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Nutrition and physical health help to create emotional wellness, but there is much more that can be done to build emotional health and wellness. Learn more here.

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Emotional Wellness

How many of these “Top Ten Performance Challenges” impact your quality of life and emotional wellness?

  1. Fear of public speaking
  2. Fear of failure or rejection
  3. Feeling less than enough/ self-esteem issues
  4. Fear of flying
  5. Resistance to self improvement
  6. Excess procrastination
  7. Personal/ professional relationship issues
  8. Unhealthy addictive behaviors
  9. Overstressed at home/ workplace
  10. Fear of success

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can help you deal with these challenges in such a way as to greatly reduce or totally eliminate the negative emotional impact. We are still learning why EFT works so well. Our belief is it centers on the profound effects of the body’s subtle energies using the theory that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Accordingly, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except we use tapping with the fingertips on certain meridian energy points instead of needles. This is done while the client is “tuned in” to the problem.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT) is an emotional healing technique, which is based on a revolutionary discovery that challenges many of the beliefs of conventional psychiatry and psychology. It contends that the cause of all negative emotions and disease is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

Essentially, EFT is a form of “psychological acupressure” – except that we don’t use needles. The approach relieves symptoms by tapping on various body locations. This tapping balances energy meridians that become disrupted when we think about or experience an emotionally disturbing circumstance or memory. Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved – the memory stays but the upsetting emotional charge is gone. Typically the result is lasting and is also accompanied by positive changes in behavior and thinking. The technique is easy to learn and ideal for self-help emotional wellness.


EFT evolved from Thought Field Therapy, which was created by US clinical psychologist Roger Callahan. Callahan discovered that stimulating acupressure / energy points lead to psychological relief for an anxious client, and through experimentation was able to discover a series of useful points.

Gary Craig, who studied with Callahan, identified a comprehensive set of “all purpose” energy points that could be applied to treat any emotional problem. He called this Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and achieved excellent results with this approach on a wide range of emotional as well as physical problems.

EFT has been successfully applied to treat a wide range of emotional problems and issues, including anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, anger, guilt, etc. It has also been applied to enhance performance and improve relationships. In relationships, EFT can help us by reducing the emotional upsets towards our partner and family, many of which have their origins in our past. Using EFT, couples and families can overcome many of the barriers to closeness, friendship and love.

Yellow buoy on blue sea surfacePerhaps the most exciting thing about EFT is that anyone can learn this approach and use it to help themselves. While some problems require persistence with the technique over a period of time, and some will require the intervention of a skilled EFT coach, many ordinary people can learn EFT and apply it successfully to the general problems and stresses of living.

Note: While EFT has achieved excellent results with many physical conditions, the technique should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical care and should always be used in conjunction with medical consultation and intervention for such conditions.

For more information about EFT, click > EFT Universe

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

(Remember: When Other Approaches Fail…We Use EFT On Everything)

Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body’s subtle energies, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for Trauma & Abuse, Stress & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Depression, Addictive Cravings, Children’s Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties.

Properly applied, over 80% achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem.

  • Often works where nothing else will.
  • Usually rapid, long lasting and profound benefits.
  • No drugs or equipment involved.
  • Easy, fast and transformation.
  • Can be self taught and self administered.

If I can help improve and strengthen your emotional wellness, contact me.

EFT is a great program to share with your family, friends, employees, associations, organizations, community, etc.

Emotional Wellness Testimonials

United States

Michael, Thanks so very much for your time and energy last Saturday……it has proven to be invaluable!!

The EFT is truly a blessing in disguise!! I have had this anger thing inside of me since I was a child. I was slowly figuring things out regarding it…. but how do you get a handle on it? The EFT tapping has not only helped with my inside anger but it will also helped me with a number of other emotional blocks that I have been avoiding. I believe I will now be able to unblock my emotions and begin to have a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

The time-line has helped me to go back and retrace my childhood and repair some of the emotional damage that had taken place there. It has helped me to begin the healing process I so desperately needed regarding things said or not said while I was growing up and as a young woman.

The life mapping session has given me a clearer picture of who I truly am and what has brought me to where I am today!!My new life map has given me more direction and more focus of where I will take my life in the future. By viewing it everyday it makes it easier to stay on task and to build the kind of life I truly deserve!!

Thanks so much, Michael, for your patience and your love for helping others!! You are truly a gift and a blessing.

Jeannie Austin
Austin, TX


Michael,There are many great words that come to mind in describing your presentation which was informative, dynamic and passionate. Your commitment to helping people improve their lives was clear from the moment you took the podium.

