Michael’s Passion & Purpose is Health and Wellness

Your Body, Mind & Spirit health is the key foundation for abundant emotional, financial, mental and physical wealth.

Michael Morningstar

“My wish for you is health, love, abundance and more time to enjoy them.” –Michael Morningstar

I am Michael Morningstar from Sugar Land, Texas, the Great NEWS Coach and host for Morningstar NEWS website and blog. My passion, pleasure and purpose is sharing Great NEWS (Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness & Success) strategies, suggestions and systems that are attainable and sustainable.

Allow me to help you help your Body, Mind & Spirit to experience a transformation. The secret is tapping into ancient wisdom and profound knowledge. Discover how to tune into your heart, tap out disempowering beliefs and emotions in order to tap into your empowering gifts and core values.

My wish for you is health, love, abundance and more time to enjoy them. –Michael Morningstar

This process allows anyone to easily access and receive our natural gifts of happiness and health for total life balance and well being. I am an international Author, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer associated with Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, and Cary Craig the Founder of EFT. Accessing NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and decades of additional training will help you discover the bliss and joy of gratitude and transformation from the heart. I am here to be a  coach, guide and teacher for happy, healthy and wealthy life. Together we can improve the collective global ecology, economy and environment.

Your Body, Mind & Spirit health is the key foundation for abundant financial, emotional, mental and physical wealth.

Remember: My wish for you is health, love abundance and more time to enjoy them.

To Your Perfect Health

Michael Morningstar


Health Challenges Are Valuable Messages and Life Lessons

Here’s why…My Challenges Gave Me EXPERIENCE, INSIGHT and WISDOM to Help Others. Healing My Health Challenges Gave Me the INSPIRATION to Help Others.

Michael’s Brief Bio

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Michael Morningstar is the Great NEWS Coach sharing Great Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness and Success principles. He is a great leader, role model and resource to offer you the ancient wisdom and profound principles for perfect health and wellness today. While he enjoys perfect health now there were many decades of being sick and tired before he found the teachers to show him the way. An ancient proverb says “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you are ready you have come to the right place.
Compass in the Sand with An Old ChainUnfortunately for Michael during his first thirty five years he was the Standard American Dude on the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Like many he became sick and tired of being sick and tired without a direction to understand why he was feeling so poorly.

He knew there had to be a better way and went on a quest to discover the “fountain of youth for health and wellness.” He soon found new role models and teachers and his health began to improve.

In 1994 Michael attended a health and wellness seminar which was the catalyst to learn about quantum health and healing. In 1995 he experienced an epiphany which helped him eliminated all health problems, over-the-counter and prescription medicines and discover perfect health and wellness. Excellent biomarkers and completing four marathons demonstrates he walks his talk and is healthier today than he was as a lieutenant in the US Army in his twenties. After the Army, Michael enjoyed a very successful sales career for 20 years with CIGNA, a leading financial services and healthcare company. He has personally experienced the effects of frequent travel, high stress and peak performance demands on ones self and family.

He left the corporate world in 2000 to pursue his vision and create Great NEWS Coach to help individuals and organizations focus on Great Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness and Success. His consulting, seminars and training focus on total nutrition, health and wellness promotion. It is essential to integrate peak performance physiology (body), psychology (mind) and personal theology (spirit) for real world situations. His Ten Commitments for Perfect Health program offers proven principles to enjoy and experience more happiness, health and wellness. He is now living his passion and teaching this profound wisdom for optimal body, mind and spirit health and wellness.

Michael teaches you how to focus your thoughts and actions to bypass roadblocks and achieve great results in any area of your life. His specialties include: nutrition, stress reduction, resolving emotional issues, self growth, personal development, natural health, better body, fitness, energy, stamina and much more. He shares extensive insight and experience from modeling and training with the masters of holistic healing, natural health and peak performance. His belief in transformation from the heart and a personal caring style contributes to the rapid results people experience with his updated Great NEWS – Perfect Health (Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness and Success) programs.

