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How important are your health, longevity, smile, and teeth? What if I told you the key threats trigger terrible teeth troubles? How many are you aware of, and what are you doing to prevent them from damaging your happiness, health, and longevity?

As we conclude the first month of 2024, are you utilizing the power of powerful questions referenced in our January blog to transform your life? Because our actions, behaviors, belief systems, and habits determine our happiness and health, this blog is dedicated to one area that may be the least appreciated and most misunderstood. Your dental health and oral hygiene play a major role in your happiness, health, longevity, and well-being. Therefore, learning and understanding the top threats that trigger terrible teeth trouble is imperative.

When you are ready for simple solutions and suggestions to help take better care of your gums and teeth, this blog will help you enjoy rapid results.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to learn techniques, therapies, and tips to prevent the pain and problems that come from gum issues and teeth troubles.

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Top Sixty-Three Threats that Trigger Terrible Teeth Troubles

  1. Acidity excess from alcohol, beverages, juices, and foods can harm and expose your tooth enamel to decay.
  2. Aligning your head, jaw, neck, and spine affects dental health and oral hygiene.
  3. Almonds are a hard nut that can crack or chip a tooth.
  4. Amalgam fillings used to fill cavities contain mercury, a health hazard, and neurotoxin.
  5. Antibiotic overuse can upset your microbiome and lead to various health issues. Some antibiotics have been linked to discolored and stained teeth.
  6. Bacteria are abundant in the mouth and can cause many health issues. They can even migrate to the brain and heart and do damage there.
  7. Beans, legumes, and lentils sometimes contain small stones that can cause tooth damage.
  8. Braces made of metal can transmit a small voltage that interferes with gum health and oral hygiene. Braces also make it harder to keep teeth clean.
  9. Brushing the gums, teeth, and tongue reduces bacteria, biofilm, and plaque.
  10. Candy contains a lot of sugar and can cause bacteria to flourish and plaque to form.
  11. Cavitations are caused by fragments of teeth or ligaments being left in and becoming infected.
  12. Cavities result from the enamel on teeth becoming too thin and weak. Bacteria, plaque, and sugars contribute to cavities.
  13. Cavities are often drilled and filled with materials resulting in a weaker tooth structure.
  14. Chewing gum contains many unhealthy chemicals. Chewing gum also causes the salivary glands to be diluted and overstimulated.
  15. Chewing ice can damage the enamel on teeth.
  16. Chewing your food properly significantly affects your overall health and well-being.
  17. Citrus fruit is more acidic and can reduce tooth enamel.
  18. Crooked teeth may end up causing uneven tooth wear.
  19. Dairy is problematic for many adults and children and often leads to dental health issues.
  20. Dehydration can weaken gums and immune systems, leading to excess bacteria and dental issues.
  21. Diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestion issues, gingivitis, gum disease, high blood pressure, and obesity can have a major impact on your dental health.
  22. Excess alcohol depletes valuable minerals, trace elements, and vitamins necessary for a strong body and teeth.
  23. Formula for infants contains a lot of sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is documented to harm your health.
  24. Grinding teeth at night causes excess wear and tear, damaging the tooth enamel.
  25. Many factors cause gum issues. Poor brushing, flossing, and nutrition habits are major contributors.
  26. Jaw bone development is dependent on many factors. Improper chewing, food choices, lifestyle choices, and nutrition can contribute to poor jaw bone development.
  27. Juices from apples, fruit juice substitutes, grapes, and orange
  28. Improper brushing can damage gums and tooth enamel.
  29. Infrequent brushing can allow bacteria, food, and plaque to irritate the gums and cause bleeding or gum recession.
  30. Infrequent dentist cleanings and visits may allow gum issues and tooth decay to advance rapidly.
  31. Infrequent flossing can contribute to excess food and plaque build-up between the gums and teeth. This allows bacteria to thrive.
  32. Infrequent tongue scraping can allow excess bacteria to populate the mouth.
  33. Lack of early dentist checkups when young can lead to advanced gum and tooth problems.
  34. Lemonade, sugary beverages, and sweetened tea consumption can cause issues because of the acidity and sugar.
  35. Medications and prescriptions can have harmful side effects on your dental health and oral hygiene.
  36. Metal braces, implants, and teeth can make minute voltage alterations that impact the gums and teeth. Metal in the mouth can affect the energy meridians that run through the gums and jaw.
  37. Mineral deficiencies can foster health issues in the mouth.
  38. Missing teeth can contribute to teeth misaligning and shifting.
  39. Mouth breathing can increase the bacteria levels and populations by reducing the amount of natural nitric oxide in your body.
  40. Mouthwash that contains alcohol and chemicals causes many dental, health, and oral hygiene problems.
  41. No nightguard while sleeping can allow teeth to grind and wear enamel down excessively.
  42. Oil pulling is unknown to you, and you are missing an opportunity to help support your gums and tooth health.
  43. Pacifier overuse by infants can contribute to jaw, mouth, palate, and teeth issues later in life.
  44. Pits from cherries, dates, and olives often cause serious tooth damage.
  45. Plaque buildup is a major problem that causes bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.
  46. Popcorn seeds can cause several issues. The seed hull can become infected and lodged between your gums and teeth. Biting down on seeds can crack and damage teeth.
  47. Poor dental hygiene often leads to bacterial overgrowth and gum disease.
  48. Poor nutrition is a major problem that contributes to poor dental health and teeth problems.
  49. Root canals create dead teeth that harbor many harmful bacteria. Root canals allow dead teeth to stay in the body and provide a hiding spot and home for harmful bacteria.
  50. Snoring contributes to people not sleeping well and harming their health.
  51. Sodas contain carbonic acid, chemicals, and sugars that can cause damage to your teeth.
  52. Sports damage and injuries are common when people do not use common sense and a mouthguard.
  53. Sports drinks and energy drinks contain unhealthy chemicals and compounds that can harm your gums and teeth.
  54. Sugar in beverages and foods that remain on teeth can contribute to bacterial growth and plaque that damages gums and teeth.
  55. Sunlight deficiency can contribute to poor dental health and overall health.
  56. Thumb sucking excessively can contribute to palate and teeth formation issues.
  57. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) can contribute to problems with your bite and teeth.
  58. Tobacco product usage contributes to many gum, health, and teeth issues.
  59. Tongue scraping, if not practiced regularly, can allow excess bacteria and gunk to impact your dental health and oral hygiene.
  60. Toothpaste often contains many health hazard chemicals. The chemicals in toothpaste are problematic. Too much toothpaste is a problem if swallowed.
  61. Vitamin deficiency is a serious health issue impacting our dental and immune function. Many people are deficient in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D.
  62. Waterpik® is a fantastic device to help remove food particles between the gums and teeth and massage your gums. If using a water pic is not part of your dental health routine, you may be missing a key dental health strategy.
  63. Wisdom teeth removal is a common practice and is often unnecessary. Removing wisdom teeth can have several harmful effects. It changes the teeth’ placement, impacts the tooth root’s meridian point, and leaves the ligament in, which can cause cavitations later.

