind, and the emotional state I choose to be in. The resources you have referred to are very helpful. Your offer to coach me with EFT on an emotionally charged issue helped me to keep to my decision to stay determined to the healthy food routine that I am learning and training myself in? The amounts of water I take in now are actually making me feel refreshed. I feel the energy levels increase daily and my additional research helps me to write my ebook in which I will write more about the EFT daily use of tapping I do.

I have totally transformed my mind first and since my body will need lots more exercise than I am physically now able to do, I want to make a life-long commitment to keep to the incremental increase of improving my knowledge on what is healthy and what is making my life more worth living. I’m sure you are aware of the effort this takes but really it takes half the effort when you do it with the assured expectation of obtaining the result you need. I’m now on the level of awareness that what I thought is merely a question of nutrition, your body is just the outer reflection of what your mind and emotional state feels like. So, even if it would take me a few more weeks to get to where I want to be than 12 weeks and an e-Book, I realize that it has to dawn on me that where I am TODAY is far from where I used to be, 3 years ago when I had lost my job because I had a problem with my cervical spine.

Two years ago I was actually thinking about spine surgery for my neck, and giving up work. I had had this vision of never being able to live a normal happy life again because I saw just the problems. My cervical spine was so blocked that I felt that perhaps the vertebrae needed to be fused. Since one day I simply woke up with a stiff neck in 2004, I realized that this had been emotions manifesting messages in my body that I had to slow down, smell the daisies and take this year and your program to finally clear the way for more energy and health. This year, four years after I had played with the thought to get surgery, I’m now 8 weeks into this transformational process and I feel that my body is slow to pick up the new me but that it is willing to let go of the old me. I’m totally tuned into the sore spots and use EFT to free my negative emotions. I do this daily. I continue to improve my practice of it and intensify my knowledge by watching the DVDs I purchased on the site of Gary Craig.

I realize that all the negative emotions that had accumulated in me had run wild in me and been toxic for me. In 2004 I had problems with my left hip. I received medical treatment and physiotherapy. Still in 2005 my left arm went numb. I write with my left hand and so that arm just hung more or less paralyzed. I had some infiltrations in my neck and this being close to my brain, I had feared that because of the cortisone, I’ll be polluted for a long time. I stopped taking the medication for the pain and my body reacted to it with intense muscular tensions. EFT has helped me tune into my emotional state, acknowledging that I felt the way I felt, and now I have totally re-established confidence, regained strength, and feel exceptionally stimulated to consciously choose my emotions.

I could go on to complete this list.

Even though I’m now only starting to get a hang of this, I’m enjoying it so much that I am infectiously happy and radiant. I get people ask me “Are you in love?” and I am, in love with life itself.

I’m looking forward to the next call, you do great work Michael and I wish you lots of blessings. Stay well!

Lydia P
Brussels, Belgium


Michael is passionate about helping people lead healthful lives, and is a real expert on the subject. He is always willing to give of his skills and expertise. He is 1000% committed to making a positive difference to everyone he comes into contact with. I met Michael in early 2001 and enthusiastically recommend his coaching and consulting services for your consideration.

Christine Clacey
London, England


Professional Recommendations from Michael’s LinkedIn Profile

Michael is passionate about helping people lead healthful lives, and is a real expert on the subject. He is always willing to give of his skills and expertise. He is 1000% committed to making a positive difference to everyone he comes into contact with. I met Michael in early 2001 and enthusiastically recommend his coaching and consulting services for your consideration.

Christine Clacey
London, England


Michael is an amazing man. I have had the privilege of working with him at Anthony Robbins Events and learned so much from him. He is an outstanding speaker and has a wealth of knowledge in health and nutrition. I would recommend Michael as a coach and/or speaker. He has inspired me to be more conscious of my nutrition and I learn something new from him every time we connect.

Laura Hoffman
Hoffman and Hoffman Realty


Michael knows more about health and nutrition than just about anyone I know. Let him be your coach, your mentor and you won’t regret it…

Seymour Segnit
Owner – Change That’s Right Now, Inc.


Having known Michael for 7 seven years, I feel quite comfortable saying that I have never met anyone more passionate about teaching and helping people learn about great nutrition and living in healthy emotions. If you’re looking for an expert in the field of Wellness, Michael is your man. Success strategies for perfect health and Michael Morningstar are synonymous.

Lisa Lockwood
Author, Speaker, Reinvention Expert
Seen on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business News


Michael is full of positive energy. Receptive. Open-Hearted. A great listener. Connected. Inspirational. Motivational. Great follow through man. Keeps his word. Dedicated. These are but a few of the many descriptions that flood to mind when I think of Michael Morningstar. In knowing him and experiencing his gifts, I have been opened up to a whole new world of being including a raw food lifestyle, emotional freedom through EFT, and knowing there are blessings waiting for me around every corner.

I once prayed that my life be filled with positive people, ones who knew complaining does not solve anything and that looking toward the bright side reveals the truths we are to follow. Michael embodies that type of person.

