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I am Michael Morningstar, the Great NEWS Coach and host for The Great NEWS Perfect Health website and Great NEWS Letter. I am excited about sharing my passion and vision for Great NEWS (Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness & Success) Perfect Health principles.
14 02, 2020

Belize Eco Village Bulletin 19

By |2020-02-13T13:43:28-06:00February 14th, 2020|Belize|0 Comments

Happy Valentines Day and welcome to our Belize Eco Village Bulletin 19 update. We are eager to connect with eco-friendly people who share our values, virtues, and visions. For those of you who feel intrigued by our BEV project for a healthy lifestyle and investment haven please contact us. My most recent trip to Belize [...]

7 02, 2020

Be Prepared for Danger Zones

By |2020-02-14T09:04:45-06:00February 7th, 2020|Wellness|0 Comments

How prepared are you for a natural disaster such as an: earthquake, fire, flood,  hurricane, power outage, snowstorm, tornado or virus pandemic? Due to all the distressing news about China coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Earthquake and Hurricane Maria power outages in Puerto Rico, fires in Australia and California, hurricane Harvey floods and mold, volcanoes erupting, and Zika [...]

31 01, 2020

Horrible Virus Fears or Healthy Vision Focus?

By |2020-02-07T09:07:30-06:00January 31st, 2020|Wellness|0 Comments

How are you responding to the fear, stress, and worry portrayed in the news about the Wuhan China coronavirus (2019-nCoV)? What resources will help you right now to focus on a massive action plan to improve your health and immune system? On January 10th I posted the Winter Health - Words with Wisdom without knowing [...]

24 01, 2020

Easy No Extra Time (“NET”) Exercise Epiphany

By |2020-01-31T12:23:28-06:00January 24th, 2020|Exercise & Fitness|0 Comments

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020. How are you doing on those resolutions to eat better, embrace gratitude, enjoy life, escape stress, and exercise more regularly? Most people have great intentions but lack the stamina, strategies, and systems to implement and maintain them. What if there were ways for you to be more healthy [...]

16 01, 2020

Puerto Rico – Pura Vida or Loco en la Cabeza?

By |2020-01-23T18:35:04-06:00January 16th, 2020|Puerto Rico|0 Comments

Welcome to our Puerto Rico Pura Vida bulletin 2 update. My fascination and focus for 2020 is to find a home and property in Puerto Rico for an eco-community and wellness center. We are eager to connect with like-minded people who share our values, virtues, and visions for a healthy lifestyle and investment haven. My [...]

10 01, 2020

Winter Health – Words with Wisdom

By |2020-01-24T11:02:56-06:00January 10th, 2020|Healthy Lifestyle|0 Comments

With the New Year here and winter in full swing, it's a great time to focus on strategies to be even more diligent about our health and wellness. Strain and stress over the holidays and winter can take a toll on our happiness and health. My goal is to share top tips that have proven [...]

3 01, 2020

Top Eleven Tennant Therapies

By |2020-01-10T13:25:11-06:00January 3rd, 2020|Improving Health|0 Comments

I was very fortunate to hear Dr. Jerry Tennant speak recently. As a medical doctor who had to overcome his own personal health challenge, it was inspiring and motivating to hear how diligently he researched and resourced a variety of health and immune enhancements to regain his health. By sharing some of his messages my [...]

27 12, 2019

Holiday Food, Health & Kitchen Safety

By |2020-01-24T14:57:58-06:00December 27th, 2019|Health Hazards|0 Comments

With the holidays upon us now it's a great time to focus on what can be done to be even more diligent about what health and safety habits you choose to follow all year long. Whether you enjoy eating at home or eating out there are some key considerations to help ensure your optimal overall [...]

19 12, 2019

Back Pain to Pain Free in Seven Steps

By |2019-12-26T10:45:27-06:00December 19th, 2019|Wellness|0 Comments

Are you suffering from any back pain? Having dealt with significant hip and back pain, it became a priority to learn and practice pain prevention and reduction strategies. Back pain is affecting tens of millions of people and many experts feel much of it is based on choices and lifestyle. This post will share some [...]