The previous Great NEWS post shared New Year, New You Part 5 :Education Empowerment and today is Part 6: Profession Passion.  How is your New Year going so far?  Are you learning from previous life lessons and applying new skills and strategies to make more progress this year?  When we realize things are not working well or could be even better it is time for new mastery action plans.  The first 8 issues of the Great NEWS Letter in 2014 are dedicated to the 8 lifestyle areas to enjoy a lifestyle of balance, mastery and prosperity.  This New Year New You Part 6 Profession Passion post is shared to plant seeds of inspiration and motivation to update and upgrade your profession. 

Child Professional

During our early childhood we begin thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. Whatever your dream life feels or looks like it is imperative to commit to education, growth and learning to enjoy a fabulous, financially free, fulfilling and fun life.

Profession passion is a key part of the wheel of life for feeling abundant, financially free, fulfilled and happy.  During our early childhood we begin thinking about what we want to be when we grow up.  Whatever your dream life feels or looks like it is imperative to commit to education, growth and learning to enjoy a fabulous, financially free, fulfilling and fun life.  The earlier you begin living your profession passion the sooner you learn the life lessons and master the art and science of your career to become an expert.  Ten years of concentrated dedication and passion towards a specific subject is often enough to become an leading expert.

There are proven principles to produce and promote your profession passion. We must have strong values, vision and mastery action plans for developing more of our profession passion.  Peak performance and sustainable success is the result of consistent behaviors, beliefs and biological foundations focused on mastering our physiology, programming and psychology.

Dedicating 8 weeks to personal progress in each of the 8 lifestyle areas helps you reinforce new behaviors, beliefs and habits for peak performance. We can accomplish more by tapping into our unconscious mind and allowing our conscious mind to be calm, centered and creative.  By focusing on 1 new area each week we begin a compounding effect that gradually or rapidly shifts our progress based on how we decide to believe and behave.

One of the key proven principles in this 8 part series and many Great NEWS posts is that we have the ability and opportunity for constantly updating and upgrading our physiology, programming and psychology.   Mental mastery and profession passion results from tapping into our driving desires and dreams for peak performance and stellar success created by our compelling future and vision.  When we are more balanced, centered, empowered and grateful the universe conspires to help us.

The 8 posts in this New You series are shared to help you create your own Life MAP and Vision Board for 2014 and beyond.  Like a great mystery or parable there are clever clues, hidden hints, informative insights and subtle suggestions embedded in the message to help you be even more happy, healthy and wealthy in the future starting right now.  Sharing our gifts through our profession is the basis for our life balance, life contributions and life style.  Our profession passion will have a big influence on moving closer towards or further away from your desires and destiny.

Our values, vision and vitality for our profession influences every area of our emotional, mental, physical, relational, spiritual and educational mastery.  Mastering the art and science of our profession will greatly dictate our level of stress or success in life.  When we have clear values, a vivid vision and implement massive action plans for constantly updating and upgrading our body, mind and spirit our performance and success is greatly enhanced.   As we stop wasting our time telling sad stories and start investing time in our profession passion magic moments and magnificent miracles happen.

After many decades of being frustrated by perceived detours, roadblocks and speed bumps in my profession a light bulb went on.  My peak performance and profession passion occurred hand in hand while mastering my physiology, programming and psychology.  Investing the energy, money and time is a vital part of the process and our progress and we must be fully committed.  The test of time and weathering tough storms is the part of the admission fee for financial freedom, peak performance and super success.  Facing your fears will set you free to find your profession passion and financial freedom..

An epiphany occurred while listening to a respect trainer talk about dealing with the “one thing” that is blocking our profession or progress in any area of our life.  When we shift our thinking towards resolving that “1 thing” with a definitive decision and a mastery action plan we make real progress that can transform any area of our life.  Finding a resolution to the “one thing” blocking our path of progress will make a significant difference in transforming our profession.

Profession Passion

Woman with Glasses

During our early childhood we begin thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. Whatever your dream life feels or looks like it is imperative to commit to education, growth and learning to enjoy a fabulous, financially free, fulfilling and fun life.

