The previous Great NEWS post shared New Year, New You Part 4: Relationship Resilience and today is Part 5: Education Empowerment.  When we start a New Year it is only natural to look back on the previous year and set some new intentions for how things will be different, improved and new this year.  We realize some aspects are not working well and other areas could be even better.  To help jump start this year to be more fulfilling than last year we dedicated the first 8 issues of the Great NEWS Letter to the eight lifestyle areas to balance and master to live your destiny life.  This post on New Year, New You Part 5: Education Empowerment is shared to plant seeds of inspiration and motivation to update and upgrade your education. 


It is never too early or too late to be learning exciting and new ideas and information. Albert Einstein said “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Education Empowerment is a key area to focus on whether you are 7, 17, 27, 47, 67 or beyond.  No matter your age currently it is imperative you commit to education, growth and learning to enjoy a fabulous, fulfilling and fun life.  It is never too early or too late to be learning exciting and new ideas and information.  Albert Einstein said “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

This post will share some proven principles to help you learn easier, faster and with greater recall when you do your part to implement them.  You will learn synergistic steps for developing more of your empowering education for peak performance and sustainable success.  EFT is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve education for parents, students and teachers.

By committing to 8 weeks of personal progress in each of the 8 lifestyle areas you begin creating new beliefs, habits and rituals for peak performance. As you allow your conscious and unconscious mind to focus on the one new area each week while simultaneously focusing on the previous ones you will begin to feel even more fulfilled and successful.  Just knowing you are constantly updating and upgrading your physiology, programming and psychology helps you feel more balanced, centered and empowered.  Education mastery is a key skill set for peak performance and super success in life.

Each of the 8 posts in this series are designed like a terrific treasure map which gives you clever clues, hidden hints, informative insights and subtle suggestions to help you implement terrific techniques, tips and treasures to increase your level of happiness, health and wealth.  Constantly improving our education, knowledge and learning each day is vital to help us be up to date for those important decisions and discoveries that will determine our destiny.  Your education, growth and personal development will determine the degree to which you move closer towards or further away from your dream destiny.

Your identity, values and vision for your education impacts every area of your emotional, mental, physical, relationship and spiritual mastery.  Learning the art and science of education and learning will significantly determine your level of stress or success.  When we take massive action to update and upgrade our hardware, operating system and software our education, knowledge and learning abilities can improve exponentially.  We can all benefit as we stop wasting our time telling our sad stories and start investing our time learning new life lessons and being grateful by expanding our education empowerment.

After many years of getting frustrated with difficult detours, real roadblocks and stupid speed bumps in my education and growth an epiphany occurred to me.  All aspects of my development, education, growth and learning were impacted by my physiology, programming and psychology.  And this is something each of us controls.

The next epiphany occurs when we realize that there is “one thing” blocking our development, education, energy, growth or thinking and it can be resolved with a defining decision and by taking massive action towards resolving it.  Finding a resolution for the “one thing” blocking your path of progress can make the biggest difference in transforming your education, growth and learning.

Education Empowerment

Sunset and Woman

One of our most important roles in life is to constantly learn valuable information and life lessons in order to expand our abilities and opportunities.

This post contains easy examples for education empowerment. Whether you are in primary, middle, high school, university or working one of your primary roles is to be a constant learner and student seeking knowledge and wisdom.  One of our most important roles in life is to constantly learn valuable information and life lessons in order to expand our abilities and opportunities. When we learn the foundation for education mastery we set ourselves up for a lifetime of magic moments and personal prosperity.

Education empowerment and mastery is based on having a wide variety of communicating, comprehending, listening, observing, reading and writing skills.  Having a great foundation of education skills allows you better choices, decisions and opportunities.  Your learning background and education can increase your chances for being happy, healthy and in harmony or harm you to the point of being sad, sick and stressed.

Life long learning is one of the most important areas to focus on during our entire life.  Education empowers people to expand themselves, communities and society.  Unfortunately many children and adults are denied the opportunity for adequate and essential education empowerment.  Governments and politicians often decide on over spending citizens’ money for armies, bases, military equipment, pork barrels, subsidies, warfare and weapons rather than investing in education, schools, students, teachers, technology and training.

