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How would you rate your meditation and mindfulness practice? Beautiful, Blaa, Bliss, Bust, or Best Intentions to Start. If you have avoided daily meditation and mindfulness or feel it is too hard to be still and quiet your monkey mind, then this blog post is for you. There is an art and science to meditation and mindfulness on a consistent and regular basis to help support a healthy lifestyle and wellness mindset. Both are beneficial to help maintain our body, mind, and spirit operating for optimal opportunity and peak performance. Just like herbs and spices add benefits, flavors, and smells to our foods, people find that meditation and mindfulness add additional awareness, dimensions, and insights to help influence our lifestyle to support our happiness, health, and harmony. Adults and children can benefit from developing a consistent meditation and mindfulness practice. Many people are looking for simple steps to improve their quality of life and meditation and mindfulness can help. Energy psychology is like a comprehensive curriculum at a university that offers many techniques, therapies, and tools to help you learn life lessons that support your happiness, health, and healing.

With the crazy coronavirus challenges of recent years and the troubling times we are facing, many people are dealing with emotional, mental, and physical challenges and health issues. Meditation and mindfulness are great resources to help restore your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness and boost your happiness, health, and well-being.  Energy psychology techniques and therapies like meditation and mindfulness can help restore your head and heart to a happier and healthier state. These are some of the most effective and efficient ways to rejuvenate and restore your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Energy psychology is like a resource with healthy reboots, recommendations, remedies, remodeling, resets, restorations, and reverse engineering techniques to help you reprogram your beliefs, behaviors, and biologies for happiness and health. When we access new data and details, we can empower our body, mind, and spirit to manifest the magic moments we deserve, desire, and dream about. Energy psychology is based on effective and efficient life support systems for our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

An energy psychology manual, quick guide, and website should come as part of a self-care package delivered to every new baby. Sharing, showing, and teaching children how to activate energy psychology modalities would help them deal with the complicated challenges they will face. Remember…children depend on their family, friends, parents, and teachers to share the life skills needed to become happy and healthy individuals. Meditation and mindfulness will help children become happy and healthy adults.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to learn how energy psychology therapies will empower and enhance their quality of life. Meditation and mindfulness are a great tag team to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

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Meditation is one of the best forms of medicine and self-care to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Meditation is a powerful process that expands and opens your abilities, alignment, and awareness. Meditation has been found to enhance our ability to tune into the quantum field of infinite possibilities. We can access more subtle energy, information, inspiration, and quantum intelligence to help our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual development. Meditation allows us to be silent as we listen to the higher power of the universe for guidance and wisdom.

Meditation opens us up to cosmic downloads of higher intelligence and intuition so can manifest a higher quality of life. Meditation is a powerful process that helps us to quiet our monkey minds and listen to the whispers of our higher calling, consciousness, and intelligence. Meditation has been shown to provide significant benefits by tapping into our higher consciousness and quantum energy field. Meditation is like fueling our vehicle, maintaining our electrical system, and tuning up our engine to last a million miles and 100 years. If your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual happiness and health are important, then meditation is a helpful habit to embrace.

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Mindfulness is a mental awareness that combines alignment, balance, consciousness, deciphering, encouragement, focus, gratitude, higher thinking, and intuition. Mindfulness is a state of being tuned in and turned on by the beautiful world and blessings around you. Mindfulness is like energy and fuel to feed your body, mind, and soul.

Some key benefits attributed to meditation and mindfulness include:

  • Discover new ideas, information, and inspiration more easily.
  • Enhancing your level of happiness, harmony, and health.
  • Eliminate boredom, frustration, and upsets and replace them with enjoyment, enthusiasm, and excitement about how life unfolds.
  • Find new insights and inspiration for happiness, health, and harmony.
  • Help you identify hidden opportunities and avoid problems.
  • Help you identify new meanings, messages, and magic moments.
  • Identify more magic moments in the universe.
  • Improve your happiness, health, lifestyle, and sleep.
  • Make life more inspiring, interesting, and intriguing.
  • Open your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual being to new opportunities.
  • Reduce anxiety, frustration, and stress.
  • Reprogram your behaviors, beliefs, and boundaries to enhance and expand your happiness and health.
  • Transcend to a higher state of being and consciousness that serves you and others at a higher level.

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Call to Action

Energy Psychology is a collection of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual approaches to help with happiness and health. Meditation and mindfulness will help with empowering beliefs, behaviors, and better biology of beliefs to attract more happiness and health into your life. Google meditation training and invest ten minutes a day in meditation and affirm more mindfulness in your daily life. Deepak Chopra, Sadhguru, and Transcendental Meditation offer helpful training and YouTube videos about meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and Mindfulness may open a portal for you to enjoy more Magic Moments.

Helpful Hint

Meditation and mindfulness are like any endeavor in life…coaching, guidance, and training help to master the practice easier and faster. Remember…meditation and mindfulness are referred to as a practice for a reason. Even 5 minutes a day of meditation and 5 mindfulness actions a day can help you update and upgrade your mental mindset and motivate you with more magic moments. The more you practice the more beauty, benefits, and bliss you will embody and enjoy.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog encourages you to make meditation and mindfulness a daily practice.

“Mediation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body” Deepak Chopra

“Meditation and mindfulness are higher consciousness portals to find calm, hope, peace, and sanity despite the crazy conditions and confusion in the world. ” — Michael Morningstar

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