You make a difference for many people and I’m delighted you were so well received by the Sales and Marketing Council. It was a pleasure to work with you. Most Sincerely,

Krista Mathis
Director of Special Events
Greater Houston Builders Assoc.
Houston, TX


I had just received some news that had emotionally upset me. It caused a lot of emotional “reactions” in my physical body. Symptoms like nausea and a pounding headache. I needed to be at the top of my form for an important event that was coming up in a couple of hours and all I could think about was going somewhere dark and quite to lay down and get some rest. Michael walked me through a tapping session (Emotional Freedom Technique –EFT); this session was very powerful because at the end of the session which lasted only a few minuets, I felt fine. My stomach was calm and the pounding headache that would usually linger for hours until I took some painkillers was gone. I felt great – alive and energetic. It was an important time for me because I was able to go out and function at my peak for the event and it was very impactful for me personally. Michael – Thanks for teaching me an effective technique to break my patterns and focus my energy elsewhere!!!!

Angie Fink
Denver, CO


I met you at the UPW event in Chicago. Your insight really helped make my crewing experience that much more fabulous and you provided an outstanding example of selfless contribution. I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did for all Crew at the Event. I was fortunate to be involved with the Food Team which enabled me to spend more time with you.

Amongst many topics, we talked about the problem I was having with the skin on my face. You gave me a sample of the clay gel and recommended that I take a ¼ teaspoon internally as well as using it topically on my face. It really helped out considerably. I am still getting a few pimples, but they are not festering any more and I attribute them to my dirty work environment. I ran out of the sample and I purchased 1lb of the Calcium Bentonite Clay online. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your insight to my problem, I was truly sick of dealing with the dermatologists(MD’s), a battery of antibiotics and some topical solution…just keep taking that stuff (4-6 months) and eventually it will clear up…for about a month and then… It’s Back. My face looked great in a matter of 3 days. I still haven’t had a break out in almost 4 weeks. Has anyone had a Doctor prescribe the clay? It would be great if they could, so that my insurance company would pay for the clay. I appreciate all your helpful insights. Michael…Thank You, So Much!!!!

Joe T.
Chicago, IL


I know I am definitely on the path to looking and feeling younger after hearing from others and seeing the changes in my skin and overall appearance. It feels so great to have the energy, wellness and peace of mind as I begin my transformation to the healthy person I am meant to be. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Carolyn Crowder
Austin, TX


I could quickly see that Michael had two traits that aren’t for sale: integrity and the desire to help others. I began to wonder what might happen in my own life by applying some of Michael’s suggestions. Well, I did, and what a difference it made. My blood pressure dropped from the 140/95 range to the 120/80 range in a matter of 2 weeks. The drinking of 12-15 glasses of water a day helped clear up my brain fog for the first time in years. I woke up in the mornings actually feeling awake and ready to hit the day running instead of struggling to start my day.

Keven H
Houston, TX


I am extremely impressed with his dedication of helping people and for being extremely focused under pressure. ” …”Michael is a trustworthy, honest, caring man who has profoundly impacted my life in the most positive of ways! I feel if the world had more people like Michael Morningstar, the possibilities in life would be endless!

Laurie D.
Derry, NH


Michael Morningstar is one the finest people you could ever meet. His talents as a coach are unsurpassed. His depth and caring is an extraordinary gift.

Will P
San Jose, CA


Like most other teenagers, I have been trying to get rid of my acne for a number of years now, and nothing I tried seemed to do the trick. Well that is until I talked to Mr. Morningstar about my acne troubles, and he gave me some very interesting information on acne. What he told me surprised me very much, he said that some of the causes of my breakouts was caused by drinking too much milk, eating certain foods and most importantly, not drinking enough water. I decided to test out his facts, and I was astonished to find that after just TWO weeks my face was absolutely clear! I would recommend this simple program to anybody who has acne because not only is it easy to do but it is one hundred percent cheaper than any pills or creams.

John M.N.
Sugar Land, TX


When my son, Ryan, hit puberty his face erupted with acne. The poor kid had it so bad that you could hardly see his face underneath all the zits. I took him to a dermatologist who wanted to prescribe an oral medication. Because I know the havoc taking medication can have on the body I was against that. Next the doctor prescribed a topical ointment of Rentin A, this caused his sign to turn bight red and it became extremely painful in the sunshine. Imagine an active teenage boy who loves to ski, play in the pool with his brothers and soccer with his friends, hiding inside all day because even to walk outside was too painful.

To occupy his time inside he spent a lot of time in front of the TV or the computer, this started to cause a little chubbiness around his middle. Now not only was his face literally peeling off and bright red – it looks worse than just the acne, he was becoming an introverted couch potato. Michael Morningstar introduced the Calcium Bentonite Clay to us last year and after just a few weeks of using just the clay daily as a mask, Ryan’s acne has for the most part cleared up, he is back outside enjoying his life and we are not paying an arm and a leg for prescriptions. Thank you Michael

Angie Fink
Denver, CO


Dear Michael,

I want to thank you for introducing me to the wonderful healing powers of EFT. At first I found it hard to take seriously but in just a short time of “experimentation” I’ve had tremendous results. My first trial was with one of the nurses I work with in the Emergency Dept. She and I were both to work the night shift and she had a horrible migraine headache. As she tried to work her shift everyone, including me advised her to go home.

