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How is your Happy New Year progressing towards more passion, progress, and purpose? Do you have powerful plans or pathetic pains poised for your future? Do you know what it means when they say If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail? May I ask you some questions? Can you handle a long list of questions if the intention is to help you learn the power of powerful questions to expand your potential?

How will you move towards what you deserve and desire instead of moving further away? What will you do differently in 2024 to be happier, healthier, and more hopeful than in 2023? What will you do to enjoy more abundance, happiness, health, love, and more time to enjoy them in 2024? Have you heard the saying if you do the same things you always do, you will get the same results? Have you heard the definition of insanity, which is doing the same things and expecting different results? Did you know that statistics show New Year resolutions typically do not work for most people? Why do you think that is the case? Could they not have powerful questions, proper motivation, proven strategies, and a written plan?

Did you read the previous blog titled: Pain, Pleasure, & the Power of Programming? When would be a great time to read or reread it because it is the key lead-in for why we do what we do when we do them? Did you know that pain and pleasure are the driving forces and main motivators that drive most of our actions, behaviors, and habits?

Do you realize my significant focus on energy psychology is designed to help you understand how your body and brain can function at a higher capacity? How well have you been applying the energy psychology techniques, therapies, and tips that have been shared? What if many energy psychology protocols could help you create more magic moments like Harry Potter and Merlin the Magician?  How important are your happiness, harmony, health, and healing compared to the bling, excess shopping, material world, social programming, things, and toys most people chase that are causing them sadness, sickness, stress, and struggles?

What would it mean to you to begin to pull your puppet strings, push your buttons, and positively direct your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being? Do you realize that energy psychology is like the fountain of happiness, harmony, health, hope, and youth for building a better life? Do you realize that powerful questions can help you update and upgrade your thinking and thoughts? Do you understand how easily and quickly questions can reprogram and rewire your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual identity?

Are you looking for simple solutions and suggestions to help take control of your emotions, energy, ecstasy, and experiences? Do you realize that powerful questions are the fastest, most effective, and most efficient ways to reprogram your body, brain, and heart for success?

What comes to mind when you read that the passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to learn energy psychology techniques like the power of questions to manifest and new you in the New Year?

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Will Powerful Questions Manifest a New You in the New Year?

  • Will powerful questions will manifest a New You in the New Year?
  • Do you believe in the affirmation that what you can conceive and believe you can achieve?
  • What do you want to change, correct, improve, or modify to enjoy more happiness, health, and hope?
  • Have you heard the words of wisdom about an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure?
  • Can you manage what you don’t measure?
  • Are you journaling your life lessons?
  • How do you remember key distinctions, life lessons, magic moments, and words with wisdom if you do not write them down?
  • Do you understand how important this coaching and consulting is for having the life you deserve and desire?
  • Are you willing to make careful changes for rapid results?
  • When will you start making the changes necessary to transform your life? Are you sure?
  • Will you answer and journal the answers to the following powerful questions?

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Which Powerful Questions Will Manifest a New You in the New Year?