Parents and students are also guilty of allocating precious financial resources to consuming today rather than investing in education for the future.  Too few people today think enough about how their everyday actions and choices will either maintain their education empowerment or allow education empathy.  An over emphasis and over spending on alcohol, bling, cable TV, cars, cell phones, cigarettes, clothing, coffee, gambling, jewelry, lottery, luxury homes, makeup, mansions, plastic surgery, professional sports, purses, shoes, toys and watches is preventing many people from investing adequately in their life long education and learning.

Your education can create magic moments and outstanding opportunities today and in the future when you do your part with, emotional, empowering, energizing, exciting and extraordinary education.

Often people tend to take their life long education for granted.  They do what they need to do in school to get by and get out of school with average or minimum performance. They do not commit to doing more than the minimum expected and resist going above and beyond the ordinary.  These people often seem to feel that education is a burden and chore rather than a blessing and chance for better and bigger things to come.

Many students’ waste hours each week chatting, hanging out, playing games, posting, texting and wasting time with other mediocre and unmotivated students.  When students learn the benefits of education empowerment and the endless opportunities that exist for them to grow and learn they can open the doors to their minds and tap more of their full potential.   Most people are lucky to tap into more than 5 to 10% of their full mental potential.

Imagine the possibilities when we develop a global and national education system that helps all students tap into more of their natural peak performance, possibilities and potential.  What could happen when all global students have the opportunity to enjoy and learn a wide variety of arts, life skills and sciences including: art, camping, citizenship, communications skills, community service, computer skills, conflict resolution, conservation, dance, ecology, finances, fitness, foreign language, gardening, history, leadership, math, music, nature, negotiations, outdoor lore, public speaking, reading, science, singing, soccer, sports, swimming, traveling and writing?

When students are no longer eager, enthusiastic and excited about learning it can begin a down hill spiral of failure and frustration. This can spill over and impact every other area of their life.  Our everyday behaviors and beliefs towards education and learning have a direct impact on our level of peak performance or persistent problems.

Stop Education Entropy

Avoid making education boring, busy and tedious work for the sake of uniformity.  Students learn best when it is exciting, fun and interesting.


Circle of Kids

Learn to accept and realize that different students progress at different levels and speeds and need to be encouraged and supported regardless of their level. Not every student is destined for college even though each one has the opportunity.

Negative or punitive driven parents or teachers that are critical and not supportive of students should learn what it takes to be caring, interesting and passionate educators. Avoid criticizing, embarrassing or punishing students in private and especially in public.  Word wounds can hurt a lot and are some of the hardest injuries to heal.

Stop focusing on how many they get wrong and start focusing on how many they get right.  Even constructive criticism is still criticism. Students deserve and want praise and feedback on what they are doing well and what can be improved.

Stop trying to dumb down the education system to the lowest level.  When too much emphasis is placed on “no child left behind” you also tend to hold back your gifted and talented students in the process.

Learn to accept and realize that different students progress at different levels and speeds and need to be encouraged and supported regardless of their level.   Not every student is destined for college even though each one has the opportunity.

Stop using bribes, money and rewards to manipulate your students to get better grades and scores.  Many parents attempt to manipulate children with financial incentives rather than the joy and pleasure of learning as a core value.  Always using money and things tends to corrupt students and turn them into mercenaries who always want more payoffs. 

A family environment that has sarcasm, snide comments, stress and struggles hurts all members and greatly impacts a student’s ability to learn and thrive at school.   

When we focus on the grades more than the graduates we lose our focus on education empowerment and learning for life.  Stop looking so much at grades and learn to focus on the gifts an individual has and new ones they are developing.    

Stop blaming the schools and teachers and start doing more to help, nourish and support your students.  Students learn best when the parent sets the example and serves as a super role model. 

Start Education Empowerment

Enjoy investing quality time to be creative, read, think and write.  Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.  Be a leader and a reader for life.  Read educational, inspirational, motivational and spiritual content on a daily basis.  Read to your children everyday from before birth and until they become ravenous readers themselves.  Invest the time to read, think and write every day.  Reading and comprehension are the pillars for success!  As a parent with three super smart gifted and talented (GT) students I know that their love for reading is a primary reason for their peak performance and super success in school and post college graduation.  Read.


Pages of a Book

Read educational, inspirational, motivational and spiritual content on a daily basis.

Talk and walk with your family and friends regularly to reconnect and restore the emotional, mental and physical connection.  Learn to laugh, learn and live life on your terms while doing more enjoyable and fun new things together every day. 