It is never too early to start planning and thinking about our profession passion. Whatever age you are is the perfect time to contemplate and meditate on your contribution to the world.  One of the most important decisions we make in life is to decide what our greatest gift is and how to share it with the world.  After we learn what our natural gifts are we have the choice share them selflessly or silence them selfishly.

Profession passion leads to business and career mastery which comes from a wide variety of skills including: communicating, comprehending, listening, marketing, observing, serving and supporting. With a great foundation of education empowerment skills you are able to create better choices, decisions and opportunities.  Passion in your profession increases the probability for productivity and profitability.

Being passionate about our profession is a major factor for being happy, healthy and in harmony versus sad, sick and stressed in life.  When we love our profession we are able to serve, supply and support our clients and communities.  Unfortunately many people are doing things they do not love either by choice or a perceived lack of choice.  Many adults do not have the education or experience at this time that is required for the profession they desire.  The key is to do whatever it takes to get the education and experience to become an expert in the field of your choice. No one can deny you the career of your choice except you.

Most people who are not living their profession passion are being limited by their own behaviors and beliefs.  When you invest the energy, money and time to find the teachers, technology and training you will find a way.

Many people are guilty of misalignment and misappropriating their financial resources into consuming and spending today rather than investing in their education and empowerment for the future.  Your actions and choices today will either move you towards your professional path or away from it because of persistent problems.  When a person spends their energy, money and time on superficial stuff they rob themselves of the opportunity for peak performance and profession passion.

Too many people waste their time majoring in minor things. Minor things keep us distracted and prevent us from investing adequately in our business, career, employment, job, profession and work opportunities.

Your profession can create magic moments and outstanding opportunities today and in the future when you do your part with passion, perseverance and persistence.

Into today’s society many people want short term pleasure rather than do what is necessary to earn their jackpot and reward over the long term.  They do what is needed to get by and get a paycheck for the average or minimum performance required. They are not willing to commit to doing whatever is necessary and going above and beyond the ordinary.  These people often feel frustrated, resentful and trapped in a job rather than being grateful they have a job that allows them to gain experience and knowledge to advance towards better and bigger opportunities in the future.


There are endless opportunities that exist for people to develop and grow a business as they open their minds and tap into more of their full potential.

Many parents, students and workers waste hours each week with mindless activities and distractions rather than building a full time or part time business.  With the time wasted they could create a business or service part time.  Everyone has some gift they could monetize into an app, benefit, DVD, e-book, product or service.  There are endless opportunities that exist for them to develop and grow this business as they open their minds and tap into more of their full potential.

One of the main goals of finding you passion and purpose early is to maximize your education and empowerment experiences.  With a definite purpose we are committed to doing and learning more.  Without one we end up wandering around lost without a passion, profession or purpose.  As a student we can choose to lose or use the gift of education to move us closer to our long term goals.

Consider for a moment the benefits of developing the global and national education systems to help students learn and think like business owners.  Everyone benefits when we tap into more of the infinite intelligence and allow students to find their profession and passion.  Regardless of the income generated the mere act of having a business will enable every student to gain valuable insight into what drives the global economy.

Imagine how much more savvy, smart and sophisticated a person would be for starting a business doing important things like: babysitting, car detailing, cleaning, coaching, computer support, converting analog to digital, cooking, creating websites, gardening, G+ Hangouts, Google profiles, graphic designs, infographics, landscaping, lawn care, life guard, Linkedin profiles, maintenance, photography, podcasts, reading to children, research, scrapbooks, social media training, sprouting, swim lessons, teaching internet skills, translation, tutoring, virtual assistant, webinars, woodwork or writing articles, content, copy, landing pages, sales letter and testimonials.

Yes I realize this is encouraging children to ask for money in exchange for things they are currently doing. Their time is worth money just as yours is. Imagine the benefits of paying them to build their business and letting them learn the value of earning money versus just giving them allowance, cash, credit cards and gift cards to spend without having the pride, privilege and responsibility of earning it. One of the biggest challenges in the developed world is the entitlement mentality where people feel they deserve a handout or payment without having to earn it.

