Happy New Year 2021!

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With 2021 before us, what old behaviors, beliefs, and habits are you committed to changing for a better new year and new you? We all know a family member or a friend that is struggling with some addictive behavior. Many of them set New Year’s goals and resolutions that seldom last sixty days. This blog post is for people with addictions like TOBACCO but the proven principles can be applied to any addiction such as alcohol abuse, couch potato, depression, drug abuse, gambling, obesity, overeating, pornography, serial shopping, or social media mania. Making New Year’s resolutions to be happy, healthy, and in harmony is not enough. The key to transformation is to understand the old emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, and parental programming that show up and then learn new strategies, suggestions, and systems to create lasting change and progress.

“Good intentions and will power are not enough to correct addictive behavior and create lasting change for a happier and healthier life.” — Michael Morningstar

To be happy, healthy, and in harmony, all year long requires a Vision and Mastery Action Plan (MAP) to direct your life like Google Maps uses GPS to guide your movements and travel. After decades of studying human psychology combined with researching and reviewing the mastery action plans of many super successful people and lots of immersion in the intelligent pursuit of rapid results, the following long list became self-evident. Peak performance and personal development require recipes, resources, and role models to help growth and transformation.

Hopefully, you read the previous blog post about the benefits of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, and Vision Boards/ Life MAPs as three super strategies to transform any area of your life with rapid results. If not when would now be a great time to read it and build the foundation for a great new year and new you?

Abuse, Anger, and Anxiety Addictions

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My father was a smoker and it really bothered and worried me starting in my early teen years. My brother died from lung cancer after many years of smoking and suffering from it. One of my uncles died from lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. Several family members of family and friends have either died of cancer and or suffered from severe COPD from TOBACCO use. So this topic has a powerful personal meaning for me. Fortunately, even in those days, there were Public Service announcements warning about the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately, there were so many ads, commercials, promoters, and tobacco products circulating it was hard not to be drawn to their poison propaganda. Consider this blog like a public service announcement broadcast to help people around the world stop smoking and using all TOBACCO products.

It is a little embarrassing to admit that there was a time in my late teens and early twenties when I experimented with tobacco and smoked cigars, cigarettes, and later even did chewing TOBACCO. When I look back now I am not exactly sure why, but my belief is the allure, commercials, connections with my father, exposure when young, mental brainwashing, modeling my father and programming had an influence. When I was in college ROTC and the US Army in the 70’s they gave four cigarettes and matches in every C Ration (military specification meal in a box). Many people started using cigarettes and other TOBACCO products while serving in military service. They even had smoking breaks and would say “smoke them if you got them”. Unfortunately, most had them and became addicted.

Luckily my core values and vision for my future inspired and motivated me to find many ways to stop that crazy behavior and never go back. I realize now that there are so many emotional and mental factors involved in addition to the physical addiction that occurs so it gets harder and harder over time to stop TOBACCO and replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. It must become part of your identity and lifestyle rules at the deepest level of your DNA, RNA, and soul.

The more tools in your toolbox the more techniques, tips, and tools you have to get yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually primed and ready for the walk through the valley of death and come out through the transformation portal to be happier and healthier.

Some of these Stop Smoking Strategies will be easier to read and some will be harder to accept. They are not meant to be condescending, critical, or judgmental. Coaching requires identifying the challenges and issues and coming up with lots of viable solutions and suggestions to help. Do yourself a favor and read through the entire list one time being receptive and open and without being defensive or insulted. See which ones resonate with you first and try them on and try them out to see what will help.

Accumulated Conditions Emotional Stress (ACES) score can be a good indicator of early childhood issues. Early life events of anxiety, stress, and trauma often result in unhealthy behavior and can benefit from techniques and tips from therapy and training. Unresolved hurt from childhood can lead to anger and anxiety that triggers the desire for TOBACCO Time (TT).

