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My wish for you is a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. This blog is a gift to help you manifest more magic moments in the New Year.

What motivates people to do what they do, feel what they feel, and think what they think? The answer is the power of pain and pleasure. Humans want to avoid pain and attract pleasure in their lives. Pain and pleasure are the driving forces that direct the majority of human behavior. Pain and pleasure are the key factors that help determine your current behaviors, beliefs, and habits.

There is an art and science to using energy psychology to help you understand how your body and brain function. Understanding how pain and pleasure influence your lifestyle will help you be more aware, conscious, and mindful of the choices and decisions you make that affect your quality of life. Energy psychology is like a book full of the best personal development and self-growth recipes to help you create the life you deserve and desire. When your happiness, harmony, health, and healing are important, understanding the influence of pain and pleasure programming may be the key to unlocking the mysteries of your mind.

Pain and pleasure emotions are one key concept in energy psychology to fully understand because they help reveal how people are influenced, programmed, trained, and wired to do what they do. Learning about the power of pain and pleasure is like discovering the owner’s manual to operate your life more effectively and efficiently. An owner’s manual is helpful to guide you through the complex web of life to live a happy, healthy, and harmonious lifestyle. Our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual development revolves around our pain and pleasure programming.

Energy psychology is like the foundation of a building upon which the frame and structure of your life are built. We frequently suggest you look for the research, resources, and role models to help you discover more effective and efficient strategies to create the happiness, health, and harmony you desire. When you understand the influence that pain and pleasure have on all aspects of your life you are better able to reprogram and rewire your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual operating system and software to update and upgrade your identity.

Most people are looking for simple solutions and suggestions to take control of their emotions and lives. Understanding pain and pleasure programming can help you boost your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Updating and upgrading your pain and pleasure programming is one of the fastest, most effective, and most efficient ways to reprogram your body and brain for success.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to learn energy psychology techniques like pain and pleasure programming to create the life they deserve and desire.

Distressed woman sitting on a staircase thinking deeply

Distressed woman sitting on a staircase thinking deeply

Pain Programming

Pain programming is the art and science of how our nervous system perceives, performs, and processes our sensory inputs and outputs. Our nervous system is programmed to avoid pain. This pain programming is linked to our situations, skills, stresses, and survival. Unfortunately, our pain programming can create many confusing and contradictory meanings and messages that limit our quality of life.

Over time our nervous system is conditioned to react and respond to stimuli that are linked to our emotions, instincts, memories, and physiology. When we begin to understand the life lessons that caused us pain we can find ways to turn the pain into pleasure by recoding, redefining, and reprogramming the meaning we associate with events on our timeline. Once we can learn to control the meaning that is linked to an event we can take control of our destiny.

Pain programming begins with everything we feel, hear, say, see, smell, taste, and touch in our lives. Pain programming directs your beliefs, behaviors, biology, choices, and decisions. Pain programming is a powerful process because our body is consciously and subconsciously programmed to react to certain stimuli. You must understand the power of pain programming so you can learn to make better conscious and subconscious choices to create the lifestyle you desire. If pain programming was only based on the influence of others you would be like a puppet with others pulling your strings. Once you understand the magic and meaning of pain you can become your own puppet master and pull your strings. It is better to be the puppet master and pull your strings rather than allow others to pull them and control you.

When your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual happiness and health are important, learning how your pain programming works will be the key that unlocks the doors to a happier, healthier, and more harmonious future.

Kid reading book publication smile child.

Pleasure Programming

Pleasure programming is the process by which your body, mind, and spirit learn to associate pleasure with certain actions, behaviors, beliefs, and habits. Pleasure programming starts at an early age from the conditioning and programming of the environment and people influencing us.

Pleasure programming can make you feel happier, healthier, and hopeful. Once you begin applying pleasure programming strategies you can better direct your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual lifestyle with less pain and more magic moments.

Some key benefits attributed to pleasure programming include:

  • Encourage more happiness, harmony, and health.
  • Enhance your enjoyment, enthusiasm, and excitement for life.
  • Enjoy new levels of personal development and self-growth.
  • It helps you train your brain to avoid pain and attract pleasure.
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Manifest more magic moments and quality relationships.
  • Motivate you to make better choices and decisions.
  • Notice the signals and signs linked to the consequences of your actions and reactions.
  • Reprogram your operating system with better behaviors, beliefs, and biophysics to manifest happiness and health.

Power of Programming and Power of Questions

The power of programming refers to our ability to program and reprogram our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual code of conduct. The power of questions refers to our ability to use powerful questions to better direct our behaviors, beliefs, and biophysics. When we learn to master our personal power and the power of programming we can manifest the life we deserve and desire. When we ask better questions we can program our conscious and unconscious minds to find the answers and help us find the ways to make our dreams a reality.

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Call to Action

Energy Psychology is a collection of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual suggestions to help you create happiness and health habits. Pain and pleasure programming can both be used to help guide your life journey along the optimal path. When you learn, master, and practice pain and pleasure programming, you can manifest more magic moments and master your mindset. The call to action is learning more about pain and pleasure programming by studying as many branches of energy psychology as possible.  Investing in the art and science of energy psychology will pay huge dividends for the rest of your life…or not, depending on your decisions.

Helpful Hint

Pain and pleasure programming are valuable topics to study. Allocating regular thinking time to these topics will expand your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Remember…the power of our questions determines the power of our programming… so choose wisely.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog highly encourages you to learn neuro-linguistic programming.

“Using neuro-associative programming, you’ll associate massive pleasure with achieving your goals – and massive pain with any actions that detract from your goals..” — Tony Robbins

“Linking pain to avoiding beneficial changes and pleasure to adopting beneficial changes are powerful programming forces in the universe.” — Michael Morningstar

Riverside, 1897, by Pekka Halonen, Finnish National Gallery

Riverside, 1897, by Pekka Halonen, Finnish National Gallery

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