Last week we shared Part 10: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Gratitude and this week we will finish the Ten Commitment success series with (Part 10) Yes You Can.

In the previous article we discussed the importance of being grateful for the many blessings, gifts, skills and talents we enjoy. This week we will wrap up with the power of saying yes, developing a Mastery Action Plan and tips for implementing your plan step by step. This article on (Part 10) Yes You Can is dedicated to the baby steps necessary to help you consistently design and implement your Mastery Action Plans to manifest your dreams into reality.

A wise Chinese saying states “Every journey begins with the first step” and the same is true with achieving what you want in life.

5 Basic Strategies

[colored_box title=”Steps for Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them” variation=”teal”]When it comes to setting goals and accomplishing them there are five basic strategies to follow:

  1. Knowing what you want and why you want it.
  2. Feeling you deserve it and being committed to do what it takes to achieve it.
  3. Creating a Mastery Action Plan (MAP)
  4. Implementing intelligent and massive action to achieve it
  5. Noticing what is or is not working and changing your actions and thinking until you achieve the desired outcome. (This may involve going back to any step along the way and making adjustments.)


Power in Getting Clear

Out of Focus TulipsMost people are confused, vague and have mixed emotions regarding their goals and outcomes for life. If you do not know clearly what you want and why you want it what are your chances of achieving them are?

It is important to know exactly what you want so you can be clear in communicating with yourself and others. Contrary to what you may think most people are unclear about exactly what they want. Just ask someone what they want and then listen closely. Usually they are unclear, vague and often more focused on what they don’t want.

That is the primary reason people do not accomplish their goals or achieve what they want. They are simply not clear about their desire and how to communicate it clearly, concisely and convincingly to themselves or others.

When the brain and heart are not clear about the target it is more likely you will become distracted and wander off course.


Remember to have SMART goals, which are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timeline

The second challenge people face is they do not know why they want what they think they want. When you do not know why you want something with great clarity and conviction it is easy to become distracted. If you do not have a big enough why then it is more likely you will not be determined and persistent enough to achieve it.

Conviction & Confidence

The third challenge is a lack of true conviction and total confidence as to why you deserve it. This is a big one that catches many people by surprise. Just because you want it and you might even know a big reason why you can still be sabotaged by your sub conscious mind feeling you do not deserve it, you have not worked hard enough to achieve it or someone else deserves it more.

As the saying goes what the mind can conceive, and believe it can achieve. One of the biggest factors is the part where you totally believe. Yes you can and Yes you do deserve it.

Your Action Plan

Another issue that comes up is when people jump into action without having a well thought out plan of action. Think about that part again: Plan of action. The plan must come first and then the action will follow. Be sure to create a well designed blueprint that has the key strategies and systems for success.

This is where a Mastery Action Plan comes into place. Be sure to focus on the various variables and put your plan on paper or in a digital format. When we put things into a real and specific format we are more likely to turn the invisible into the visible. An idea in your head is a daydream. When you put it down in a material format it becomes more real and begins to take shape as a possibility. Then commitment and persistence are needed to turn the dream into reality.

Tulips and SkyOne of the best ways to take intelligent and massive action is to find a guide, mentor or role model that has accomplished what you want to accomplish to show you the way. It is often better to follow a successful blueprint that to try and create one yourself. Why go through the frustration and time to recreate the wheel when you can follow a well thought out plan and have it easier and quicker?

Making Adjustments Along the Way

The last important step is being aware and observant enough to notice what is working and more importantly what is not working yet.

This is key because on a trip, during any project or on the journey we call life we are going to get off course many times along the way. The sooner you can notice this and make the adjustments the sooner you can get back on track and the sooner you will finish whatever yu started out to do. It is also important to set policies and procedures in place to help keep distractions to a minimum.

Distractions are probably the number one reason that people get off course and are unable to complete a project or to complete it in a timely way. This also ties back to knowing what you want and why you want it. When you are totally clear and focused on these you are more likely to remain on task and accomplish what you set out to achieve.

Now that you understand the five basic strategies to setting and accomplishing your goals it is time to focus on creating a blue print. mindmap or vision board to create a vivid vision. A Mastery Action Plan is a combination of strategy, system, solution, source and support combined into one super success sequence.

After you conceive and believe it is time it is time to make the decision that Yes you can do it and create the Mastery action plan to achieve it. While this seems easy to do it is also easy not to do it. When people forget one little component of this system the best plan laid plans can fall apart quickly.

Your “Yes You Can” Tools

Whether you choose to use Dream Boards, Goal Boards, Vision Boards, Treasure Mapping or Life MAPs (Mastery Action Plans) remember that while somewhat different they are all very similar methods to create a compelling reminder and visual plan to key you focused and on task.

Like one of the masters of peak performance, self development and success coaching Stephen Covey says “Start with the end in mind”. It is imperative to be clear and concise about the results you want to achieve in order to significantly increase your chances of success. These are all very effective ways to help you keep the goals, outcomes and visions clearly in front of you and greatly increase your chance of success in anything you seek to accomplish.

Mastery action plans are essential to our success because they help us create, focus, organize and visualize our way to success with a well thought out plan of action. A great Vision Board or Life MAP (Mastery Action Plan) is based on some simple strategies to insure they are more effective and efficient. For a quick reminder, refer back to a recent blog post >  Values, Vision and Visualizations.

Our energy, health and vitality are a direct result of where we decide to direct our attention, emotions and energy. Our thoughts, decisions and actions determine how we experience life on a day to day basis so choose wisely.

The outcome for this ten part series of articles was to highlight a strategies and systems to help you easily, effectively and efficiently along the path to Perfect Health. While many people feel there are too many factors outside their control affecting the quality of their life it is important to remember that happiness and health are based on our internal decisions and therefore we are the captains of our destiny.

Tulip Up CloseOnce you realize that your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is dependent on the quality and quantity of positive emotions you experience each day it is easier to make better choices to help you feel happier, healthier and more in harmony.

Remember Yes you can do it and Yes you deserve it.

Mastery Action Plan

As we wrap up the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health Series it is very beneficial to review the titles and first paragraph of each article to help remind you of the profound wisdom and proven principles to help your create the life of your dreams. By creating a Vision Board or Life MAP you layout a blueprint with clear directions for creating the life you desire and deserve.

Our next blog post will share Ten Key Life Lessons Learned on EU Tour 2011

PS: This ten article series was inspired while organizing a European Tour for sharing the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY. I appreciate the hundreds of people I met while speaking and traveling in several great countries in Europe.