In his words:

My mission is to be a great leader, resource and role model to help others attain the quality of life they desire and deserve. The goal is to transform your body, mind and spirit by being educated, empowered and energized. This will help you overcome physical and mental challenges that show up to achieve great emotional, mental and physical health and wellness. You will benefit from Great NEWS strategies, suggestions, systems and sources to achieve your life goals.

Ocean Landscape & Stairway to Succes

One Step at a Time

Over the last two decades he invested thousands of hours and over one hundred fifty thousand dollars in health conferences, seminars and training to discover ancient wisdom and profound principles regarding great nutrition, emotions, wellness and success.

It is now time to share this Great NEWS to help people around the world improve their quality of life and the global ecology. In addition to helping people realize their life potential, his passions include family time, raw foods, adventure travel and the great outdoors.

Michael Morningstar is an International Author, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer. Michael received his B.A. in Biology / Environmental Studies from Trinity University. He is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy. He is a Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor and Toastmaster International Advanced Gold. Michael is also a “Member of the Anthony Robbins Trainer Team: facilitating change with small groups of people using Anthony Robbins human development psychology.”

Discover the Great NEWS Perfect Health principles for Great Nutrition, Emotions, Wellness and Success. Our passion and purpose is being a great leader, role model and resource to help you create perfect health and wellness. Remember to transform the quality of your life and your family, it is essential to educate, empower and energize your body, mind and spirit.

Michael’s Life Story

I was born in 1953 at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. My father was originally from Philadelphia, PA. and after joining the Air Force he was stationed at Lackland AFB. My mother came from a small town 20 miles outside of San Antonio where her family of Polish descent owned a small farm. Beginning at an early age this little Texan boy was raised with meat, milk, bread and potatoes as everyday staples. Fortunately my grandparents had a garden which produced lots of greens, vegetables and melons most of the year. It was lucky for me that I had access to a surplus of great produce or I would have consumed even more meat and milk than I did (3 times a day).It was a mixed blessing to have parents and grandparents from German and Polish ancestry. On the one hand the discipline and hard work ethic was valuable training for later in life. During many of my teen years the summers were spent working on the farm and in the garden. This required hard work and allowed us to enjoy an abundance of fresh produce, eggs, dairy and meat (pork, chicken and beef). Unfortunately the vast majority of the food was cooked and fried and we consumed lots of animal fats and cholesterol in the process. Lucky for me I enjoyed a wide variety of vegetables and salads at least two meals during the day.

Like many people today I faced many health challenges, issues and medical treatments starting at a young age. Unfortunately it seemed natural to visit the doctor and take medicines for various ailments. My mother told me about visiting a military doctor around 1959 at age 6 while living at Yokota AFB near Tokyo, Japan and being diagnosed with allergies, excess congestion and throat infections. Only later did I learn that the doctor advised my mom to stop giving me milk to drink. She tried to stop giving me milk; unfortunately my father enjoyed milk and continued to give it to me so she avoided talking about it. It was many decades later that she finally admitted the family friction it caused. I also remember following a truck spraying a fine chemical mist for mosquitoes and later learned that the base had probably been spraying DDT. My dad also became ill in Japan and was diagnosed with trichinosis from improperly cooked pork. My sister was born there and once I vividly remember when she had a fever and was given a cold bath to bring the fever down. She cried and screamed the entire time.

Ship wreck Near Tokyo

Ship wreck Near Tokyo

At this very young age I developed numerous allergic reactions and a breathing condition similar to asthma. I experienced more than my fair share of colds, flu, ear aches and upper respiratory infections. It seemed that I was continually visiting the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Doctor for an examination, throat cultures and prescription medicines. Being a military dependent the military medical doctor visits were free and the prescriptions were too.

