Our last blog post went into great detail about why it is better to focus on food first and fitness second to enjoy a fantastic future and holistic health.

This post we discuss the benefits of focusing on the New Year values, vision, and visualization to help the days ahead become even more amazing and fantastic.

In the previous article you saw a reference to the two universal laws which significantly determine your level of happiness and health … “You are what you think” and “You are what you eat”. Since we covered the importance of why you eat to be healthy first it is now time to focus the importance of how you use your thoughts and what you think about for health and happiness. Implementing this proven principle to direct and focus your mind for current and long term happiness and health will help you make better choices.

Breaking the Cycle

The Aladdin Factor BookMany people find themselves caught in a rut doing the same things week after week which may help explain why they feel stuck and unfulfilled in their life. Without adequate opportunities for new challenges, growth and variety in life many people find themselves doing the same things and making the same choices over and over. This causes many people to feel stuck on the treadmill of life running fast and furious yet not getting anywhere.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to insure that this New Year is even more exciting, productive and rewarding is to invest the energy and time to review or write your goals, values and vision for the New Year and then create a vision board.

The following provides some simple steps for planning and preparing your mind and thought process for peak performance in the New Year.

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  1. Review your written 2010 goals and outcomes.
  2. On your 2010 vision board mark a check to celebrate each “you did it “.
  3. Review your 2010 journal to remember Life Lessons Learned and Magic Moments.
  4. Design inspirational and motivational picture pages for your 2011 journal binder.
  5. Write SMART Goals and Outcomes for 2011 (emotional, physical, mental, nutritional, spiritual, financial, educational, relationships, career, travel, contribution).
  6. Copy, cut out or draw diagrams, pictures, symbols and words that inspire you.
  7. Create your 2011 Blue Print, Mind Map, Vision Board, Life MAP, Story Board or Treasure Map (Place a digital picture of your Vision Board on your computer screen, fitness equipment, journal binder, mirror, refrigerator and work area).
  8. Pick a Peak Performance Peer group.
  9. