5 01, 2012

What is Ayurveda? How Will Perfect Health Affect Your Life?

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As a perfect health instructor I can show you the path to Perfect Health, today. Let's begin by learning about Ayurvedic philosophies and how they fit into the Perfect Health program. What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old healing system founded in ancient India, is derived from the Sanskrit words ayus meaning life, and veda meaning [...]

3 11, 2011

Part 10: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Yes You Can

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Last week we shared Part 10: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health - Gratitude and this week we will finish the Ten Commitment success series with (Part 10) Yes You Can. In the previous article we discussed the importance of being grateful for the many blessings, gifts, skills and talents we enjoy. This week we will [...]

15 09, 2011

Part 3: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Reduce Stress

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Last week in the Part 2: Ten Commitments to Perfect Health - Optimal Oxygen we learned the power of deep breathing and this week is about the benefits and strategies for reducing stress. Short and long term happiness, health and harmony are easier to experience while being aware of the factors that we allow to [...]

1 09, 2011

Part 1: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Positive Mental Attitude

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Last week we covered specific suggestions regarding how to eat to live and learn to love while this week we will begin a ten part series on the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health. This is a natural continuation of the previous article because we opened the door by beginning the discussion on how to "eat [...]

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