Food stamps and welfare payments without intelligent and well thought out conditions, guidelines and training leads to disempowerment, loss of dignity and wasted money. While we know that we need safety nets and social welfare we also know that giving a person cash or credit without careful guidance and restrictions leads to abuse, fraud and waste. Without education, employment and training people become dependent on handouts versus independent and productive. Everyone has skills and talents that are needed by society and they deserve the chance to exchange these for an honest and noble way to build and create a business and life they can be proud of and set a great example for their children.

When we learn to build and create profession passion we are eager, enthusiastic and excited about learning and life.  The quality of our career and profession will spill over and impact every other area of our life.  The behaviors, beliefs and habits we develop towards our career and profession will have a direct impact on our level of peak performance or persistent problems in life.  When we contribute massive value to others we are rewarded well for this.

Stop Profession Pitfalls and Procrastination


When we show students the connection between learning and business, career, finances and professions they will better understand the value of what is being taught and get excited and motivated.

When education and learning are boring and tedious students will quickly lose their desire and interest.  When we show students the connection between learning and business, career, finances and professions they will better understand the value of what is being taught and get excited and motivated.

The sooner we teach students real world knowledge, skills and wisdom about various professions the sooner they become fully engaged in the process.

The sooner adults and students understand the shift that is taking place in the global economy the sooner they will realize business and professions must become a top priority.  When we stop expecting government bailouts and hand outs and start educating, motivating and training our citizens to be world class creators, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, manufactures and writers our future will become more financially secure.

We all need to feel, hear, see and know that our government has made it easier to be in business than out of business or unemployed because a business moved to another country.  When we know that our business, career and professions are protected and supported instead of legislated and regulated out of existence we will benefit and so will our economy.  The education system must be seamlessly integrated from PreSchool through college into a cohesive conduit for those wanting to be ready for business, career and the professional world.

Governments must stop focusing on how many bailouts, bogus R&D projects, defense contracts, exemptions, foreign aid programs, foreign bases, give a ways, grants, lobbyist, safety nets, subsidies and tax breaks they give to the big companies.  Big government needs to downsize and must start thinking more about investing and saving in areas like: debt reduction, education, energy efficiencies, entitlement programs, food freedom, fuel efficiencies (more KM/MPG,) health care instead of sick care, infrastructure, jobs, manufacturing, nature and natural renewable resources, nuclear waste, organic whole foods, people resources, recycling, soil conservation, sustainability, tax law simplification, toxic cleanups, training, water pollution/ protection and worker well being,

Big auto makers, agriculture, conglomerates, mega companies, oil companies and pharmaceuticals receive special privileges and treatment that the average business or person does not receive.  We must start focusing more on supporting the entrepreneur, local business, micro financing, professionals, small mom and pop business, small farmer, students, renewable and sustainable energy and other ways to promote businesses and professions.

Over regulation, spending and taxation will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs for employment, jobs and retirement security.  People need and want to be able to build business, careers and professions that add value to the community and provide a good living and retirement.

When children are fined for setting up a lemonade stand it is clear that things have gotten out of hand.  When adults are fined and threatened for growing vegetables in their front yard or selling raw cheese than something is wrong with the system.

Schools and universities are falling behind on educating our future generations with basic skills like: communications, finance, fitness, health education, leadership, life skills, math, nutrition, reading, science and writing.  We can all benefit from a little less emphasis on football and a little more emphasis on business, collaboration, communications, cooperation, ethics, finance, global cooperation, integrity, international relations and technical training.  When we stop focusing on the lower end of the education system and more on the middle and upper achievers we will see all boats rise with the rising tide.   In the US too much emphasis on “no child left behind” has distracted and lowered the achievement gains and goals achieved.   We must focus on praising and promoting the gifted and talented students more because our future business, career and professions depend on them.

Businesses progress at different levels and speeds and need to be encouraged, mentored and supported.   Not every career or profession needs a college degree.  Technical schools and skills are essential to maintain.

Start Profession Passion

Cap and Degree

Helping our students learn how to be creative, disciplined, frugal, ingenious, innovative, prudent, smart, thrifty and wise is a key foundation for success in their business, career and profession.

Investing in a quality education that will help provide a good business, career or profession income is great.  Going into significant debt and loosing 4 to 8 years of income potential at a traditional college or university searching for one may be too great a risk in today’s competitive and economically challenged environment.  Being productive and profitable is the key to long term success and the sooner you find your niche the better off you are.

