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9 06, 2023

Energy Psychology A – Z Body Language and Facial Expressions Tell the Truth

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What have you heard about energy psychology and the power of your conscious and subconscious body, mind, and spirit to influence the quality and quantity of your life?  Today's energy psychology blog focuses on how our body language and facial expressions correlate with how our outer expressions tell the truth about our inner expressions. If [...]

8 01, 2021

198 Success Strategies to Stop Smoking, Start Smiling and Abolish Addictions

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Happy New Year 2021! With 2021 before us, what old behaviors, beliefs, and habits are you committed to changing for a better new year and new you? We all know a family member or a friend that is struggling with some addictive behavior. Many of them set New Year's goals and resolutions that seldom last [...]

20 02, 2014

New Year, New You Part 8: Abundance Alchemy

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The previous Great NEWS post shared New Year, New You Part 7: Financial Freedom and today is Part 8: Abundance Alchemy. How full, rewarding and satisfying would life feel without abundance, bliss, comfort, connection, contribution, donating, fulfilling, gifts, giving, happiness, helping, joy, love, rewarding, security, surplus, supporting,  travel and well being?  For most of us [...]

30 01, 2014

New Year, New You Part 5: Education Empowerment

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The previous Great NEWS post shared New Year, New You Part 4: Relationship Resilience and today is Part 5: Education Empowerment.  When we start a New Year it is only natural to look back on the previous year and set some new intentions for how things will be different, improved and new this year.  We [...]

9 01, 2014

New Year, New You Part 2: Body Beautiful

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The previous Great NEWS post started 2014 with New Year, New You Part 1: Mind Magic and today is Part 2 Body Beautiful. How many times have you started a New Year with great hopes and intentions for life to be better and more fulfilling, only to be disappointed when your New Year’s resolutions ran [...]

14 03, 2013

Tapping on Acupressure Points…TAP

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The previous Great NEWS post shared how to be Pain Free - The Egoscue Method and now we explain Tapping on Acupressure Points…TAP.  The original post on Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture evolved into a ten part series with expanded content to help educate and empower more people.  Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture is essential [...]

9 02, 2013

Parenting Principles – Peak Performance State

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Q: What is a “peak performance state?" How do you develop this “state” consistently and on demand? A: A peak performance state is where your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self are aligned for the specific situation. This means your external and internal being is aligned, committed and congruent for performing any task at hand. [...]

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