Invest the energy and time to help them feel smart and supported. If there are any emotional or mental barriers to education and learning access the power of accelerated learning techniques, Brain Gym, compassionate counselors, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, family coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), therapeutic interventions, terrific tutors or timeline therapy practitioners to discover additional resources.

Finding new ways to communicate and cooperate on projects, research and studies helps one be even more effectively and efficiently.  Collaboration, communication and cooperation are the new model for greater success.

Create a simple, supportive and sustainable lifestyle where your family feels free to learn and live life to the fullest.  Encourage all generations to remain close and involved in contributing to the extended family goals and values. 

When governments, organizations, parents, schools, students, teachers and universities commit to a code of conduct based on ethics, honesty and integrity the world will become a better place for all. 

Set goals and outcomes to protect and respect the ecology, ecosystem and environment.  We should not allow organizations or people to put short term profits before the long term welfare of people.  Remember the “Seventh Generation philosophy of the Native Americans”.

Education is a valuable resource that can solve any dilemma or problem we face.  We need to focus on education empowerment as a fundamental right to help solve the world’s problems.  With more widespread education we will find new and sustainable resources and role modes to expand our choices and opportunities. 

Education is a lot like planting the seeds of food bearing trees.  While it takes energy, money and time for the trees to grow and bear food and fruit they will continue to produce a bountiful harvest for decades to come.  Students will only thrive in school if you feed their mind, nurture their spirit and reinforce their relationships with positive reinforcement.  Adults and children need raving relationships to help them become even more resilient and resourceful.    

Help your students feel safe, smart and supported to try new things and find their special gifts.  We all have special blessings, gifts, insights and talents just waiting to be discovered.    

To help your children enjoy life long education be sure to offer sincere affection, appreciation and attention.  Your quality time is a rare and valued gift and goes a long way to further their education endeavors.

Maintaining a peak performance physiology is imperative for maximizing your education, personal development and self growth.  This means maximizing healthy organic whole food consumption while also significantly minimizing the intake of unhealthy fake, fast and junk beverages and foods is a proven principle for success.  Alignment, biorhythms, breathing, emotions, exercise, fitness, health, hydration, lifestyle, nature, nutrition, relaxation, sleep, stress reduction, supplementation, vitality and well being all play a vital role for being happy, healthy and wealthy.

Expand Education Empowerment

Commit to a daily schedule of expanding and improving your intellect, thinking and wisdom. Learn to develop education habits and routines that expand your abundance, appreciation and awareness.  

Asking Questions

Learn to develop education habits and routines that expand your abundance, appreciation and awareness.

Quality education requires a wide range of information, insights and interests. Our education empowerment grows stronger by consistently feeding our minds new information and finding ways to recall, reinforce and reprocess it continually.

Creating master mind groups, performance peers and think teams is a great way to magnify the education and growth process.   Great master mind peers and role models help compound the growth and learning curve to higher levels.     

Participating in camp outs, field trips, health fairs, lectures, seminars, science fairs, studies abroad, travel, trips and webinars are great ways to enhance your education. 

Investing the time to clarify your education, growth and personal development goals on your vision board is extremely valuable.  Sharing these with your circle of like minded family and friends allows them to help with solutions and support.  Setting clear education expectations helps you communicate your future code of conduct and standards more clearly. 

The quality of your commitment to education has a big impact on your probability for being happier and healthier every day.

When you consistently dedicate time each day to educate and empower your mind you create a very strong foundation for improvement in all the other areas of your life.  Being open and receptive to new information will help you maintain your energy, health and zest for life.

This checklist is designed to help you expand your education empowerment.  Our education and lifestyle are the source for being more healthy and wealthy and less sick and stressed or the opposite so choose carefully. Implementing these education suggestions will help allow you and your family to enjoy more magic moments and rapid results in life.

This Great NEWS post shared the New Year, New You Part 5: Education empowerment.  Small steps and smart strategies will help renew your education.   Our destiny is controlled by the decisions we make each day.  Be sure to enhance continual education empowerment for peak performance and to minimize persistent problems.  This Part 5 education empowerment post is shared to help you enjoy even more happiness and success.

What is your current Gap?

How well are you reinforcing your education?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you develop and discover more education empowerment?   What decisions have helped you?  Parents, students and teachers will benefit from watching the video titled:  “Shift Happens Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization and The Information Age.  While the information is a bit dated there is a powerful message about education for everyone.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns do you have for creating education empowerment?  What book, course, product, seminar or training will be your next investment in your education?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

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