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198 Success Strategies

  1. Acid beverages, foods, habits, and lifestyle can increase the desire for addictions like TOBACCO Time (TT).
  2. Activated charcoal is a beneficial product to consume to help remove the unhealthy substances in TOBACCO products from your body.
  3. Acupressure is an easy and effective way to activate acupressure points and meridians to bring health and relief to specif areas without needles.
  4. Acupuncture is an ancient method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to activate acupressure points and meridians to help remove energy blockages and restore energy flow for health and relief.
  5. Adaptogens are plants with super potent properties to provide unique health benefits. Examples: ashwagandha, astragalus, ginger, ginseng.
  6. Affirmations can help: Try “every little cell in my body is healthy and every little cell in my body is well” or something with a similar message.
  7. Alcohol consumption can increase, stimulate and trigger the behavior, desire, or reflex for addictions and TT
  8. Alkaline beverages, foods, habits, and lifestyle can decrease the desire for addictions like TOBACCO Time (TT).
  9. Anchoring and collapsing anchors that are linked to addictions and TT can be very helpful.
  10. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that occur from TOBACCO time (TT).
  11. Apple a day helps keeps the TOBACCO time (TT) temptation away.
  12. Apple cider vinegar (raw) shots several times a day can help with avoiding TT temptation and aid digestion.
  13. Avoid TOBACCO time (TT) in any building, car, house, or office. Only allow TT when outdoors in a special space where you can ground and sit.
  14. Ayurveda profound principles of the doshas known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha influence all areas of our life and lifestyle. Learn more about it.
  15. Bach flower therapy uses subtle energy from flower fragrances to activate and stimulate healing energies and well being.
  16. Backpack with 10% of your body weight on hikes to build your lungs and improve health. Google backpacking movies for inspiration.
  17. Baking Soda is great for alkalizing the body and significantly reducing TOBACCO time cravings. Try a pinch every hour and see.
  18. Barefoot standing or walking on grass for ten minutes before TOBACCO time torture reduces stress and urges
  19. Baroque, Classical, and Gregorian chant music have powerful proven benefits to calm the emotions and mind.
  20. Beach thinking time and walking time is great for contemplating your happy and healthy values and vision for longevity and vitality.
  21. Ben Franklin created a Decision-Making T Sheet. On a sheet of paper put a line down the middle from top to bottom. On the left side write CON’s and on the RIGHT side write Pros. Then indulge in some thinking time to come up with a list of all the Cons and Pros you can think of. Over the next week add to the list any additional observations. Also, ask for others that care about you to make a T Sheet with their answers to see things from their perspective. This writing exercise can produce many epiphanies and insights.
  22. Berries are a great source of antioxidants to help neutralize the free radicals from an addiction to TT. Eating berries several times a day can reduce and replace the urge.
  23. Biofeedback uses various techniques to give information that can help change certain behaviors and conditions by shifting our mental awareness and focus.
  24. Bitters are powerful alkaline medicines from plants. The more you consume them the faster your TT addiction is abolished.
  25. Blessing our food before each meal is a powerful profession of appreciation and gratitude for what it takes to provide that food.
  26. Bless yourself several times a day and especially when a craving comes up to ask for guidance and help to overcome temptation. Blessings and prayers can work miracles and definitely better than beating yourself up, putting yourself down and creating more sadness and stress which triggers even more cravings for TT.
  27. Blood work and genetic testing can provide valuable information about our genetic makeup and healthy or unhealthy status in life.
  28. Blue-green algae like chlorella and spirulina are well-known superfoods that help. Chew a tablet every hour and see what happens to your urge.
  29. Brain Gym is an easy and effective way to link your left and right brain hemispheres to be more resourceful and successful.
  30. Breath walking is a form of walking meditation that focuses on a mantra, mudras, and synchronized breathing, The synchronized breathing is four strong breaths in the nose followed by four strong breaths out the nose. The mantra is Sat Ta Na Ma spoken or thought as you touch your thumb to your first, second, third, and fourth fingertip synchronized with the breathing. Once you get a good rhythm going the goal is to be aware and observant of the many beautiful things around you.