Finally, I took her in the break room and showed her EFT. In 5 minutes, with just 3 rounds of “tapping” her headache was completely gone and she felt great. She finished her shift with no problem and went for an extended period without another headache. This was before I believed in what I was doing.

Since then, I’ve used it for panic attacks instead of sedative drugs, I’ve used it to relieve chronic neck and back pain, the pain of a kidney stone (another nurse I work with) and even the pain of a broken arm.

The more I use EFT the more amazed I am. Sincerely,

Thomas M. Flowers, D. O.
Emergency Physician


Michael, you are the best. You helped my 5 years old son by getting some of his emotional grief out which he was going through because of his separation from his father. The tapping is helping him tremendously. He understood the difference between fighting and hitting and consequences of mean behaviors. Asking questions of him instead of telling him what to do makes my life easier and rules make more sense to my son. You are our GURU and HERO!!

S Aggarwal
Sugar Land, TX


Hi Michael,

I want to thank you for introducing me to the EFT!!! Holy cow. I was ever, ever so slightly skeptical about it the first time I used it last week, but now I’m trying it out on more things… because it works! Even yesterday, I was out walking with my dog, and was having a very challenging time with my breathing (super short of breath, to the point that I was lightheaded and dizzy) so I decided to sit down and tap. After one round, my breathing was not back to fantastic…but it was greatly improved. I’ve used it on my fatigue, some fears I have had floating around that were annoying me, and for something else that I can’t think of (guess it really worked for whatever THAT was ) . The fatigue seems to be a bit of a stickler, so I am thinking that I need to be more specific than just “fatigue” so I’ll keep going on it.

Anyway, just wanted to get back to you on that…and to thank you

Based on our previous conversations, and what works best for my life, I’ve also switched to close to 75-80% raw/whole foods in my diet. We still don’t have our juicer yet that’s still on the horizon. However, I have noticed a significant decrease in my appetite, which completely surprised me, as I thought I’d be hungry ALL THE TIME, so this has been an interesting change.

I’m not feeling super great yet, however, like we said, there is a lot of stuff to get cleared out, and I’m just in the beginning stages.

Have a great week. I hope things are going great for you.

Lisa Fink
Denver, CO


(Melissa M. testimonial revised 2008)

I found Michael Morningstar while desperately seeking one of Chopra’s instructors. After many years of a masters program of feeling sad, lonely, angry, resentful, regretful and feeling stricken with sever emotional pain from the past, I began a new masters program on my journey inward. I believed there where answers that would finally provide me with healing past grievances and allow me to live life in the beauty of the present. I called Michael one day while driving and crying myself home as I often did, feeling very sad. In the mists of my pitiful drive home, he helped me reflect on all the blessings in my life and knew that these feelings where not in line with the true reality of my present life. I was relieved Michael was easy to relate to and could assist me out of the miserable patterns. I expressed concerns that my age (approaching menopause) and the terrible feelings may be related to my menstrual cycle and thought I would benefit from the personal experience of a female. Michael expressed his understanding and 30 minutes of purging my current issues he still offered his assistance to assist in my transformation.

At our first meeting Michael introduced me to a strange technique called EFT. At that point, I would jump up and down on my head if he recommended it since I was desperate to find a way out of the hell I created and into the life I had always dreamed of. I acknowledged my ability and willingness to be “coachable” and engaged in the practice of EFT and diligently completed all the lessons he lined up. Although I didn’t know it at the time; Michael saw past my story and was the inspiration that propelled me to apply all that I had learned to co-create my present life.

The EFT practice was certainly foreign but after several guided sessions I began to feel great results. I felt the long awaited release of old negative emotions on the physical, mental and emotional level. The results allowed me to shed old hurts and memories that kept me from my real life. The tapping, the talking, the reading, the lessons, the experience has all contributed to today’s feelings of health, peace, lightheartedness and healing that will ensure the life I now choose to enjoy.

Melissa M
Houston, TX


Over the last few years I’ve benefited significantly from Michael Morningstar’s unique counseling and self-improvement techniques. On several occasions he has employed EFT in counseling my wife and I. Although in the sessions I was harboring many negative attitudes, it was amazing to find how quickly Michael’s EFT techniques turned my miserable mental and emotional state in a more positive direction. To a much greater degree, I was able to laugh at myself and become open to Michael’s insightful feedback and advice.