Living in Japan for 3 years was a great adventure and experience as a kid. Being totally immersed in a foreign culture gave me an opportunity to adapt and learn skills that would serve me well the rest of my life. It helped me develop great skills such as: adaptability, flexibility, confidence, respect, diversity, curiosity, persistence and determination. While kids back in the US were eating beans and franks or macaroni and cheese I was eating miso soup, sashimi, sea weed, sukiyaki and rice with chopsticks and learning about the beautiful Japanese culture. This unique opportunity to discover different foods has served me well on my quest to study the culinary habits, farming, foods and nutrition of the world.

After leaving Japan we moved to a base near Albuquerque, NM. One summer (around age nine) I ran a very high fever and had a serious bout of stomach and intestinal cramping. After being taken to the emergency room for the pain, fever and vomiting I was admitted to the hospital for further testing. The next day I was told I had appendicitis and needed an appendectomy. In preparation for surgery they give you something to empty out the intestines. I remember waking up with a 4 inch scar and being in quite a bit of pain and watching the fourth of July fireworks going off outside the hospital. It took me months to fully recover and rebuild the abdominal muscles. Looking back leads me to wonder if this might have been caused by poor nutrition and constipation.

While at Sandia AFB in Albuquerque I remember my younger brother was diagnosed with a blocked intestine. My mother gave him an enema and that took care of the problem. Maybe if she had done the same for me I would not have needed the appendectomy. Unfortunately I did not learn more about the benefits of enemas until about 30 years later.

After Albuquerque, NM we moved back to San Antonio, Texas. Over time I suffered with more frequent severe allergies, sinus infections and sore throats. It was common for me to use multiple antibiotics, antihistamines, cough medicine and decongestants to deal with whatever allergen or bug was going around at the time. I was teased for habitual sniffles and knew my physical fitness and endurance suffered from the chronic congestion and sinusitis.

Additionally my face was afflicted with acne that even Tetracycline and frequent topical treatments did not seem to help. After reading that chocolate made acne worse I stopped eating it for the next 10 years. Unfortunately this was probably more of an urban legend than fact as I did not really notice much improvement.

Brooke Army Medical Center Hospital, Fort Sam Houston

At some point during my many doctor visits at the Brooke Army Medical Center hospital at Fort Sam Houston, I decided to become a doctor and help sick people. This was probably due to my frequent doctor visits and my belief that doctors were part of a very special profession and helped heal the sick and treat the wounded. This was during the Vietnam War and many seriously injured soldiers were treated at the center. Biology was my favorite subject and anything to do with life sciences was fun and interesting. Being sick frequently and receiving medical treatment to get well again led me to naturally believe that medicine was a great profession and essential to help people regain and maintain good health.

How did things change so drastically between my mom and dad being very healthy with minimal medical care and their children being quite sickly with lots of medical care? In less than one generation our family and many others were brainwashed and forgot the basics of natural health and nutrition. My dad was fairly healthy and strong in spite of some childhood health issues. My mom stayed healthy and strong growing up on a farm with prevention strategies, home grown foods and a healthy lifestyle. When she left the farm for the city many things changed and soon her children would be sick frequently and requiring medical treatments to get well again. As military dependents there is no way of knowing for sure how many vaccinations and medicines our family received from the military medical system. I know the amount was quite significant and wonder about the impact these modern medical drugs and injections have had on our health in the past and may have on our health in the future.

In college I was affected by various health challenges and conditions such as colds, flu, hay fever, mononucleosis, and even worse sinusitis. I even became severely ill with a spirochete infection as a result of a tick bite and developed a “tick fever” that was similar to what is referred to as Lyme disease. The story was always the same… the annoying fevers, chills, congestion and low endurance came from various allergens or bugs in the environment. It became accepted that almost everyone faced the same breathing challenges caused by the various red cedar, oak, rag weed and other pollens. Looking back it is no surprise that I was deeply immersed in Anatomy, Contagious & Infectious Diseases, Parisitology and other subjects related to my many medical mysteries.