  31. Bucket lists are places you want to visit and things you want to do. Create a big bucket list that helps inspire and motivate you to stop addictions like TOBACCO.
  32. Buy $250,000 of Life insurance and see the different rates for nonsmokers and smokers. Your family will need the money to pay the bills and medical bills associated with your unhealthy addictions.
  33. Cacao is a food fit for the god and goddess in each of us. Cacao is used to make chocolate. Dark cacao of at least 60% with low sugar is best. Raw cacao is even many multiples better. Find a cacao ceremony and commit to replacing your unhealthy addiction and celebrate.
  34. Calcium bentonite clay is great for cleansing and detoxing prior TT exposure. Do a clay facial and feet mask and feel the benefits.
  35. Camping in a tent for several days in Mother Nature is relaxing, especially by water.
  36. Carrot sticks are a healthy snack for crunching and munching during the TT urges and withdrawals.
  37. Cat urine, cow pies, or skunk spray are great examples of how your body smells and stinks to others after your TOBACCO time.
  38. CBD comes in many forms and is a great way to help transition away from TT and towards happiness and health.
  39. Celebrate your legacy, life, and longevity with love for yourself and your family each day. Soon your body and brain will become congruent and healthy.
  40. Chai tea can help reduce cravings and urges.
  41. Charles Dickin’s Strategy where you review your Past, Present & Future with TT and what it has and will cost you. Watching the movie can further help you reflect on where you have been and what the future holds if you continue with TT
  42. Chinese energy balls are two round steel balls with something inside to create a bell-like magical musical sound. They are rolled in each hand for calming, energy, health, and relaxation.
  43. Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a great story about Mr. Scrooge meeting three ghosts (past, present, and future) to help him change his unhappy and unhealthy behaviors. Yes, it is so good it is listed twice on this list.
  44. Cinnamon sticks are great for holding in your hand and even putting in your mouth as an oral fixation to help stop TT cravings
  45. Cleanse and detox is a popular concept to help people focus on health and getting health hazards and toxins out of the body.
  46. Cloves can be placed between cheek and gums to replace dip.
  47. Coffee beans or grounds between cheek and gums can also help.
  48. Coffee can be used as a better reward than TOBACCO. Try Bulletproof coffee with butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil or Four Sigmatic coffee with medicinal mushrooms. Be sure to stop drinking coffee by the afternoon.
  49. Coldwater dips, plunges, and showers have become more common thanks to several health hackers that have shared the many benefits they offer for health, resiliency, and well-being.
  50. Colon hydrotherapy or enemas with coffee may sound a bit different and extreme but the benefits are amazing.
  51. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a common result of TOBACCO time. Discover the consequences early.
  52. Crystals and gemstones have been found to be an easy way to change your emotional and energy field to help avoid and block TT. Carry or wear any of the following:  Amethyst, Hematite, Kunzite, or Staurolite (Fairy Cross).
  53. Dance a little hip hop, jig, limbo (under stick dance), twist, or two-step for five minutes to interrupt the TT urge.
  54. Deepak Chopra has many great books and videos to help synchronicity, stop smoking and using TOBACCO. Meditation and yoga both help.
  55. Digital picture frames are a great way to use powerful family photos, messages, and pictures to program your mind to be happy and healthy.
  56. Drumming for ten minutes before any TOBACCO time (TT) torture can change your stressed state and reduce or replace the urge.
  57. Dry skin brushing is an excellent way to clean your skin and stimulate your lymph system.
  58. Earthing is also called grounding and is a way to discharge static electricity and connect to the healing energy of the earth. Touch grounded metal or running water.
  59. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping before and after TOBACCO can help heal the heart and permit peace to protect you.
  60. Emotional stress and upsets are often the seeds that start TOBACCO use. Weed your garden and plant flowers, greens, herbs, and veggies.
  61. Essential oils are super strategies to stimulate the olfactory sites in the mouth and sinuses to replace the TT urges. Try eucalyptus, Frankincense, lavender, myrrh, peppermint, and spearmint.
  62. A eulogy is an acknowledgment, highlight, and synopsis of a person’s life. What would they say about you? Would you like to write it?
