The previous Great NEWS post shared New Year, New You Part 6: Profession Passion and today is Part 7: Financial Freedom. How well were you positioned financially for income, independence and investing last year? If your income and investing is less than you deserve, desire and determine is necessary to meet your financial goals then read on.   Many people are struggling with financial life lessons and not implementing new skills and strategies for real progress in this key area.  When finances are not going well it impacts the other 7 areas. The first 8 issues of the Great NEWS Letter in 2014 are dedicated to helping you be even more happy, healthy and wealthy. This New Year, New You Part 7: Financial Freedom post is designed to help you update and upgrade from financial frustration to financial freedom. 

How much time do you schedule for investing in your income and investment goals each year?  Many people work the hardest and longest in this area without having a well thought out plan for income, investing, savings and taxes. Financial Freedom is a key fuel to power and propel all 8 areas in your wheel of life.  We all want to be happy and feel abundant, financially free and fulfilled.

Nest with Egg

To receive your financial reward you must do several things well: develop a plan, gather the right resources, prepare fertile ground, plant the right seeds, remove the weeds, water the plants, protect from pests, harvest the yield, store them, sell the products, save your seed corn and do this all again next year into the future.

Unfortunately during our childhood years we were probably not given the keys to a fabulous fortune or a treasure map to find one.  This is a unfortunate because there are several books with proven principles and treasure maps embedded in them that can help anyone create financial freedom. They have been around for many decades yet are not required reading in school or by most parents.

With the right blue print, Life MAP and treasure map anyone can tap into the infinite abundance that surrounds us and access a financial fortune and create financial freedom. To receive your financial reward you must do several things well:  develop a plan, gather the right resources, prepare fertile ground, plant the right seeds, remove the weeds, water the plants, protect from pests, harvest the yield, store them, sell the products, save your seed corn and do this all again next year into the future. While this seems like a lot of work it boils down to creating a winning formula and doing the basic routine over and over each year getting better and more efficient at it.

The tough part is to keep doing the ritual and routine necessary during each of the four seasons in spite of the inevitable aches, boredom, distractions, droughts, floods, frustration, pains, setbacks, storms, temptations and wild fires along the way.  Often the fields on the other side of the fence will look easier or greener and we are tempted to abandon our field and seek a greener pasture.  Many people lack the discipline to get up early and do the labor required to produce yields in order to reap the harvest.  Some are lured away from sweating and working to build a business or farm the land in order to have fun and play in the sun.

Many people abandon their career or dream after being distracted by the illusion of easy fame and fortune. They go off in search of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow never realizing the rainbow keeps moving ahead of them. Others go looking for diamond or gold mines to seek their fortune when there are millionaire minds and mines of wealth all around when we know where to look.

Many adults and students forget to commit and invest enough of themselves in their education, growth and learning to reach the tipping point where they will enjoy a fabulous, financially free, fulfilling and fun life. Many people want excessive immediate gratification rather than living like the amazing ants and busy bees that work hard all year long preparing for winter and producing a surplus to sustain them.

The sooner we decide to commit to a financial freedom foundation plan the sooner we learn the life lessons along the way and master the art and science of abundance and affluence. Whether it requires 10, 20, 30 or 40 years of dedication and determination to a specific business, career, product, profession or result we must go the distance and allow our passion and purpose to fulfill us until we reach the desired destination that provides our financial freedom.

Money in Hand

Financial freedom comes from mastering our physiology, programming and psychology in order to maintain peak performance and sustain our success.

There are many proven principles to creating financial freedom and it is up to us to determine the right ones and stick with them until we get our payoff. It will require us to focus and maintain strong values, vision and vocations for creating our financial freedom. Financial freedom comes from mastering our physiology, programming and psychology in order to maintain peak performance and sustain our success. That means we must access and even obsess on consistent behaviors, beliefs and biological foundations long enough for long term jackpots, rewards and payoffs to materialize.

Dedicating our life to mental mastery and personal progress in all 8 lifestyle areas is essential to help us anchor in new behaviors, beliefs and habits for peak performance. We can accomplish more by tapping into our infinite intelligence and unlimited universe on a consistent basis. When we invest the energy, money and time in the 8 wheel of life areas daily we begin a compounding continuum that will increase our rate of rapid results until we reach the escape velocity required for launching into a financial freedom orbit and a new financial frontier.

