The previous Great NEWS post shared the benefits of Anti Aging with Ayurveda and today we ask How Happy, in Harmony and Healthy Are You? Many people today are chasing the big bling, cars, house, job, money, possessions, power and status while allowing their emotional, mental and physical health to suffer. Is this really the way to be happy, in harmony and healthy? This post summarizes some simple steps and suggestions for being happy, in harmony and healthy for life.

Happy Woman

When you role model the best master minds in history you realize there are proven principles and smart strategies with a consistent track record for success.

When it comes to improving the quality of life many people are diverted and distracted by the Big Bang and Bling, Daytime Drama, Lives of the Rich and Famous, Millionaire in Minutes, Nightime Nonsense and The Secret of The Secret. Many people spend way too much time with cell phones, computers and craziness occupied with arguing, cable, chatting, eating, emails, Facebook, gossiping, nonsense news, shopping, texting, TV, video games, you tube and wasting time.

When you empower your emotional, mental and physical being with a mastermind mindset focused on energy, health and information you are able to unleash your personal power and pure potential for peak performance. When you role model the best master minds in history you realize there are proven principles and smart strategies with a consistent track record for success.

Seven Simple Steps for Success

  1. Be clear about your mission, rules, values and vision for life. Why are you here? What are your gifts? What areas need improvement and who are the master role models to guide you? How will you make a difference in the world? Write them down for yourself and then communicate them to others. When you have a Life MAP and Vision Board clearly defining your destiny it is so much easier to navigate the journey of life. Create Mastery Action Plans (MAP’s) for the top ten things most important in your life and focus on them first each day.
  2. Set SMART Goals. We all know that SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timeline. Know your outcome for everything you do. When you focus your attention, energy and intention on specific targets or things your mind responds like a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) to locate that specific point and direct you to it.


    Focus your attention, energy and intention on specific targets.

  3. Understand the doctrine of Cause and Effect. Everything you do has consequences and results. What ever happens in life is based on the meaning you give it. When you feel angry, frustrated, guilty, sad, stressed or upset you reduce the probability of learning the life lesson and moving on. When you become curious, eager, excited, interested, intrigued and inquisitive you find meaning, opportunity and value from everything that happens. Therefore give everything an empowering meaning rather than a disempowering one.
  4. Everyone has a unique place, potential and purpose in life. Stop stressing over competing with others and start collaborating and cooperating. Scarcity causes stress and the universe is abundant and sustainable when we live in harmony. We each have a unique timeline for each area in our wheel of life and it is up to us to “let the spirit in me recognize the spirit in you and that we are all one”. Focus on the good in yourself and others. Learn to minimize your weak areas by focusing on expanding your strengths. We access our higher self through intention and intuition by listening to our feeling heart, fidgety stomach and figuring mind simultaneously for rapid results.
  5. Be grateful and happy for the blessings and gifts you already have. Live in the present moment instead of the past or future. When you focus on you passion and purpose in life the universe aligns the sub particles, stuff and stars to support you. When you are not living your celestial calling and primary passion you may experience life as sad, stressful and a struggle.
  6. Peak performance requires you to maintain your emotions, energy, enthusiasm, exercise and excitement. We are the result of our behaviors, beliefs, rituals and routines. Choose wisely what beverages and foods you ingest and where you invest your attention, feelings, money, relationships and time. Every cell in our body is affected by everything we come in contact with.

    Man Looking Off

    Live in the present moment instead of the past or future.

  7. Discover the power of: Different questions, Discovery, Decisions, Determination, Discipline and Doing whatever it takes, to Deliver a Dynamic Destiny.

Remember super success leaves clues with simple strategies, small steps and subtle suggestions. When we chase cash, fame and power we sell our soul to the black hole which drains us of our life force. When we make being happy, in harmony and healthy a priority we open up a portal in the universe for pure potential. Which path will you choose?

This Great NEWS post asked the question How Happy, in Harmony and Healthy Are You? Life is like a board game. To win the game of life it is important to know what the rules are. Most people never take the time to understand the rules and try to wing it. To know the answer to How Happy, in Harmony and Healthy Are You it is important to know the rules for these so you can make great choices.

What is your current Gap?

What behaviors, habits and lifestyle choices do you now recognize are harming your body, mind and spirit?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What new actions and decisions will you implement to increase your feeling of being happy, in harmony and healthy?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding being happy, in harmony and healthy?

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