  63. Excuses and rationalizations are the Bull S**t (BS) people say to justify their unhealthy behavior and protect their ego. When people are in a stuck or stupid state they give lots of them to deflect and shield their ego and pride. During the process, they waste a lot of energy and time that could be invested to stop TT and start smiling by abolishing their addictions.
  64. Exercise is a great way to get your body moving and increase the level of oxygen in your blood and brain. Any exercise will help.
  65. Family and Friends at Funeral (simulated visualization) and you must lay down in silence (get the picture) and feel and hear the eulogy and family comments.
  66. Far Infrared heating pads are great for improving your level of happiness and health because they have many benefits to offer.
  67. Fire ceremonies are often used by people as a symbolic gesture of healing and release. They write their negative feelings and problems down and burn the paper in a sacred ceremony to represent cleansing and letting go. Imagine if a person were to write down some issues first and then symbolically burn it along with the cigarette and see how much faster people would heal and become healthy.
  68. Fire Walking is another powerful process for transformation. At Unleash the Power Within RRI events many people have released emotional baggage and TOBACCO habits they have been holding onto for years. Read Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins for more insights.
  69. Five Tibetans is a set of five exercises that a legend says can provide life long happiness and health. Every time the urge for TT appears do one set of one of the exercises and each urge rotates to a new one. Eventually doing all five at one time may train your body to crave health more than death.
  70. Flower therapy is a simple technique where you take the time to smell the roses or any other flower you can find or grow.
  71. Fruits are a delicious and nutritious way to replace your TT craving with a healthy habit. Oral stimulation and taste can really help.
  72. Gardening is great to get your hands in the dirt and plant seeds so connect with nature.
  73. Ginger candy is a nice treat to help you replace unhealthy TT with a sweet treat.
  74. Gong sounds for ten minutes before TOBACCO time torture can shift your spirit to stop.
  75. Green juice each day keeps the TOBACCO time torture away and works magic to help reduce TT cravings.
  76. Green powder drink works like magic to help reduce TT cravings.
  77. Green tea whenever you start thinking about TT is a great strategy.
  78. Grounding is a key part of how electricity and electronics work. Our body is a biochemical and electrical being. It is important for humans to be frequently grounded to release static electricity.
  79. Hand in ice water during TOBACCO time torture is a great way to associate pain to TT and limit TT time.
  80. Herbs are an excellent way to be happy and healthy. Have you ever heard the terms “spice of life” or “spice up your life”? Think about it.
  81. Hiking with a backpack for a week is a super strategy to help focus your body and brain on health. Google hiking movies.
  82. Homeopathy has many advantages and benefits to move towards healthy habits and away from unhealthy habits.
  83. Hugging a tree technique is an easy way to reduce anxiety and stress to avoid and reduce TT urges. Be a tree hugger.
  84. The “Hum a Song” technique is a great way to reduce anger, anxiety, frustration, and stress and reset your vagus nerve to be calm and collected.
  85. Hydration is vital to be happy and healthy. The majority of overeating and overindulgence in unhealthy habits is the result of low hydration.
  86. Hypnosis is a powerful holistic technique to help you reprogram your mental hardware, operating system, and software.
  87. Identity is the values and vision we hold dear and near. Think about being a non-smoker before every drink or meal and see what happens. Identity exercise is where you write down who you are now and who you must be to become the New You in your ideal life. What are the power virtues and resources you must possess to be a non-smoker?
  88. Incantations: I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. I am confident and courageous. There is always a way when I am totally committed. All I need is within me now. I have not tried everything and anyone thing may be the secret. I am happy and healthy forever after.
  89. Journal for ten minutes before any TT can help you to let go of emotional feelings that trigger the urge for TT. Keeping a journal is a great way to find your stressors and triggers. Maybe you could journal about your anxiety, fears, hurts, and traumas and then burn the page instead.
  90. Laying flat in the grass while you chew, dip or smoke TOBACCO gives a good visualization of where you may end up sooner rather than later.