His work with EFT is profound. Not only does he facilitate one through the process, he delivers you to a place where the knowing and the feeling happen in the moment. His energy is contagious in a way that leaves you empowered and confident in your healing.

For anyone looking for a way out of their own personal darkness, pain or confusion, EFT delivers peace and, as it implies, freedom. I would not endorse any other EFT coach as Michael is more than just a coach, he is a partner in your healing and your deliverance into the new you in more ways than one.

He is a blessing to me and to all whom he shares his light.

Thank you Michael for sharing your light with me and my family. God Bless,

Tina Marie Jones
Founder and President of Optimal Health Corporation


I’ve personally worked alongside Michael, on multiple occasions, facilitating change with small groups of people using Anthony Robbins human development psychology. I can definitely attest that guiding others into, and through, personal transformation is in Michael’s nature. I always look forward to working with Michael, and highly recommend him.

Kent Berry
Client Specialist –
Austin, TX


I met Michael when he was a trainer during a Tony Robbins seminar in London in 2007. Initially I had in mind to just ask him to contribute to my book entitled “Serendipity Jane’s Guide to Life Coaching” which is available at But we had health, nutrition, and Ayurveda as something that connected us and so we worked on the editing of the article he would contribute to my book. His passion for health and life itself, as well as coaching and helping people be at their best as far as health and fitness, nutrition and releasing emotions with the EFT, makes Michael the ideal partner in the transformation from average to excellence!

He then invited me to be part of a 12 weeks challenge. We worked together closely on health optimization and masterminded on various subjects, as well as collaborated on an ebook about the process. During the challenge he offered en EFT session which helped me release repressed issues which since then have not surfaced again.

I enjoyed greatly working with Michael. He is highly competent, as a trainer and fitness coach, health and nutrition expert who excels in his sterling service as well as the high level of commitment to all he does.

You should hire Michael now as your personal coach if more energy in daily activities, and generally living a healthier life is what you’re looking for.

Lydia Proschinger
Service Category: More Energy Coaching
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Michael is so charismatic and pays a great deal of attention to detail. He is extremely loyal and hard-working. If you give him a job you know it will get done. I worked with Michael at various events over a few years and he always showed up with a smile wanting to serve.

Heather Porter


Michael is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable personal development coach. He is well organized and full of ideas and techniques to enable you to reach peak performance.

Geoffrey Silverstein


Are you looking for passion and expertise? You’ll find both in Michael!

Clauio Belotti


It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I recommend Michael Morningstar. I have never been so honoured to work with such a dedicated, passionate and heart-driven individual. He is so committed to changing lives and and bringing about positive effects that he was instrumental in changing my approach to my own duties. Michael’s warmth and generosity of spirit are remarkable. His positivity, wisdom, selflessness and enthusiasm are a gift to all of those fortunate enough to work alongside him.

Heather Sullivan-Bodington


I had the privilege of having Michael Morningstar as a Trainer on Date With Destiny 2007. His dedication to the team and the inspiration transmitted was simply OUTSTANDING. Big part of the Success of my participation at the event was due to Michael’s commitment with the team. I highly recommend Michael Morningstar as a resource for great nutrition, emotions, wellness & success strategies for perfect health.

Jorge Coutinho


I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with Michael at various Anthony Robbins events over the past decade. I got to know Michael as an unpaid volunteer; in this environment, people – unmotivated by fiscal rewards or promotions – show themselves as they truly are. What I have seen in Michael is a hardworking, passionate individual who cares deeply about helping others (individuals and teams alike) overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, whatever those may be. It seems that, whenever I see him, Michael is focused on an outcome, from leading the Crew Food Team (responsible for providing ongoing nourishment for up to 300 hungry volunteers) or applying for the TV series “Survivor”! Michael is always moving forward.

Now, in his capacity as a Trainer for Robbins Research International, Michael continues to touch the lives of thousands, globally. Michael is, and has always been, a source of inspiration in anything related to his passion of health & nutrition, as well as personal development.

Lastly, I would like to point out what makes Michael Morningstar unlike 99 percent of “nutritional specialists” and “life coaches” out there. It’s very simple: Michael practices what he preaches. If Michael recommends something, it is almost always because he has done it himself. Michael is an asset in many contexts. If you have a goal in mind (or if you need help defining your goal), I highly recommend Michael.

Jesse Kedy


I first met Michael after joining CIGNA’s Retirement and Investment business in 1994. Over three years with that company, I got to know Michael as a highly effective strategic sales leader with excellent energy and the ability to energize others around him. Sales can be a tough business but Michael consistently demonstrated a positive mental attitude, clear focus on the objective and always kept the clients’ interests front and center. His solid sales results reflected a deep understanding of our capabilities, our competitors’ positioning and clients’ objectives. He was also a contributor beyond the scope of sales, helping to shape strategy and support product development and marketing strategies. Above all, Michael is a good person, with solid values and an interest in helping others achieve their goals.

Doug Klinger
President Bee Mountain LLC