Financial freedom follows when the proven principles highlighted in these posts are applied consistently and continuously in your profession passion. By constantly updating and upgrading our physiology, programming and psychology we lock our GPS system on success which is a stepping stone to financial abundance. Abundance compounded over time leads to financial freedom.

As mentioned in previous posts it is extremely helpful to create a Life MAP and Vision Board each year to help adjust and direct our GPS system. Clearly defining our values and vision in every area of our emotional, mental, physical, relational, spiritual, educational and professional mastery keeps us on task and on track. Clear values, a vivid vision and valuable mastery action plans help us maintain our focus and progress for creating abundance.

All Great NEWS posts contain clever clues, hidden hints, information insights and simple suggestions embedded to help you be more happy, healthy and wealthy now and in the future. Constantly updating and upgrading our body, mind and spirit enhances overall performance and progress. We must learn how to master the art and science of abundance during our life journey or we may reach a distracting destination instead of our financial freedom. When we stop wasting our time telling sad stories about our lack and start investing time in our business, career and profession we reclaim our personal power to create magic moments and magnificent miracles.

Have you been financially frustrated by decades of detours, roadblocks and speed bumps in life? Often it boils down to a combination of poor physiology, poor programming and poor psychology. When we focus our energy and intention on these three proven principles first we are more easily able to turbo charge our thinking and turbo charge our life.

Jar with Money

By investing the energy, money and time for mastery of our wheel of life we develop the self confidence, skill sets and solutions as a foundation for abundance.

By investing the energy, money and time for mastery of our wheel of life we develop the self confidence, skill sets and solutions as a foundation for abundance. We must be willing to overcome the challenges that test our decisions, determination and discipline for the privilege to be financially rewarded. Then we must be a careful custodian and great guardian for wealth to remain with us.  Financial freedom, peak performance and super success go hand in hand when we do our part to align the 8 areas in our wheel of life. Each area builds on all the others so finding a balance is a key to creating our financial freedom.

What is the “one thing” that is blocking our financial freedom?  If we blame anything but our self that is part of the problem because we are the one that must initiate actions and decisions to resolve that “one thing.” When we shift our thinking towards resolving that “one thing” with a definite decision and a mastery action plan we begin real progress that can result in a life transformation. Resolving the “one thing” blocking our financial freedom and path of progress is like finding a key to the vault of financial wealth.  All banks, doors, safety deposit boxes, treasures, vaults and wealth are locked away safely and all you need is the combination, key or password to access them.

Financial Freedom

The earlier we begin focusing, planning and thinking about our financial freedom the easier it is to manifest it.  Starting an early age is the perfect time to contemplate, formulate and meditate on our great gifts, profession passion and financial freedom. When we align our self with the: earth, moon, planets, stars and sun amazing things begin to happen. Are you accessing and aligning your resources, resourcefulness and role models or creating blame, excuses and stories to block your path and progress?

In every great story the hero or heroine must face their fears, overcome the challenges and obstacles to live happily ever after. Finding our financial freedom comes from developing a wide range of skills as well as having the insight and leadership to recruit others to join in our vision. The sooner we discover our profession passion and master the art and science of being an expert in our field the sooner we create the probability for productivity which leads to profitability and ultimately financial freedom. 

Offering a Hand

Financial freedom comes from adding massive value while serving, supplying and supporting our customers.

Living a life filled with gratitude, joy and passion is a major factor for being happy, healthy and in harmony versus sad, sick and stressed. Financial freedom comes from adding massive value while serving, supplying and supporting our customers.  When people are doing things they are not passionate about they miss opportunities to develop, growth and learn skills that will elevate them to the next level and opportunity. When adults and children do not have the education or experience that is necessary to support their profession passion it is up to them to do whatever it takes to access them.

Once you have paid your dues to become an expert in your field of choice you are able to advance to the next level for productivity and profits that result in financial freedom.  The one thing holding us back is us. Once you develop the behaviors, beliefs and routines of winners you get to win better and bigger.  After investing the energy, money and time to find the teachers, technology and training you are on your way. Then you must follow proven principles for advancing and aligning your financial resources for compounding and investing rather than consuming and spending. Our actions and choices each day will either move us towards our financial freedom or away from it.