  91. Lemons and limes are great to alkalize your body. Some people swear by sucking on a fresh juicy lemon or lime every time you think about TT. It can work as a form of aversion therapy. It also becomes a conditioning technique to train the body to crave healthy citrus fruits.
  92. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” are famous words with wisdom from Hippocrates the father of medicine.
  93. Leverage Success Strategies to Stop TT refers to finding the pain and pleasure pressure points that can massively intensify the level of consequences to stop TT because the pain is extreme and the potential pleasure becomes more desirable.
  94. Life Lessons are the learning points we acquire from our lack of good judgment and intelligent choices. Over time we are meant to learn various life lessons on our spiritual path for personal development and self-growth as we progress to our higher consciousness.
  95. Life Mastery is an amazing event by RRI that can change the course of your life from good to outstanding.
  96. Lifestyle choices have a major impact on our choices and decisions. If we hang around addicted peers, bars, casinos, dippers, negative people, smokers, and stressful situations we are more likely to lean towards TT and other unhealthy addictions and behaviors. Remember everything you drink, eat, feel, say, see, smell and touch affects every cell in your body… so choose wisely.
  97. Look at pictures and videos of people who suffer from mouth, throat, and tongue cancer to jolt you to your senses before it is too late.
  98. Love is a powerful force field that can harm you if it is lacking or help you if you are blessed to have it. If you are lacking in love for yourself then you may allow slow suicide to be executed by TT.
  99. Mastery Action Plan (MAP) is like a blueprint, compass, and GPS all rolled into one. Like building your dream home or a pilot flying a jet it gives you a course, destination, and directions to get you what you want and where you want to go.
  100. Master Cleanse recipe calls for a large container of filtered or spring water to which you add Cayenne powder, Lemon or Lime juice, and a little Honey or Maple syrup as a sweetener. This is consumed during the day or several days to help give the digestion system a chance to rejuvenate, rest, and revitalize.
  101. Medicinal mushrooms are superfoods and have many benefits for health and wellness.
  102. Medicinal teas are easy ways to hydrate and reduce TOBACCO cravings
  103. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in coconut oil are a magnificent method to fuel your body. Helps with being happy and healthy.
  104. Meditation for ten minutes before any TOBACCO may be just the hack to help you stop for good.
  105. Minerals are vital to boost your happiness and health which can help prevent TT
  106. Money Jar with an amount equal to all TOBACCO purchases for 10 years to be used for dream vacation after you stop smoking for one year.
  107. Money to Burn: that is the message you send to the universe when you use TOBACCO products that cause cancer.
  108. Moringa is a superfood and consuming some every day keeps the TOBACCO time torture away
  109. Morningstar Cleanse Elixir: 1/4 t cayenne pepper powder (fresh Habanero is better), 1/8 t Black pepper (fine grind), Ginger (grated), Honey (local organic raw honey is best), Lemon or lime juice (organic is best), Moringa powder, Sea salt (pinch), Turmeric powder, Springwater. or filtered, Drink 8 – 12 ounce glasses per day for one to three days.
  110. Mountain pose or downward dog are quick ways to reduce anxiety and stress and reset the vagus nerve all in one or two minutes.
  111. Movies can be great examples or warnings. Watch these: Grumpy Old Men, Jerry McGuire, Love Actually, Michael, The Way,
  112. Music therapy with a baroque, classical, and Gregorian chant for 30 minutes before TOBACCO Time (TT) may change your desire.
  113. Neptune Society offers cremation and celebration of life service that will save a lot of money and time for when that day comes. Check it out soon so you can make the best choices and decisions. Maybe going through this process will help shift your behaviors, beliefs, and habits.
  114. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a super successful strategy to change unhealthy and unwanted behaviors.
  115. Never throw your butts on the ground. Keep them in a bucket to visualize the amount of money and TT you have wasted. Visualize a vacation vanished in smoke.
  116. Nitric Oxide Burst is an exercise developed by Dr. Zach Bush, done in a few minutes to give your body a burst of energy and nitric oxide.
  117. No alcohol with TOBACCO time torture since this increases the propensity to use TT and further accelerate your health deterioration.
  118. Nursing homes are for people whose health fails and they have the highest incidence of COVID 19. Smoking will get you in one faster.