My Achilles heel as a pre-med student was chemistry. As I struggled with chemistry it became very obvious that man made synthetic chemical concoctions and I were not very compatible. I guess you could say we both had a strong positive charge and repelled each other. How could I be a doctor and not be a wizard at understanding and prescribing chemical prescriptions? This was the time of better living through modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. My studies become more focused on the science of life, ecology and environmental studies. There was a grass roots green living emphasis and tree hugger mentality emerging which promoted protecting the environment and quality of life. I found myself naturally enticed and interested to learn more. After receiving my degree in Biology and minor in Environmental Studies it was time to shift gears into my role as a US Army Officer. One of my first assignments after basic officer training was handling the food, fuel and logistics for a mechanized battalion of several hundred men at Fort Hood in central Texas. One of the most important responsibilities was to make sure the food was hot and tasted good. It was quite ironic that my roles included both feeding them all the eggs, meat, bread, pancakes, potatoes, corn, gravy, pasta, milk, ice cream and deserts they could eat and then dealing with overweight soldiers that needed more Physical Training (PT) to get the excess weight off.

Green Island

In the Wake

As a businessman in my late 20’s and early 30’s I felt as if I had peaked mentally and physically as my body and mind was beginning a slow and steady decline. This was in spite of regular exercise, a better than average diet and taking good care of myself. It seemed that every spring and fall the allergies would flare up and I’d experience another bout with cold, flu, hay fever or case of sinusitis. This resulted in me using Over-The-Counter antihistamines and decongestants on a regular basis. It came down with a cold or flu bug almost every winter in spite of using a top brand daily vitamin and following the food pyramid guidelines. Sometimes I even took a flu vaccine to prevent the flu only to catch a different variety. Over the next fifteen years things became progressively worse.

Heart burn and digestion problems were common and after an endoscope examine the doctor treated me for an ulcer. It was normal to continually use liquid and tablet antacids for relief. Prescription medicines and other recommendations had minimal temporary benefits. Around this time I noticed a slow but steady weight gain and corresponding decline in my physical fitness in spite of working out and being more vigilant in my eating habits.

I continually cut back on the worst foods and ate more of the highly promoted good ones. This included lots of whole grain breads, cereals, bagels, rice, pasta, potatoes, cooked vegetables, skinless chicken and other low fat foods. To others I appeared to be a health nut externally when in reality I was going mentally nuts internally. Exercising on a regular basis produced minimal benefits and more frequent knee and back problems during the prime of my life.

Next came the bouts of severe bloating, cramping and intestinal pains. Many times it felt as if I were being attacked from the inside by little demons tearing at my intestines. The doctors suggested another endoscopic exam to check out the stomach and upper intestines. Next they filled me with radioactive barium and took x-rays and then proceeded with an extensive and unpleasant lower gastrointestinal exam. Talk about a pain in the ass. You have no idea until you undergo your first rectal exam with various instruments poking inside of you how tough it is. The diagnosis was food allergies, constipation and irritated bowel. They told me what I already knew and offered very little helpful guidance except eat better and avoid spicy foods.

Then the sinus and allergy headaches started and I would be miserable for days at a time. OTC medicines, antibiotics and headache pain meds were becoming the norm and I resolved to just live with the problems as nothing seemed to really help. The headaches became an almost daily ritual and so did the headache pain medicines. Digestion was more troublesome than ever and was accepted as another side effect of a stressful sales career and working in a heavily congested city. When it was time to undergo another lower GI exam, I anticipated they would find a blockage, rupture or tumor of some sort to explain the pain and various health challenges. Instead of being relieved when nothing was discovered I was more perplexed than ever. How could someone who ate well, exercised regularly, followed the food pyramid and took good health precautions feel like someone 10-15 years older than their chronological age?