The sooner we learn to invest in our business, career, education, employment, knowledge, leadership, network, profession, skills, technology, wisdom and work opportunities the sooner we are able to advance towards financial freedom. Our profession passion is the fuel to create magic moments and outstanding opportunities for income, inventing, investing and invigorating absolute abundance and financial freedom.

Most people would rather spend their valuable energy, money and time on shiny stuff which robs them of the possibility for peak performance, profession passion and progressive profits. Too many people want overnight wealth rather than earn it the old fashion way with hard work. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to go above and beyond the ordinary and be extraordinary. This allows us to advance towards better and bigger bonus opportunities for our financial future.

When parents, students and workers stop wasting valuable hours each week with mind numbing activities and distractions they can create a full time or part time business. Capitalizing on a natural gift will allow one to monetize it into seed capital to compound and invest even further. Finding our passion and purpose early gives us the gift of additional years for compounding.  Albert Einstein said: the most powerful force in the universe is compounding.”

As students learn to act and think like business owners a portal opens for creating new and unlimited possibilities. When they tap into the infinite intelligence and find their profession and passion they make progress on the path to financial freedom. A profitable business generates cash flow and income which will help students understand the driving force for the global economy.

The previous post on professions listed numerous ideas for building a business providing many needed and valuable services.  Many of them involved applying techniques and tips with technology for doing things faster and easier. This is easy for most students to do and benefits the many adults that need help.

Parents should encourage their children to earn money and teach the benefits, responsibility and skills for investing it.   Teaching students how to build a business and invest money are great gifts we can give the next generation.  When we find our profession passion we are eager, enthusiastic and excited about learning, earning a living and creating our financial freedom.

The early behaviors, beliefs and habits we develop regarding our finances and future will have a direct impact on our level of peak performance or persistent problems for life.  As we create financial freedom for ourselves we add massive value to others as well.

Stop Financial Floundering and Frustration


When we show students the strong link between earning and learning we connect the dots for business, career, employment, finances and profession.

When we make education and learning exciting, fun and interesting students will quickly develop new skills and solutions.  When we show students the strong link between earning and learning we connect the dots for business, career, employment, finances and profession. This helps them appreciate and comprehend the value of education which helps them be more excited and motivated.

The sooner we teach less of the boring and irrelevant book knowledge and more of the fundamental and practical real world skills the sooner students will become more fully tuned in and engaged.

When adults and students understand that a global shift has occurred in the global economy they will understand the need for business, finance and professions to be top priorities. We must stop giving government hand outs and start giving hand ups. By educating, motivating and training our citizens to be investors, owners and savers we develop and promote more financial freedom for all.

All members of society want to feel, hear, see and know that they have the opportunity to participate in a business, career or profession that will provide financial opportunity and security. Education, mentoring and training are essential for creating better business, career and professional paths.

When corporations and governments stop promoting pirate profits above the well being of the environment and people and start investing in smart sustainable systems through cooperation, ecology preservation, education, health, infrastructure, organic farming, renewable and sustainable economics the world will be a better place.

The big corporate conglomerates and greedy governments take from the poor to satisfy the rich and often destroy the environment in the process. We must start focusing on promoting and protecting the principles of family, free enterprise, safety and well being which will create more financial freedom for everyone.

By creating more artists, businesses, creators, co-ops, designers, distributors, entrepreneurs, factories, farmers, inventors, investors, manufacturers, markets, professionals and technicians we create more abundance, choice and financial freedom.   When more people have a chicken or goose that lays the golden egg, goats for milk and gardens growing healthy nutrient dense organic whole foods we all win.  This is how to create and invest in employment, health, income, jobs, prosperity and retirement security.  People will benefit from spending less and investing more in their business, careers and professions to add more value while creating additional income and long term financial security.

Student must learn basic skills in: asset allocation, asset classes, bonds, checking, compounding, commodities, contracts, credit cards, currencies, debit accounts, debt, dividends, finance, GDP, GNP, global finance, inflation, insurance, interest rates, international banking, international diversification, investing, math, micro financing, real estate, savings, stocks and taxes.  We could all benefit from a less emphasis on the history of wars and a little more emphasis on the steps for creating financial freedom.  We must have students read books like Think and Grow Rich, The Richest Man in Babylon and The Millionaire Next Door.