  119. Oil pulling before and after TOBACCO time torture can be a big benefit to help restore healthy habits.
  120. An oncology center tour will allow you to see people with cancer undergoing chemo and radiation to give you a powerful preview.
  121. Oneness blessings have been known to help people overcome problems and trauma from the past.
  122. Opposite Hand strategy suggests using your opposite hand to light up or take a pinch. Continue using the opposite hand during the entire use. It should feel awkward, different, and uncomfortable. The intention is to scramble the habit to help snap you out of a habitual mindless trance. Put the cigarette between the third finger and fourth finger also.
  123. Oxygen bottle buddy for 21 days can be a real eye-opener. Try carrying a portable oxygen generator or pulling an oxygen bottle to experience it.
  124. Pain and pleasure mismatching often leads to TT. People link short term pleasure to TT even though it will lead to long term pain and suffering. There are many strategies, suggestions, and systems to link short term pain to TT and long term pleasure to stop smoking and quit all TOBACCO.
  125. Pain with TT can be enhanced by consuming one week’s worth of TT all in one day. Yes binge your weekly TT load in one day and see how you feel.
  126. The patch is a possible solution but our emotions are what drive our behavior and can lead to TT.
  127. Picture of you with lit cigarettes; eight in mouth, two in your nose, and two in your ears to help scramble your association to TT. Some may need a video.
  128. Pine Box with a lid to lay in is a good visualization process to show you what your choices and decisions are promoting.
  129. Pine Tree Tea is made with pine bark and needles and has many health benefits to help you quit TOBACCO.
  130. Plane rides around the world would be a total nightmare for a smoker so why not think about that torture.
  131. Playing an instrument can help with reducing anxiety and stress and block TT urges. Try a drum, harmonica, kazoo, or ukulele.
  132. Power of Questions: What happened to get me started? Who wants me to quit and why? How do I face my fears to live my dream life?
  133. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a big contributor to people smoking to reduce anxiety and stress.
  134. Pranayama is a special system of breathing training to enhance your happiness, health, and lifestyle.
  135. Prayer is a powerful and profound practice that can work miracles in our life.
  136. Public declarations with consequences and rewards are great support strategies to help. After you have totally thought it through and come up with a Massive Action Plan (MAP) post your intentions, MAP and Vision Board to Social Media and ask for prayers and support.
  137. Pyramid power is the belief and concept of the health properties of being under or within a special pyramid structure.
  138. Qigong is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has many modern-day benefits.
  139. Raw foods work like magic to help reduce TT cravings.
  140. Rebound for 10 minutes before TOBACCO time torture
  141. Reading of Your Last Will and Testament to your family can bring you out of the TT trance.
  142. Red lines at the halfway mark on a cigarette can help remind our minds about the danger zone. Remember smokers go into a hypnotic trance and may benefit from a red line like a stop sign. The commercial that suggested this to me as a teen did not mention my father may not be thankful his son sent this message but I am glad I did it.
  143. Reflexology is a great way to massage the feet, hands, and other areas of the body to help with wellness.
  144. Rolfing is a special deep tissue massage that can help repair fascia issues that may be linked to injuries and causing pain.
  145. Roll your own TOBACCO with an organic product that is much better than the chemical enhanced commercial brands.
  146. Salt lamps have a nice glow and emit ions that can be energizing and uplifting.
  147. Saunas are great for helping the body to sweat toxins out. This is especially needed for TOBACCO users.
  148. Save all your butts in a bucket to see where your hard-earned money is going. Smell it once in a while as a reminder of the dirty stinking habit.
  149. Sea salt (raw) is a powerful product to help protect our health and well being whereas heated and treated table salt is a toxic health hazard.
  150. Seaweed is a superfood loaded with minerals and nutrients.
  151. Second-hand smoke is harmful to others. Imagine all the damage done to children and grandchildren by being near smokers.
  152. Self-hypnosis is a process where you program your own emotions and mind to make better choices and decisions.
  153. Senior Center visits allow you the opportunity to connect with seniors and learn some powerful life lessons.
  154. The silence when smoking or thinking about TOBACCO Time (TT) gives you the chance to review your life choices and decisions.