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Top Ten Things To Treat Teeth with TLC

  1. Avoid all amalgam fillings that contain mercury. If you have some, they should be removed by a qualified holistic dentist. Avoid root canals. Prevent gum and tooth problems by proper and routine maintenance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  2. Brush after meals or sugary beverages to remove sugars from your gums and teeth. Take extremely good care of your gums, teeth, and tongue because they must last you a lifetime.
  3. Eat nutrient-dense organic whole foods to improve your health, immune function, and resiliency. Be sure to supplement with quality minerals, trace elements, and vitamins.
  4. Floss your gums and teeth regularly.
  5. Holistic dentists are more inclined to look out for your dental health and overall health than traditional dentists. 3D cone X-rays are a state-of-the-art way to identify dental health issues early. Have regular checkups and cleanings.
  6. Oil pulling, tongue scraping, and using natural essential oils and mouthwashes can significantly improve your dental health and oral hygiene.
  7. Natural toothpaste can be a much healthier alternative to chemical compound toothpaste.
  8. Salivary glands, teeth, and the tongue are part of a complex digestion, eating, and mechanical process. Alignment, chewing, jaw motions, and teeth actions are all parts of a complex food consumption process. Invest some time in the art and science of dental health and oral hygiene to discover the best solutions, strategies, and suggestions for the best dental health results.
  9. Use mouthguards and night guards to protect your teeth. Protect your gums and teeth from damage and disease by making dental health a major daily priority.
  10. Water picks and electric toothbrushes are great options to improve your dental health and oral hygiene significantly.

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What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is implementing an action agenda to help you improve your current situation. We all benefit from calls to action to take immediate steps to implement change and progress. When you are ready for more magic moments and to master your mindset, it is time to create a call to action. Life MAPs, Mastery action plans, treasure maps, visualization, and vision boards help you focus your actions for rapid results.

Helpful Hint

Powerful questions help you manifest what is most important in your life now and in the future. Posting a Ten to Win scorecard on your bathroom mirror keeps you focused on your dental health. Seeing a checklist of ten key actions to accomplish better dental health each day is helpful. Remember the power of our questions determines the power of your programming…so choose wisely.

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