Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

How many times a day are you hearing or seeing helpful information about the amazing benefits of medicinal trees? Hopefully, you are being educated, informed, and motivated at least several times a day to check out the different benefits and types of medicinal flowers, fruits, herbs, plants, and trees to consume as part of your holistic happiness, health, and longevity mastery action plan.

If you are consuming and eating at least five different medicinal tree products from the list below regularly you are doing OK. If you consume ten you are doing great. If you consume at least twenty different medicinal tree products from the list you are a master medicinal superstar accessing even more of the many magnificent medicinal trees provided by Mother Nature for better immunity, longevity, and vitality.

My life seems to be magically and magnetically drawn to medicinal plants and medicinal trees to help boost my overall health, immunity, longevity, and well-being. And yes my behavior borders on being compulsively and obsessively driven to learn more about the full spectrum of medicinal and nutritional benefits of flowers, fruits, herbs, and trees that can enhance my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. It has even prompted me to buy property in Belize and Costa Rica for a better connection.

The basic concept of consuming more products from medicinal trees is to access a deeper and wider spectrum of natural plant-based compounds with incredible health and longevity benefits. Medicinal trees provide powerful phytonutrients such as antioxidants, enzymes, essential oils, fiber, minerals, polyphenols, polysaccharides, trace elements, and vitamins.

“There are so many magnificent medicinal trees to choose from to provide powerful medicinal benefits that it is worth your energy, money, and time to learn more about them.” — Michael Morningstar

Many doctors, health experts, nutritionists, and scientists are realizing the amazing advantages of frequently utilizing medicinal nutrient-dense whole foods. Today this blog will share a list of medicinal trees with almost magical medicinal benefits that can help us enjoy even more health, immune function, and resiliency. During these crazy coronavirus conditions when would now be a great time to learn more about medicinal plants and trees that can provide amazing bonus benefits?

The list below of medicinal trees from around the world is offered to pique your interest and even help with peak performance. Be sure to read my previous blog post on Fantastic Fruits with Major Medicinal Mojo because many of the same principles apply and there are additional medicinal trees listed there.

Raw Cacao Cocoa Chocolate

Raw Cacao Cocoa Chocolate

Many Magnificent Majestic Medicinal Trees

Many people profess they want to feel and look better but for those that are serious, sincere, and smart enough it will require putting in the effort to tap into the many medicinal trees that can help. Mother Nature provides a wide assortment of medicinal trees that offer super support to help us be even more beautiful, healthful, and youthful than we can imagine if we will do our part.

The goal is to consume a wide variety of plant products from medicinal trees like these:

  • Alder provides an astringent bark and leaf tea used as a healing agent on wounds.
  • Apple – “Apple a day keeps the doctor away” Tree bark is also used to treat fevers. Stewed apples have a laxative benefit. Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion and supporting a healthy fauna and flora in the bowels.
  • Ash leaf and twig tip tea can help reduce arthritis, gout, jaundice & rheumatism.
  • Beech bark tea can help treat lung problems and has been used for tuberculosis treatments. Beech tea is not recommended for pregnant women. The leaf is used as a poultice.
  • Bergamot a citrus fruit has a long list of health benefits.
  • Birch leaf tea can help heal bladder, gout, and kidney problems, and mouth sores. Use bark in a bath to aid eczema. psoriasis, and skin rashes. Birch sap contains betulinic acid used to help fight cancer and reduce tumors.
  • Black walnut has been used to help eliminate parasites.
  • Cacao fruit, leaves, pods, and seeds are super special for many medicinal benefits. The Maya in Belize and other countries consider it sacred.
  • Cedar bark tea is used to treat chest colds, fevers, flu, and rheumatism.
  • Cinnamon tree bark is the source for cinnamon a well-known spice with many health benefits.
  • Coconut trees provide many medicinal benefits to help us stay happy and healthy. Enjoy some healthy coconut meal, coconut milk, coconut sugar, and coconut water.
  • Elder tree bark tea is used to treat congestion, headaches, & lower fever by inducing perspiration.
  • Elm bark poultices and salve are used to treat wounds. Bark tea is high in calcium and helps with the healing of bones, bowels, and sore throats.
  • Eucalyptus trees provide a fantastic essential oil that has many health benefits for lung, nasal, sinus, and throat issues.
  • Ginkgo biloba has shown potential benefit in the treatment of over 100 diseases. Many believe it is helpful for brain health. Some trees are over 1000 years old and believed to help with longevity.
  • Hawthorne leaf tea has been used as a cardiac tea/tonic.
  • Juniper berries have several medicinal health benefits.
  • Magnolia bark tea has been used for treating many health issues.
  • Mahogany bark tea is a natural way to treat malaria and other issues in many countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Central, and South America.
  • Mango bark, fruit, and leaves have been found to offer super health benefits.
  • Mangosteen fruit and peel may help reduce the viral load from infections. The National Cancer Institute funded a $1.7 Million grant for mangosteen research on cancer prevention.
  • Maple leaf poultice or tea is used to reduce pain and soreness from bruises, injuries, and wounds. Bark tea is used to treat bronchitis, colds, flu, and kidney infections.
  • Mimosa pudica has been used to eliminate parasites.
  • Moringa leaf, root, and seed have been used as a medicinal tree for thousands of years. Moringa leaf is high in antioxidants and protein and is a superfood easy to find.
  • Mulberry fruit is a major medicinal source of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
  • Neem fruit and leaf tea have many medicinal benefits. It helps gums, skin and even wounds heal better. It also acts as a natural antibacterial, insecticide, and pesticide.
  • Noni fruit is often fermented to provide amazing antioxidant benefits in the Caribbean and Pacific islands.
  • Oak (both red & white) has been used as a food and medicinal tree for thousands of years.
  • Papaya fruit, leaves, and seeds are all linked to medicinal benefits in many parts of the world. The fruit provides many beneficial enzymes and forms of health support.
  • Pine bark and needles have been used for food and medicinal tea by Native Americans.
  • Sea buckthorn fruit is delicious, medicinal, and nutritious.
  • Soursop bark, fruit, leaf, and seed have been used as a food and medicinal treatment for centuries. Many researchers feel it has amazing anti-cancer benefits.
  • Spruce has medicinal properties and has been used as food.
  • Tamarind is a terrific tropical tree. The bark, fruit, and leaves have medicinal benefits for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-malaria.
  • Tea tree (melaleuca) has been used for centuries and well documented for many health and healing purposes.
  • White willow bark was used for headaches so successfully they made a synthetic version we call aspirin.
  • Yaupon leaf tea has many medicinal benefits and can be a coffee substitute.

The vast majority of these medicinal trees have been used for centuries and proven to be helpful and safe. Remember If you are allergic to certain plants or taking certain medications, you should consult with a holistic health practitioner to help advise you.

There are obviously too many other medicinal trees to list them all. This should be a helpful list for you to begin learning more about and then expand your knowledge over time.

By the way, Belize, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico are home to many of these medicinal trees so it is one of many great reasons to consider these countries as a perfect paradise retirement or a wonderful vacation. My beautiful properties in Belize (with two Stabilized Compressed Earth Block (SCEB) houses) and Costa Rica are for sale to free up my energy, money, and time to invest in Puerto Rico for another eco-friendly community and perfect paradise retirement tropical location.

Quince Fruit Yellow Branch Plant - chulmin1700 / Pixabay

Quince Fruit has Medicinal Properties

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog was about many magnificent majestic medicinal trees with major benefits to help maintain better health and wellness. Maybe more people should become medicinal tree huggers and save our planet. Enjoy The Memory of Trees by Enya and notice if it expands your feelings about medicinal trees.

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