Helping our students learn how to be creative, disciplined, frugal, ingenious, innovative, prudent, smart, thrifty and wise is a key foundation for success in their business, career and profession.

Help your children discover and explore new career opportunities and possibilities early on so they can find their passion and purpose.  By creating a balanced and well rounded lifestyle they will enjoy better emotional, mental and physical health and stability in their careers.

The education system and parents must Invest the energy, money and time to teach students how to be intelligent and smart when it comes to: budgeting, business, common sense, compounding, continuing education, contracts, debt, deductive reasoning, employee benefits, finance, health, international thinking, investing, laws, math, personal development, reasoning, science, self growth, strategic thinking, taxes and technology,

Collaboration, communication and cooperation are the new model for creating best business practices, rapid results and speedy success.  Peak performance will come in business, career or profession when you find new ways to collaborate, communicate and cooperate with others.

Creating a unified code of conduct for governments, organizations, parents, schools, students, teachers and universities based on ethics, honesty and integrity will build a strong foundation for productivity and profitability in any country or profession.

Set goals and outcomes to protect and respect the global ecology, ecosystem and environment.  We must not allow organizations or people to put short term profits before the long term welfare of people and the planet.  Remember the “Seventh Generation philosophy of the Native Americans” and always think about the impact to the next seven generations.

Profession passion is the foundation for a strong economy and work force that can solve any challenge or problem we face.  We need to focus on business, careers and professions to help solve our country’s and the world’s problems.  With better business and people we will find ways to create renewable and sustainable solutions.

Great education and careers go together like a hand in a glove.   While it takes energy, money and time for the process to be implemented the results will so far out weight the investment and produce peak performance and super success for generations to come.  Students thrive in school when you show them the bottom line and how this will benefit them now and forever.

As you tune into your special blessings, gifts, insights and talents you unleash your personal power to create the business, career, opportunity and profession of your dreams.

Maintaining a peak performance physiology, programming and psychology is imperative for maximizing your further career path.  This means eating healthy organic whole foods.  To be happy, healthy and wealthy while working also involves maintaining and sustaining great alignment, biorhythms, breathing, emotions, exercise, fitness, health, hydration, lifestyle, nature, nutrition, relaxation, sleep, stress reduction, supplementation, vitality and well being.

Profitable and Powerful Profession Passion

Reading in Nature

Learn to develop life long education and learning habits that will expand your productivity which will enhance your abundance, appreciation and awareness.

Commit to a daily routine of expanding and improving your intellect, thinking and wisdom. Learn to develop life long education and learning habits that will expand your productivity which will enhance your abundance, appreciation and awareness.

Quality education requires a wide range of information, insights and interests. Our education empowerment grows stronger by consistently feeding our minds new information and finding ways to recall, reinforce and reprocess it continually.

Participating in constant coaching, master mind groups, national networks and power teams are great ways to compound our skills for peak performance and stellar success.   Great performance peers and mastery mentors help compound our development and growth easier and faster to higher levels than can be achieved my our self.

Investing the energy, money and time in your education, growth and personal development pays big dividends for a career of choice.  Having a clear code of conduct, values and vision board and mission statement greatly increases the probability and propensity of our success.

This checklist is designed to help everyone expand and experience profession passion.  Our career path and professions can be the resource for empowering us to be more healthy, wealthy and wise.  When done well they can also help us to be less sad, sick and stressed.  Implementing these profession passion strategies can help you and your families enjoy more magic moments and rapid results.

This Great NEWS post shared the New Year New You Part 6 Profession Passion.  Simple steps and smart strategies will help master your passion and profession.  We control our destiny by the decisions we make each moment of each day.  Focusing on mastery in our profession and passion will enhance our probability for peak performance and super success.   This Part 6 Profession Passion post has proven principles to be even more happy, healthy and wealthy.

What is your current Gap?

What areas need attention for mastery in your passion and profession?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans must you create to propel your profession and passion to the next level?   What resources have you overlooked that can help you?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns do you have regarding profession passion?  What book, course, product, seminar or training will be a great investment for propelling your profession towards peak performance?

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New Year, New You Part 7: Financial Freedom

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