Start Financial Freedom

Woman in Suit

In today’s competitive and economically challenged environment it is imperative to help each person become productive and profitable early.

Helping adults and students start early to build a financial foundation with a quality education is one of the top goals a country can focus on. When citizens develop a good business, career, income and profession we create a financial foundation that can build long term stability and success. In today’s competitive and economically challenged environment it is imperative to help each person become productive and profitable early.

Helping our children learn how to be creative, disciplined, frugal, ingenious, innovative, prudent, reverent, smart, thrifty and wise sets a strong foundation for happiness, health and success in all areas of the wheel of life, especially financial freedom.   When our children create, discover and explore interesting career opportunities and possibilities early in life they are more easily able to find their passion and purpose.  Creating a balanced and well rounded wheel of life allows them to enjoy more happiness, health and harmony in life.

Rather than abusing the environment and cut throat competition the new business model for rapid results and speedy success is collaboration, communication and cooperation.  Personal peak performance is also a key component in determining ones level of success in a business, career or profession and has a great impact on you level of financial success.

Setting clear outcomes and SMART goals is vital to creating financial independence which can lead to financial freedom.  Profession passion leads to financial independence which sets the stage for financial freedom.  It takes passionate people to build a strong economy and work force that will solve the challenges and problems we face.  When we focus on people building their business, career and profession we will solve our country’s and the world’s problems with renewable and sustainable solutions.

As we tune into our special blessings, gifts, insights and talents we unleash our personal power to create the business, career, opportunity and profession of our dreams.   We must also find our blind spots.  Consider balance sheet and cash flow analysis, books, budgeting, career counseling, cash flow game (Kiyosaki), coaching, debt reduction, downsizing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Feng shui, financial planning, seminars and websites for clearing negative behaviors, beliefs, emotions, energy and thoughts.

It is essential to maintain peak performance physiology, programming and psychology to maximize our future business, career and professional path.  When we condition our body and mind, eat healthy organic whole foods and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle we set ourselves up to be happy, healthy and wealthy.  Without health there can be no true wealth.

Focus on Financial Freedom Frequently

Committing to save more and spend less is a key daily ritual. Eating in more and eating out less can save big bucks. Develop habits that help expand our natural feelings of abundance, appreciation and awareness for the blessings in life versus looking for crutches, fixes and gimmicks to give the illusion of feeling better.

Saving Coins

Investing the energy, money and time in our education, growth and personal development pays big dividends for a career of choice.

Commit to constantly expanding our education, personal development and self growth. Education empowers us to feed our minds and grow smarter, stronger and wiser. We must constantly find new ways to help us recall, reinforce, rejuvenate, remember and reprogram our memory and mental abilities.

Finding a master mind group, national network, power team and role model are essential for advancing to financial freedom.  Having great performance peers and mastery mentors helps compound our development and growth easier and faster to higher levels than can be achieved my our self.

Investing the energy, money and time in our education, growth and personal development pays big dividends for a career of choice. Having a clear code of conduct, values and vision board and mission statement greatly increases our profitability and probability for success.

This checklist is designed to help everyone expand and experience profession passion.  Our career path and professions can be the resource for empowering us to be more healthy, wealthy and wise. When done well they can also help us to be less sad, sick and stressed.  Implementing these financial freedom strategies can help individuals and families enjoy more magic moments and rapid results.

This Great NEWS post shared the New Year New You Part 7 Financial Freedom. Small steps and smart strategies will help master our physiology, programming and psychology for financial mastery. Our destiny is determined by the decisions we make each moment of each day.  Focusing on financial mastery action plans will enhance our probability for peak performance and super success. This Part 7 Financial Freedom post shares proven principles to be even more abundant and wealthy.

Where is your current Gap?

What areas need attention for financial mastery?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans must be created to propel your financial health and well being to the next level? What resources have been overlooked that can help now?  Remember to read the 3 books mentioned.  Also Tom Corley has a great article on the 20 Things the Rich Do Every Day.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns can be shared regarding financial planning?  What book, course, product, seminar or training will be the next investment for creating financial abundance and freedom?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

New Year New You Part 8 Abundance Alchemy

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