Acai Bowl Goji Berry Smoothie

Acai Bowl Goji Berry Smoothie

How many different types of fruit do you consume during a year as part of your holistic mastery action plan for health and wellness? If you eat at least ten different fruits (not including melons) during the year you are doing great. If you eat at least twenty different fruits congratulations, you are a fruit foodie and accessing even more of the fantastic fruits from Mother Nature to help support your health, longevity, and vitality.

Fruits can help with boosting our health, immunity, longevity, and overall well being. By learning more about the full rainbow of colors and robust nutritional benefits of medicinal fruits you can enhance your emotional, mental, and physical health. For me, the basic concept of medicinal includes a broad spectrum of natural and powerful plant-based compounds with incredible health benefits. These include providing a wide range of very valuable antioxidants, carotenoids, enzymes, essential oils, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, polysaccharides, trace elements, and vitamins. The rainbow of colors from different fruit pigments offer different medicinal benefits. There are so many fantastic fruits to choose from to provide these powerful medicinal benefits it is worth the energy and time to learn more options.

Health experts regularly discuss the advantages of consuming nutrient-dense organic whole foods. Fortunately, most experts list fruits as part of the colorful food rainbow and recommend at least 2 servings a day as being beneficial to consume. Unfortunately, they often recommend the same basic menu of apple, banana, grape, oranges, and pineapple which are mostly hybridized to contain more sugar, Today we will share some additional fantastic fruits with additional medicinal benefits that can help us enjoy even more health and vitality. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, it is good to learn about fruits that can provide bonus health, immune, and wellness benefits in addition to their great taste.

Our goal today is to share the many benefits a wide variety of fantastic fruits offer to help support many aspects of our health and well being. These many fantastic fruits from around the world can also provide a wide array of medicinal and nutritional benefits to help support our overall emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Chia & Blueberry Breakfast Bowl

Chia & Blueberry Breakfast Bowl

Fantastic Fruits – Fountain of Youth

If you want to feel better, live longer, and look younger there are many fruits and vegetables that can help. Mother Nature provides a wide assortment of fantastic fruits that can help you be even more beautiful, healthful, and youthful. The goal is to consume a wide variety of fresh fruits that are local, naturally ripe, organic, and in season. Yes, this can be challenging to do since many fruits are picked early and shipped a long distance. Therefore to give you the most options and opportunity to enjoy more fantastic fruits you may want to buy and source a variety of dried, fresh, fresh frozen, and powder variations. Also learn to barter, buy, or grow your own fresh fruit whenever possible. Many green spaces, parks, playgrounds, roadsides, schools, and yards are filled with manicured grass and ornamental bushes, shrubs, and trees that could provide a bounty of fantastic fresh fruits with a little foresight, planning, and planting.

“Fantastic fresh fruits have been shown in many studies to have incredible medicinal and nutritional benefits. Fruits have been linked to a wide variety of emotional, mental, and physical health benefits. As we come to better comprehend the magnificent magic Mother Nature packs into colorful fresh fruits we can begin to understand how the medicinal qualities can help influence our health and well being.” — Michael Morningstar

It is best to eat fruit when it is raw and ripe. This will provide the best spectrum of medicinal benefits and natural nutrition. Avoid cooking fruit as the heat tends to destroy most of the best natural nutrients. Because many of the fruits listed grow in more remote and tropical locations they often contain more minerals and trace elements than commercially grown fruits.

Favorites for Fruit Foodies

Here are some fantastic fruits with major medicinal mojo. Some are less consumed and less familiar to most people so look for them at farmers markets, specialty markets, and when traveling:

