The previous Great NEWS post was Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture and today we focus on simple strategies for Creating Vision Boards to Achieve Your Dreams. Do you believe your dreams, goals and outcomes are more likely to happen with a written list, Vision Board and Timeline? Than what are you waiting for? This post is designed to share my top ten tips to help you with Creating Vision Boards to Achieve Your Dreams.

How many times have you heard someone say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” or “Do you have a picture of your children?” Our minds like to process, recall and think in terms of pictures. This is because images, pictures and visuals are how the unconscious mind processes information. A verbal phrase or printed words are processed and stored as images in the brain. Think of the phrase “minds eye” and see how it relates to images, memories and pictures in the mind.

Vivid Visualization

Can you think and visualize the difference between reading a book like Jaws or Jurassic Park versus watching the movie? Which one is more powerful and evoked more heart pounding emotions? My guess is the movie has far more impact and the pictures are in your mind forever. The words on the page are transformed into mental pictures and stored, but the movie was in a format the unconscious mind could most easily grasp, store and recall quickly.

Vision board for exercise and fitness

A vision board helps keep you focused on exercise, fitness and health.

This is one of the main reasons various goal setting techniques suggest using vivid visualization and cutting out or drawing pictures and putting them on a poster board or wall. The images are lightning quick ways for helping you maintain laser focus and remembering the desires and dreams that you intend to manifest. Using goal setting, vision boards and visualization we are able to turn goals and thoughts into actions and things. Many followers of the Law of Attraction, power of intention and quantum thinkers believe we are co-creating our world by the images and thoughts we hold in our minds eye. By looking at drawings and pictures of our goals we keep our mind focused on what we want to be, do and have. There are many different forms and terms for manifesting thoughts into things.

You can find different versions referred to as Collage, Dream Boards, Law of Attraction Board, Life Blue Prints, Life Mapping, Master Mind Maps, Mind Mapping, Treasure Mapping, and Vision Boards. No matter what you call it the basic principles and techniques are the same. A person begins by asking their heart and unconscious mind what they would like to be, create and do. Writing out the desires, distinctions and dreams that come to mind is a great idea. Then begin cutting out pictures from business brochures, calendars, cards, magazines and travel brochures that represent the things you want to enjoy in life. The actions of asking the questions, finding the right source for pictures, cutting them out and then gluing them onto poster board or pinning them to a cork board helps the unconscious mind become more clear, concise and concentrated regarding what goals you are really most serious about.

The pictures usually represent the emotions, experiences and feelings associated with manifesting the desired action, behavior or ritual. A picture of a beautiful sunset, someone meditating for enlightenment, doing yoga for health or specific pictures of a car, cruise, fit body, healthy foods, home, income, job or money are invisible thoughts that become visible things. The concept is to draw or find pictures that empower, energize, excite, inspire and motivate you to act upon your desires and dreams and create your destiny.


Many people also write an action word or affirmation near the pictures that instructs the mind how and why this is important. The action words can be “Gratitude”, “Just Do It”, “Stellar Student”, “Super Star”, “Unstoppable”, “YES” or “You Rock”. An affirmation such as “I now direct my creative mind and higher power to do what ever it takes to manifest this” or “Everyday in everyway I am happier, healthier and more in harmony with the amazing body, mind and spirit I am blessed to be” may work better for you. Another one might be “I am so grateful for my abilities and talents for creating an ongoing income of $____/M that rewards me for the massive value I add to others.

Vision boards are valuable to keep you focused on your goals.

Vision boards are valuable to keep you focused on your goals.

Statements should clearly, concisely and congruently highlight your aspirations and goals. Any affirmation stated in the positive as if it is already happening and supporting the universe and you in manifesting it now is acceptable. The more emotion you can link with the affirmation the more likely it will empower you. Be aware there may be limiting beliefs and negative emotions associate with some goals that will need to be dealt with first. Rules, values and visions in conflict send a muddled message and often result in goals being delayed or denied. Also by setting the intention it is up to you to take continual and consistent actions towards its accomplishment. This is not like lady luck or the lottery where you hope to win the jackpot. This is a process to direct and focus your heart and mind to help keep you tuned into the Cosmic Conscious and Infinite Intelligence which allows you to want this for yourself and will help co-create it with you.

There are many different ways to apply the basic techniques. When manifesting a single goal such as a car, career, fit body, healthy heart, new home, raving relationship or terrific travel you can begin by pinning pictures to a cork board or piece of cardboard. Once you have a nice collection of pictures that fit together well you can transfer them to a poster board and glue them on. You can use white or a background color with the pictures that really connects with you and your goals. Gold and green are great for prosperity, blue or green for health, yellow and green for energy, red for relationships, purple or violet for spiritual growth. Learning a little about Feng Shui can be very helpful for creating balance, cooperation and harmony among your desires and goals.