  • Do you believe your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual happiness and health are important?
  • Are you willing to implement some new strategies and suggestions to unlock the doors to a happier, healthier, and more harmonious future?
  • When it comes to your body and physical health, what cleansing, exercise, foods, minerals, nutrition, skincare, supplements, and vitamins are you missing?
  • What are you doing to feel more alignment, balanced, coordinated, designed, energized, exercised, focused, and grateful?
  • Are you measuring and monitoring your medical biomarkers?
  • How is your blood pressure?
  • How is your heart rate?
  • How are your blood sugar levels?
  • How are your digestion and gut health?
  • How are your hormones?
  • How is your Body Mass Index (BMI)?
  • When was the last time you had a full checkup and physical?
  • Are warning lights flashing on the dashboard for your healthy body and brain?
  • How well do your exercise and fitness rituals meet your needs for agility, balance, conditioning, coordination, endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength, and tone?
  • How is your sleep?
  • When it comes to your mind and mental health, what are you doing to increase your mental capacity, flexibility, memory, recall, resiliency, and plasticity?
  • How is your mindfulness practice?
  • What brain games and Brain Gym® activities are you doing?
  • Are you doing crossword puzzles?
  • Are you doing new activities and exercises, playing new games, reading new books, and trying new hobbies?
  • Are you reading fantasy and fiction or new DIY, how-to books, and websites on well-being and wellness?
  • How is your spiritual life progressing?
  • What are you doing to expand your awareness, consciousness, mindfulness, and spirituality?
  • How often are you practicing mantras, meditation, mindfulness, and mudras?
  • What can you do to expand your cosmic consciousness and spiritual connections?
  • What else can you do or say to find a greater level of spirituality?
  • How are your relationships building you up or tearing you down?
  • How would you rate the quality of your current relationships?
  • Who do you need to forgive?
  • Who do you need to forget?
  • What people do you need to avoid?
  • Who are the energy vampires in your life?
  • Who adds ideas, information, and inspiration for you?
  • What emotional relationship issues is it time to heal or let go of?
  • What people do you need to be attracted to your world?
  • Who are your top 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 peers to improve the quality of your life?
  • What actions, beliefs, commitments, or decisions are next on your educational path?
  • What are you doing to expand your education and vocation?
  • Who can be an educational mentor and role model for you?
  • Who can you be an educational mentor and role model for?
  • What books, CDs, DVDs, research, resources, role models, seminars, and trainings could help take you to the next level?
  • How are you expanding your mental abilities?
  • What are you doing to boost your business/career?
  • Who can coach your business/career for better outcomes and results?
  • How often are you engaging in thinking time for your business/career?
  • Who can give you 360° coaching to help you find blind spots?
  • Who do you need to add to your team?
  • Who do you need to delete from your team?
  • What are you not feeling, hearing, or seeing that could negatively impact your business/career?
  • When did you create a financial freedom plan?
  • Where are your financial freedom goals written down?
  • When was the last time you fully reviewed your financial plans?
  • How are you doing?
  • How is your cash flow in compared to your cash flow out?
  • How are you doing on your budget?
  • Do you understand the difference between assets and liabilities?
  • How well do you understand compounding, investing, and profits?
  • How secure and solid are your savings?
  • What does your cash flow and spending look like?
  • Where are your assets and finances performing well, and where are they underperforming?
  • What can you do to enhance your finances and financial statement?
  • Why are your finances meeting or not meeting your expectations?
  • Who can help you expand your financial education?
  • What else do you need to do to create a fantastic financial future?
  • What does your abundance bucket look like?
  • How do you know when you feel abundant, happy, and successful?
  • What causes you to feel less than abundant?
  • What causes you to feel more abundant?
  • What are you doing to create more abundance in your life?
  • What are you doing to create more abundance for family and friends?
  • How are you adding value to your family and friends?
  • Who can you use as a role model to create more abundance?
  • What free sources of abundance are around you that you could celebrate today?
  • What can you do to create more abundance in the future?

Do You Understand the Power of Questions?

Do the power of questions help you program and reprogram your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual code of conduct? Will the power of your questions help you better direct your behaviors, beliefs, and biology? Can you use the power of questions to manifest the life you deserve and desire? When is a terrific time to ask better questions to program your conscious and unconscious minds to find the answers and help make your dreams a reality?

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What is a Call to Action?

Do you need a call to action to help you get started? Are you convinced, after dozens of blogs on Energy Psychology, that the protocols will help you with emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual strategies? Are you ready and willing to do what it takes to create the habits, happiness, and health you need and want? Do you understand how to use pain and pleasure programming to guide your life journey on an optimal path? Would you rather be the puppet or the puppet master and pull your strings and push your buttons? Are you ready for more magic moments and to master your mindset? If the call to action is to write your values, virtues, and vision in your journal, will you continue to keep your distinctions and magic moments logged in your journal? Do you believe in visualization and vision boards? Are you ready to play big and win big?

Helpful Hint

Will powerful questions manifest a New You in the New Year?  What if we say you are the only one who knows the answer to this transformation question? Do you know what a Ten to Win scorecard is? What if you were to keep a checklist of ten key actions to accomplish each day to supersize your success in life? Do you Remember the previous blog saying that the power of our questions determines the power of our programming…so choose wisely?

Passion for People & Planet

Did you know the passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration? What are you passionate about?

“What are the most powerful questions that have shaped your life up to this point? What new questions can transform the quality of your life for rapid results ” — Michael Morningstar

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