  155. Sing a song that moves you every time you feel the TT urge. Singing changes your mood and state to reduce anxiety, stress, and urge.
  156. Sleep therapy and training can help you rejuvenate and revitalize your body so you make better choices and decisions during the day.
  157. Sleep hygiene strategies are important to get a good night’s sleep and wake up well-rested and revitalized. (Cool, dark and electronic free)
  158. Smoke from grass, sage, and weeds can be used as a smudge to cast out demons and evil but inhaling smoke brings harm to your lungs.
  159. Smoothie a day keeps the TOBACCO time torture away. Smoothies are a super successful strategy.
  160. Songs can change our emotions, mood, and state super fast. listen to your top twenty songs to make you smile and want to dance.
  161. Soursop is a tropical tree with super benefits to help avoid cancer for TT.
  162. Spices are flavorful, helpful, and medicinal to help stop TT
  163. Stair climbing is a super way to simulate the shortness of breath and pounding heart that will occur from smoking.
  164. Stories often put us in a trance. When you tell your sad story over and over you hypnotize yourself and put yourself in a trance where you are tuned out and unaware of what you are doing, saying, or thinking. Stop the sad story to stop the smoking trance.
  165. Stress reduction is important to help avoid urges for TT.
  166. Subliminal training during the day and night can help. There are stop smoking / avoid TOBACCO CD’s you can play to help stop. Steven Halpern has great holistic health music.
  167. Sunrise and sunset are magic moments and the more you see the more you may be able to tune into the miracle of life.
  168. Sunshine is medicine. The more frequently you get exposure to fresh air and sunshine the easier it is to kick unhealthy habits.
  169. Superfoods have superpowers to help. Try acai, amla, goji berries, lingon, medicinal mushrooms, moringa, mulberries, or sea buckthorn berries.
  170. Super Slow Suicide Strategy may be a shocking statement but that is what Smoking and TOBACCO use really are…aren’t they?
  171. Supplements can really help give your body what it craves and needs to be happy and healthy.
  172. Sweat lodge therapy is a great way to have a special ceremony to purge old demons.
  173. Swimming is a superb activity to help submerge a TT urge. Even if you cannot swim put your feet or hands in water for a few minutes.
  174. Timeline Therapy is an excellent way to deal with issues from the past that triggers TT.
  175. TOBACCO comes from a green plant that is dried, cut, and then enhanced with flavorings and nicotine then laced with chemicals and compounds to make them more addictive, enjoyable, and enticing. Because it was a green plant it contains alkaloids our body craves. Eating green plants gives the body the alkaloids it craves.
  176. TOBACCO time in isolation with Mother Nature surrounding you will help you tune into why you must tune out from TOBACCO time (TT).
  177. TOBACCO tea. Take some tobacco and put it in a clear glass of water. Look at it for ten minutes and then drink it. It really is basically the same as any other method of consumption but looking at it in water may act as a wake-up call.
  178. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has many methods to help with addictions: acupressure, acupuncture, herbs, Kung Fu, Martial arts, QiGong and Tai Chi,
  179. Transformation Vocabulary (TV) is the process of substituting another word with the same first letter to alter the meaning. Cancer stick for Cigarette, Turd for TOBACCO, Chew Turd rather than chew TOBACCO, Cancer break for a Cigarette break,
  180. Trigger point therapy is a great way to release pain, stress, and tension that can frequently lead to the use of TT for relaxation.
  181. Vaping has helped some people stop smoking but unfortunately, they are just switching one expensive unhealthy habit for another without dealing with the real issues.
  182. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Legion halls are for groups of prior military service veterans who have served their country for one of the highest calls of duty, honor, and sacrifice. Many of them may have issues and some PTSD from their service experiences. Many of them became addicted smokers during their service years. Anything you can do to help, honor, respect, and support them is appreciated.
  183. The victory sign is a V made with the first and second fingers. Use this sign to remember you deserve and desire Victory over TT. The other sign to think about is the first finger and thumb in the L shape which stands for looser. It is your choice to be an L or V depending on what is most important to you in life or for some death.