What is most impressive is that Michael is able to help individuals or couples one-on-one, yet at the same time he is adept at interacting with groups. Although his knowledge is vast, it is more than mere book knowledge; he is able to dramatically demonstrate growth principles on the spot, tackling challenging questions or negative attitudes with wit, clarity and generosity. Basing his approach on the teachings of both East and West, and from giants such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and others, Michael Morningstar has a lot to offer.

Peter M
Houston, TX


Hi Michael,

Thanks for calling to see how things are going with the EFT and homework.

I had difficulty finding the Dance of Anger book. My son read some and said he would do better listening to CD’s. I got Dance of Anger on CD. Jeff listened for 5 chapters and really complained that this was just about women, other comments also.

The EFT DVD’s came, I printed out the manual and am reading that before I can continue watching the DVD’s. Jeff says he is watching them and that he is still doing the tapping in the am and pm.

Everyday has been transforming for him. This morning he said he forgave his dad and me.

So, something allowed him to be open and he has really taken to the event. Time will tell. I will stay in touch and keep you updated. Peace and light,

Denver, CO


I want to express my deep thanks for Michael Morningstar and his giving heart. He shared the Emotional Freedom Technology with me and it has changed my future. I began using EFT the next day to deal with a problem of emotional overeating I had since the unexpected death of my husband. That very night, instead of feeling anxious and lonely, I felt a distance about it and did not reach for food. Could it be that the symptom was diminished because the root cause was being dealt with? I believe so. I am excited about the future.

Through Michael’s enthusiasm and openness, I was able to discover and begin to use the techniques dictated by EFT. Even though I am physically thousands of miles from Michael he is able to connect and transmit his passion and encourage me. He was willing to take the time and share with me this breakthrough technology. I see EFT as a viable vehicle to change, it is simple yet profound. I greatly respect Michael for his nutritional wisdom and lifestyle and especially his fire for helping others. Now I am eternally grateful for empowering me with knowledge about EFT.

Thank you dear friend.

R. Marie Varella
SF Bay Area



I appreciate all your time and help….you have been a great gift in many ways. I have thought about many other things in my life since our work and that has helped me move to another place of healing….thanks. I think my husband has taken a deeper look into his own heart and done some healing also. I think it’s given him some relief in his own space.

Thanks for checking in with me, you’re an amazing coach and friend for sure. I am glad we connected and your insights and help have been great. You’ve got a big heart and some great wisdom….thanks for sharing both.

Kelly H.


Dear Michael:

The New Jersey UPW had such a profound effect on me and I wanted to express again my gratitude and appreciation for the time you spent with me.

“Trust, have faith, and listen with an open heart” has become one of my inCANtations as a result, among other things. Life continues to serve up challenges mixed in with the triumphs, but I am responding more like the person I want to be, in part due to the time I spent with you at UPW. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of that weekend and thank God for the wonderful people who came into my life to teach me, support me, and be my friends.

Be well and I hope that we see each other soon.

Jeri R Jan
Newark, New Jersey


International Testimonials

I met Michael when he was a trainer during a Tony Robbins seminar in London in 2007. Initially I had in mind to just ask him to contribute to my book entitled “Serendipity Jane’s Guide to Life Coaching” which is available at . But we had health, nutrition, and Ayurveda as something that connected us and so we worked on the editing of the article he would contribute to my book. His passion for health and life itself, as well as coaching and helping people be at their best as far as health and fitness, nutrition and releasing emotions with the EFT, makes Michael the ideal partner in the transformation from average to excellence!

He then invited me to be part of a 12 weeks challenge. We worked together closely on health optimization and masterminded on various subjects, as well as collaborated on an ebook about the process. During the challenge he offered en EFT session which helped me release repressed issues which since then have not surfaced again.

I enjoyed greatly working with Michael. He is highly competent, as a trainer and fitness coach, health and nutrition expert who excels in his sterling service as well as the high level of commitment to all he does.

You should hire Michael now as your personal coach if more energy in daily activities and generally living a healthier life is what you’re looking for.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Lydia Proschinger


Hello Michael:

I live in Cardiff, Wales, UK now.

I have always suffered from migraines and headaches, and just thought they were part of life…or at least part of life every month of my life.

Never given much thought to it, I just popped extra strength Excedrin for a few days and prayed for the best….. but they would always come back, and always just as bad.

When I met Michael, I did not have any pain killers on me, and my headache was pounding. I was desperate and was asking around if anyone had any Ibuprofin. Michael asked me what was wrong and I told him my story. He explained to me the importance of drinking enough water (instead of Diet Coke) and asked me if I wanted to try something different, acupressure.

I was up for anything, so I agreed. Michael showed me acupressure points for my face, neck and shoulders. In the mean time I was told to drink water and within 15 minutes my headache was gone without any pills! I am very grateful to Michael and his extensive understanding of nutrition. I hardly ever get headaches any more, and drink at least 4 liters of water per day, and cut out soda!

Annemarie Trajanovic
Wales, UK