  • Acai berry is a superfood and is now available in many beverages, food, and smoothie options.
  • Acerola cherry actually contains more Vitamin C than most citrus fruit.
  • Aronia berries make a great dried fruit snack.
  • Avocado is technically a berry/fruit with lots of great health benefits.
  • Banana (apple, burro, Manzano, and red varieties) offers additional choices and variety to the classic hybrid bananas that most people buy at the market.
  • Blackberry vines are very thorny and produce a delicious and nutritious berry that is great fresh or frozen. You can often find and harvest wild blackberries for free.
  • Blueberry bushes can be found over fairly diverse areas both cultivated or wild.
  • Breadfruit is found mostly in the tropics but can be found in specialty markets.
  • Cacao is a fruit and the seeds within the fruit are used to make chocolate. Both the fruit and seed are super delicious and nutritious.
  • Carob is a bean pod fruit from an evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean area. It has a nice subtle sweet taste and is sometimes used instead of chocolate.
  • Cascara is the fruit that bears the coffee bean. The fruit can be eaten raw or dried and used to make a cascara coffee or tea.
  • Cashew fruit grows in more tropical areas and produces the cashew that many people enjoy. The fruit is often made into cashew juice and wine.
  • Cherimoya is a unique fruit of tropical climates.
  • Citrus (Grapefruit, Lemon Lime & Orange) are loaded with Vitamin C and pulp that is very beneficial for health and immune function.
  • Coconut despite what the name might imply is a type of fruit called a drupe.
  • Cocoplum is a small tropical fruit about the size of a small cherry and has a similar pit.
  • Craboo/Nanche fruit grows in the tropics on a tree.
  • Cranberry grows in bogs in more northern climates and is normally consumed during Thanksgiving time. They also come dried and are called craisins.
  • Custard apples are a great tropical fruit.
  • Dates grow in large bunches on trees that do well in arid and hot climates and even deserts.
  • Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that grows on long stems that look like a cactus.
  • Durian is a larger tropical fruit and the outside is covered with large thorn-like projections. It is an acquired taste. Most either dislike or like it with no middle ground.
  • Elderberry is well known as a super supplement to boost our immunity.
  • Figs (Adriatic figs, black mission, brown turkey, Calimyrna, common, and Kadota. My first introduction to figs was in Fig Newtons and later learned to enjoy them dried and fresh.
  • Goji berry originally came from the mountain regions of China and Tibet. They are considered a superfood for longevity and vitality. They normally come dried like a red raisin.
  • Grapes grow in a variety of climates and locations. (basics labeling is black, globe, green, mustang, red, purple, and white and they come in many unique varieties.
  • Guava fruit and leaves have been found to offer many medicinal benefits.
  • Jackfruit is gaining a lot of traction for the antioxidants and protein it provides. You can find them in Asian markets and they can weigh 30 pounds.
  • Kiwi is delicious and nutritious. The skin is high in Vitamin C and particularly nutrient-dense.
  • Lemon is a great source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. I blend the peel in smoothies.
  • Lime is very similar to lemon in benefits and is often less expensive.
  • Loganberry is well known in Europe. It is great dried, fresh, or frozen.
  • Longan is a unique fruit like lychee. They can be found in Asian markets.
  • Lychee can be found in Asian markets and offer a unique flavor.
  • Mango is on a fast track for becoming a top favorite. Mango fruit and even mango leave tea have been found to offer super health benefits.
  • Mangosteen is a beautiful deep purple fruit with a sweet white fruit inside.
  • Mulberry grows on trees in many parts of the world and has amazing benefits for health and vitality.
  • Mustang grapes grow wild in many areas of the US and are a nutrient-packed medicinal superfood.
  • Noni has a terrible taste when eaten raw but can be dried in a fruit roll-up or fermented to provide amazing antioxidant benefits.
  • Orange is well known for Vitamin C. Avoid orange juice because it has too much sugar and eats the whole fruit with the fiber, pith, and pulp to fill you up with more nutrients.
  • Papaya has many health benefits. The fruit, leaves, and seeds are all linked to medicinal benefits in many parts of the world. The fruit provides beneficial enzymes.
  • Passion fruit grows on a vine in tropical climates and is delicious and nutritious.
  • Pineapple grows in many tropical countries and provides a wealth of health benefits. It also provides beneficial enzymes. It is better to avoid the hybrid that is super sweet.
  • Plantain grows in tropical areas and looks similar to bananas. The plantain is a staple in many countries and can be cooked, dehydrated, dried, and even made into a powder. it is delicious and nutritious.
  • Pomelo looks like grapefruit and tastes great.
  • Prickly pear is the fruit of the Nopal cactus and is a unique treat. They are great when peeled and blended into a smoothie. A Blendtec, Bullet, or Vitamix can blend the seeds for extra nutrients.
  • Rambutan is an unusual looking tropical fruit.
  • Raspberry vines produce a nice treat.
  • Rose apple is a tropical fruit that is too delicate for shipping.
  • Sapodilla is a tropical fruit with a unique taste.
  • Sapote is a tropical fruit and can be found in specialty markets.
  • Schizandra berry (Schisandra Berry) grows on a vine and has a unique taste. It is often used in TCM for medicinal reasons. It is also used for jam, juice, sweets, and wine.
  • Sea buckthorn berry is a superfood that some feel has more benefits than goji berries. They are found dried and fresh in Russia and Scandinavian countries. Delicious!
  • Seagrapes are a delicious and nutritious treat in the tropics. Have had them in Belize several times.
  • Soursop or guanabana is a tangy and tart fruit that has been extensively studied for numerous health benefits. The fruit and leaves seem to have many medicinal benefits.
  • Spanish lime is a tropical fruit that looks like lime on the outside and orange on the inside.
  • Star Apple is another tropical.
  • Star Fruit has a distinct look and tangy taste.
  • Strawberry is well known to many people and seems to have amazing antioxidant and health benefits. Be sure to only eat organic ones or you risk serious pesticide exposure.
  • Tamarind has a tangy and tart taste and is a terrific tropical bean pod fruit with some unique medicinal benefits. It can be used in delicious desserts, drinks, foods, and smoothies.
  • Tangerine, tangelo, and mandarin are all small citrus fruit that has varieties that grow in temperate and tropical climates. They make a great snack treat and peel easily.

Traveling to Belize and Puerto Rico during the last several years has afforded me the opportunity to enjoy a great many of these fantastic fruits. This is one of many great reasons it feels like Belize, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico would be a great paradise retirement and wonderful vacation. My beautiful properties in Belize and Costa Rica are for sale to free up my energy, money, and time to invest in Puerto Rico for another perfect paradise retirement location.

Limone Lime Star Fruit Lemon Mint

Limone Lime Star Fruit Lemon Mint

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