Knots in NettingI’m sure you have heard the saying “what you resist will persist.” The more I tried to resist the stress the more it persisted. Next it felt as if I had a pinched nerve or cervical damage which caused the various neck pains and headaches. Maybe these were the results from the minor car accident whiplashes and not being totally recovered. Muscle relaxants, pain medication and physical therapy were prescribed to deal with the pain and discomfort that had become routine.

It was frustration and desperation that led me to turn to alternative approaches and read every article or book on natural health that appeared. My desire to be pain free drove me to pursue health like a super detective looking for clues that would solve the mystery and help stop being sick, tired and in pain. My goal was to return to a normal happy, healthy and pain free lifestyle regardless of the effort involved. Attending many seminars and workshops on health, fitness and nutrition I finally discovered a key cause for my deteriorating quality of life. You can imagine my shock in learning the food pyramid guidelines and my stressful lifestyle were the main cause of my problems. Yes my stress, illness and pain were basically self induced. Even faithfully following the popular exercise, food pyramid guidelines and moderate lifestyle left me feeling unhappy, unhealthy and depressed.


Problem Health to Perfect Health…Temporary Troubles to Total Triumph

It was a major epiphany to discover most of the health and nutrition information influencing our daily actions in the US was based on biased information or misleading advertising. Within several months of implementing several new lifestyle, nutrition and natural health strategies I experienced major improvements in every aspect of my energy, health and well being. After several years of reversing the harmful side effects, my biomarkers now indicated a level of energy, fitness and health for someone in their twenties.

My fitness and endurance now is better than during college when running 2-3 miles was a big challenge. It became common to run that distance or more several times per week training for the fun runs and four marathons (26.2 miles) completed. Never before had I considered this a realistic possibly or fun activity in my younger days.

My weight is currently the same as during college. Since 1995 I have not been sick or need any prescription or over the counter medicines. It is an amazing life transformation to eliminate feeling sick, tired and in pain and replace it with feeling incredible levels of energy, healthy and stamina.

When looking back at the many lifestyle changes it is apparent the primary catalyst was discovering a new paradigm shift for health and nutrition principles. Along with new knowledge came the commitment to change the old beliefs and initiate new actions to support my new choices. Success comes when you elevate health to a higher priority, ask better questions and follow the proven principles and expert guidance of great role models. It is imperative to seek resources that are totally congruent in mind, body and spirit and walk their talk. It was a blessing to work for CIGNA Corporation for 20 years in sales and to experience and learn the many life lessons necessary to be where I am today. During that time I learned great business skills which resulted in significant financial success. It also allowed me the opportunity to attend many life transforming seminars and events on health and well being. My last years with the healthcare division were a real education and reality check.

After leaving CIGNA in 2000 it was my destiny to come full circle and begin to help people who were unhappy with their quality of life. The Great NEWS Coach vision is to help individuals discover the best sources for great nutrition, energy, wellness and success. My interest in fitness, health, nutrition and longevity became a 24/7 passion. My goal is to teach the profound principles which transformed my life and will help others do the same.

It is very rewarding to help someone find a balanced and healthy life style. Unfortunately you make many business mistakes along the way as a new entrepreneur. I over estimated my ability to market my services and underestimated the power of big chemical, food and pharmaceutical companies using mainstream media to dominate the bodies and minds of people. While many people have been helped, the progress has been quite challenging. It is a significant challenge to reach and impact the tens of millions that need help now.