  184. Vision Boards are a great way to clear and focused on your values, vision, and passion purpose in life. By focusing on your empowering vision board first thing in the morning and several times during the day it can help you maintain your resilience and resolve to go through some short term pain for lots of long term pleasure.
  185. Vision Quests are powerful programs to face your fears and live your dreams. A vision quest involves investing time in nature and yourself. It is often done at an early age but anytime is a great time for a vision quest. Find a camping or retreat type setting where you can be by yourself to journal, think, and visualize your life from birth to present and observe the path you are on now for your future. There are life lessons you have learned and things you still have time to change, enjoy, and learn to create more joy, happiness, and peace in your life. Consider doing a vision quest and then return home with ideas for a vision board to help remind you each day of your values and visions.
  186. Visualization is a powerful process, too. The book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz M.D. can help. Psycho-Cybernetic Principles for Creative Living is also a great book to help you visualize your way back to happiness, health, and harmony.
  187. Visualize dirty stinking butts in your mouth, then visualize dirty stinking butts of cats, cows, dogs, horses, and people. Dirty butts in the mouth and dirty butts that get wiped. Just keep thinking about the similarity of one type of dirty butt to the other type of dirty butt. How do they smell? Both butts stink don’t they? You get the picture…right? Once the picture gets in your head every time you look at a cigarette butt you will think of a dirty dog’s butt and laugh. At least I hope you laugh rather than crave a dirty stinking butt in your mouth. Yuk!
  188. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are essential for happiness and health. Be sure you are taking organic whole foods vitamins.
  189. Walking is a wonderful way to exercise and relax. When you walk in a mindful way you can see, sense, and smell the world around you
  190. Walking on fire, grass, pebbles, sand and in water can all help change your life.
  191. Watch yourself in a mirror as you use TOBACCO. Record it and watch what you do during the entire process. It will give you clues to help stop.
  192. Water can work wonders to reduce cravings and dehydration. Drink sixteen ounces of warm water thirty minutes before any TT.
  193. WiFi off at night helps reduce Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure and can help allow better sleep.
  194. Workouts early in the morning are wonderful ways to start the day and get an endorphin boost.
  195. Yaupon leaves from a shrub/small tree has been used for hundreds of years as a coffee substitute and medicinal tea.
  196. Yerba mate is a classic beverage in Brazil that can help replace TOBACCO time cravings and urges.
  197. Yoga for ten minutes before TOBACCO time can calm the body and brain naturally.
  198. Zen garden meditation is a fantastic way to reduce stress. A kit includes a rake, rocks, and sand that are meticulously raked every day.

After you read the list implement at least one new strategy each day. Reread the list each day and add another strategy so you are supporting your body and brain with powerful proven principles that will work if you do your homework each day.

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As you can see from the incredibly long list of strategies, suggestions, and systems this is something that has been a part of my evolution for many decades. My father was a smoker so it has been in my field of awareness and consciousness since the 1960s. If you or anyone you know is having a serious struggle with getting rid of their TT or other addictions contact me for a chat about a consultation. Being certified in EFT, NLP and Timeline Therapy combined with forty years of coaching and over thirty years of training in the Robbins Research International environment with Neuro-Associative Conditioning and other techniques there is no person that cannot be helped if they are totally committed and willing to do what it takes and participate in their own rescue. My results are guaranteed if your resolve is genuine.

Remember baby steps can lead to big success and it only takes one strategy to be the key that unlocks the lock that has been keeping you chained to your addiction. These strategies are here to help you find the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that can lead to emotional freedom and long-term success.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog was about 101+ success strategies to overcome addictions and addictive behavior that no longer serves you or someone you know. These tips can help your emotional, mental, and physical health for transformation in 2021.

How ready are you to implement success strategies to help you live your best life ever?

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