Your Vision Board

For a vision board with several different goals, you can start with cardboard or a cork board until you get organized and then transfer then to a poster board with different areas for various goals. You would create four different sections such as: career, finance, health and relationships. After gluing the pictures on you can write the affirmations in blank spaces in each goal area. At the center it is best to have a picture that represents the key attribute, goal or outcome that will direct your unconscious mind to do its part to manifest the process in harmony for the Greater Good of the Universe.

I like to carry a three ring binder journal and pictures of my vision boards to capture notes and remind my self each day of what is most important for me to take action on to create my dreams. Others carry a folder with plastic sleeves and pockets to hold their treasure maps. Many successful authors, business people and professionals keep pictures on their computer, desk or walls to look at several times a day and remind themselves of what they are committed to creating and doing. Some people create different systems for different goals and place affirmations and pictures in different locations in their environment. Others have a financial affirmation stapled to a $100 bill in their wallet, a Vision Board on their refrigerator for health and nutrition and a treasure map on their bathroom mirror to guide them towards a better life. However you do it is great as long as you do it, review it and act upon it.

With a Vision Board it is best to place it somewhere you can see it several times a day. Some feel it should be public and others feel it should be kept a private matter so that others do not see it. The best choice is the one that feels right to you. Maybe you start the process in private such as a closet or drawer. After you have kept it private for a while then you can decide to share it with family, friends, a partner or spouse. When you feel you have someone who will be totally supportive of your goals then you can decide to share it with them.

Looking at your treasure map or vision board several times a day is important to keep the heart and mind engaged into the manifestation process. Each time you look at it take a moment to be grateful and give thanks for any and all progress that your creative mind and your creator or the Infinite Intelligence has already provided to you. By focusing your mind on the pictures of your desires and dreams you are keeping your attention and intention synchronized and the Infinite Intelligence will help find the perfect way to support you.

Vision board for health

Vision boards for a healthy lifestyle are great for inspiration and motivation.

Pictures of your vision board on your laptop, phone or tablet help keeps the message embedded in your unconscious mind and acts like a GPS system guiding you towards your goals and outcomes. There are several electronic versions of vision boards that also help you create, review and update in a digital format. They also allow you to create and edit sound and video into the vision board for extra impact.

Top Ten Guidelines for Great Vision Boards

1. Be clear about your outcomes and why you want them

2. Focus your mastery action plan to reinforce and support your life’s values

3. Be very specific, set milestones and a timeline then celebrate your progress

4. Be creative and capture any ideas and insights that come to mind

5. Identify ideas that get you excited and stretch you beyond your comfort zone

6. Insure your Vision Board aligns with your passion, pride and purpose in life. Who must you become to attract your dreams

7. Focus on an overall balance in all key areas or your life

8. It is better to dream big than regret later having lived small

9. Design your Dream Team of masterminds, mentors and role models and to guide you in all areas of your life

10. Review your Vision Board at least daily. Find different mantras, motions and music to be in a peak state while looking at it

Movies, pictures and videos are some of our most enjoyable activities and forms of entertainment. Imagine combining the power of pictures with the potential to be your own Aladdin and creating Vision Boards to access the genie in your lamp to manifest more magic moments in your life. Hearing so many stories and testimonials regarding the results and because of my own experience with Vision Boards since 1983 I feel compelled to keep creating them and teaching others how they will benefit also.

Vision Boards are a great family project for connecting and sharing dreams, ideas and thoughts that are very important to an individual. Children and parents  can learn a lot about other family members by observing each others vision board and finding ways to support one another. What do you have to loose and what might you gain by creating your own Vision Boards? Apply the famous affirmation “Just Do It” and watch your invisible thoughts turn into visible things. A Vision Board can help you enjoy more happiness, health, harmony and success in any area of your life when you apply the proven principles and do you part to Conceive, Believe and Achieve your dreams. When would now be a great time to start cutting out some pictures and start pinning them to your vision board?

This Great NEWS post shares simple strategies for Creating Vision Boards to Achieve Your Dreams and offers an easy, fast and fun way to do your goal setting. If you believe your dreams, goals and outcomes are more likely to manifest with a written list, a Vision Board and a Timeline than you would be silly not to do one. This post is designed to help you with Creating Vision Boards to Achieve Your Dreams by sharing my top ten tips to help you be even more successful.

What is your current Gap?

What are you doing now to create a compelling future reinforced with vivid vision boards and written outcomes? If you have done vision boards before when is the last time you updated yours?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Create a written plan with the dreams, goals and outcomes you know will create the emotional, mental and physical state for peak performance. Create a vision board that inspires and motivates you to be even more committed to focus on and take consistent action to achieve them.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding creating vision boards to achieve your dreams?

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