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11 01, 2018

Ten Tips for Children’s Health

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Today's children are tomorrows future leaders and workers. They will be the builders, cooks, clerks, doctors, engineers, farmers, inventors, leaders, mechanics, military, nurses, police, teachers, technicians and workers that we depend on to operate and run our communities and country. How healthy are the children in your family and extended family? Are they healthy, strong [...]

3 09, 2015

Belize Family Friendly Eco Tourism

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The 2015 Great NEWS posts share Healthy Habits to enhance family fitness, friendship and fun. Today’s post offers strategies and suggestions for Belize Family Friendly Eco Tourism travel.  Now that summer vacations are over and school is back in full swing it seemed like the perfect time to follow up on my previous post about [...]

19 03, 2015

Empowering Education

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The Great NEWS posts in 2015 are dedicated to sharing Healthy Habits and today’s post on Empowering Education is in honor of a friend who just retired as a teacher.  One of the most important healthy habits for us to focus our energy and time is enjoying and enriching our children with empowering education.   To [...]

30 01, 2014

New Year, New You Part 5: Education Empowerment

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The previous Great NEWS post shared New Year, New You Part 4: Relationship Resilience and today is Part 5: Education Empowerment.  When we start a New Year it is only natural to look back on the previous year and set some new intentions for how things will be different, improved and new this year.  We [...]

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