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29 12, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z Pain, Pleasure, and Power of Programming

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My wish for you is a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. This blog is a gift to help you manifest more magic moments in the New Year. What motivates people to do what they do, feel what they feel, and think what they think? The answer is the power of pain and pleasure. Humans want [...]

8 01, 2021

198 Success Strategies to Stop Smoking, Start Smiling and Abolish Addictions

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Happy New Year 2021! With 2021 before us, what old behaviors, beliefs, and habits are you committed to changing for a better new year and new you? We all know a family member or a friend that is struggling with some addictive behavior. Many of them set New Year's goals and resolutions that seldom last [...]

3 01, 2019

New Year 7 Steps to Sustainable Success

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Happy New Year! What are your New Year goals and resolutions! Have you noticed how each new year many people make New Year's resolutions to be happier and healthier? They often commit to eating better, exercise more and reduce stress. It seems every year the good intentions and willpower are often driven by the overindulgence [...]

20 06, 2013

How Happy, in Harmony and Healthy Are You?

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The previous Great NEWS post shared the benefits of Anti Aging with Ayurveda and today we ask How Happy, in Harmony and Healthy Are You? Many people today are chasing the big bling, cars, house, job, money, possessions, power and status while allowing their emotional, mental and physical health to suffer. Is this really the [...]

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