Attending Unleash the Power Within, Mastery University and Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy helped me expand my leadership skills and help empower me to help other people be empowered as well. Next I joined Toastmasters International – Sugar Speakers chapter to improve my presentation skills. In 2002 it was time to expand the Great NEWS Coach message to more people so my high technology friend built my first website. With a low cost website and his support it seemed logical this would accelerate my success in reaching more people for consulting and seminars. “If you build they will come” from the movie Field of Dreams was my mantra. The plan sounded great yet my lack of website and internet business skills left me at a severe disadvantage. My ego and technology fears influenced me to stay with a good website rather than moving forward with a great website The site was too complex for me to handle and being dependent on the webmaster for updates left me feeling drained, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing From Here

In 2005 I began to focus on finding a better way and began researching how to create and maintain a great website. I listened to experts talk about the features of an effective and efficient website to deliver great content and products to an eager market. With satisfied readers you could easily build a list of faithful followers eager to buy products and services. Soon information overload added to my confusion and frustration with my under-performing website. Each expert gave their opinion and a few secret tips to up-sell their next seminar or product which would deliver the information you really needed to succeed. Most of the content made good sense yet quite a bit was beyond my understanding. I began to seek a cure for website induced headaches. The sheer volume of internet marketing and website strategies can be overwhelming. As a result I asked my webmaster for minor revisions and delayed the site overhaul. Most internet experts claim to have a proprietary system that will fix everything. We are told that big hosting companies are good for big sites with deep pockets and that small sites end up lost in cyberspace. Big hosting companies aggressively advertise and brag about their large number of websites. The usual recommendations involved five key design features from five sources for five monthly fees to maximize the potential of your site. On top of that you still outsource the coordination of the site to a trusted webmaster. This seemed like de-ja-vu all over again; only this time the new site would be more complicated, demanding and expensive Now 5 areas required major coordination and integration. It seemed even more complicated and confusing for one person already feeling stretched to keep the business running.

Surely there must be a turnkey website provider focused on offering all the key features for creating an efficient and effective website. The search continued for a reliable company that offered an all inclusive website package for maximum flexibility and simplicity for the emerging entrepreneur. After several years of research, evaluation and reference checks, one company emerged with a comprehensive program and Customer Success Stories proving it delivers massive value. SBI won the gold medal with a proven system for great content sites, top search engine rankings and excellent monetization. It was an easy win since they use proven principles to deliver real results and fall into a unique category of their own.

LighthouseAfter making my decision it was time to roll up my sleeves and begin the Action Guide and extensive tutorial program to build a new website from the ground up. This time I would avoid all the pitfalls and make sure every feature was a great fit and contributed to the overall success of the site. Great design, content and functionality enable me to create a great website and reach the people that need my help and information. Now my focus will be on helping people rather than getting bogged down with a website that is inadequate and ineffective. My Great NEWS Perfect Health website and Great NEWS Letter will offer readers rich content, premium features (audio and video), integrated functionality and easy navigation. Wow Thank You SBI! Thank you Melinda Turner my SiteSell Services Specialist and creative consultant.

I am fortunate to live my dreams, share my passion and help thousands (soon to be millions) of people worldwide. People are searching for more information and resources with proven principles for great nutrition, emotions, wellness and success. With my new and improved website they will be able to find me and my resources.

Resolving my long list of health problems created the wisdom and intellectual property to help you create great results more easily and quickly. Decide now to make your happiness, health and well being a higher priority. The majority of the population is plagued by health challenges and chronic disease which often leads to serious financial consequences. Make a commitment to your self and family to begin now rather than wait for the danger signs and deadly diagnosis. An ancient proverb says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Another way of saying this is “Invest pennies for your perfect health today or spend big bucks for your poor health tomorrow.”

Today is a great day to access new resources, implement better strategies and enjoy great results. You now have the opportunity to learn from your life lessons, create a new plan and take positive actions for perfect health. How ready are you to turn back your biological clock and regain the energy and vitality of your best years? I think you will agree that the old saying “a penny wise and pound foolish” is very applicable to your health decisions because not investing in your health today will probably cost you a fortune in the future. If you do not have the time and money to invest in your health now, how will you have the time and money to be sick later? Remember, the best time to take action and manifest the great nutrition, emotions, wellness and success you desire and deserve is now.

Please read our blog posts and let us know how we can help you create the perfect program to meet your needs.

To Your Perfect Health

Michael Morningstar