Last week we covered specific suggestions regarding how to eat to live and learn to love while this week we will begin a ten part series on the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health.

This is a natural continuation of the previous article because we opened the door by beginning the discussion on how to “eat to live and learn to love” and now it is time to go inside the house of perfect health to discover the foundation for happiness, health and harmony.

While many things in live seem overly complicated and confusing the goal of this ten part series is to give you simple steps to put you back on the path to long term happiness and health by consolidating them into the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health.

The ideas for these Ten Commitments evolved over the last two decades as my life has gone through many ups and downs. You would think that we would all have the wisdom of the ten commitments passed down from generation to generation by parents, grandparents and teachers starting at a very early age in life. Unfortunately most people are unaware of the simple strategies that should be part of our owners’ manual if we were to come with one.

We are more complex than automobiles, cell phones, computers, digital HDTV, DVD players, electronics and other devices which come with detailed instructions in the owners manual and yet we do not even have one. How bizarre and ironic is that?

We are not being taught these important topics and yet we are being advertised and brainwashed into the ways of bling, consumerism, debt, disrespect, entitlements, fast foods, junk foods, processed refined foods (Standard Anglo Diet SAD), lying, over consumption, wastefulness and many other harmful patterns which harms our health, longevity and wealth. To get back to the path for health we need an specific written perfect health action plan.

Our Code & Vision

Positive and healthyWithout a code of conduct and a vision for life it is hard for people to avoid going down the wrong path and end up harming themselves and potentially destroying their health and wealth. As many of us have heard in Proverbs “where there is no vision, the people perish”. Therefore it seemed logical that creating a Perfect Health action plan would help me stay on task each day and compounded over time this would lead me where I desired to be. A Top Ten List would help me stay on the right path to health, love, abundance and more time to enjoy them.

This was the beginning for the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health. Using all the strategies, suggestions, systems, solutions and support that transformed my life it was now important to consolidate them into a daily checklist to share with my coaching clients. When people asked how to be healthy is was easy to introduce them to Top Ten things needed each day to move away from being sad, sick, stressed and tired toward feeling happy, healthy, harmony and totally energized.

Therefore, now is a great time to introduce the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health in a ten part series. Today we will start with the first commitment.

Mind – Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

Mind, Body & Spirit – We are incredibly complex beings of bio-energetic, bio-photons, biochemical, electrical, infinite intelligence, quantum physics and cosmic consciousness. Our mental attitude is the GPS guidance system that directs our actions, behaviors and habits that determine our results and progress in life.

You are what you think! Therefore a Positive Mental Attitude is essential. Our thoughts become the essence of our life. The human brain is more advanced and complex than the biggest computer on earth. We only use a small percentage of our brains capacity. Imagine the incredible possibilities when you begin to tap into more of your positive thoughts for unlimited potential and power.

The Serenity Prayer

Many people find themselves in a state of confusion and frustration about things they have little or no influence over. Now is a great time to remember the Serenity Prayer.

[colored_box title=”The Serenity Prayer” variation=”teal”]God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Develop a balanced lifestyle. Many people are out of balance due to uninformed, unhealthy and unwise lifestyle choices. When you understand more of the ancient wisdom and profound knowledge regarding the proven principles that manifest health, longevity and vitality it is easier to manifest perfect health.

The power of focus and persistence is essential to success in any area you choose. Monitoring your Vision Board and Wheel of Life which represents your values, vision and mission will help you evaluate your progress which is key to maintaining your path to your ultimate destination.[/colored_box]

Focus on What You Do Want

Too many people get totally caught up and distracted by the global economic conditions, frivolous fashion, hectic pace of life, inflation, job markets, political upheaval, price of oil, taxation, weather and other things they cannot control. To avoid these distractions focus on what you want every day and take consistent action until you are successful.

The first commitment can be summarized as: Positive Mind + Healthy Body + Grateful Spirit + Love = Abundant Life

Now that you are aware of the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health it is up to you to read the series of newsletters for more details and commit to applying the principles in your life. Remember you have the advantage of decades of experience, refinement and training on the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health compressed into easy to apply principles summarized in ten short lessons so be sure to read and apply them each week consistently.

Mastery Action Plan

Think and Grow RichRead the book: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill for specific strategies on directing your conscious and sub conscious thoughts.

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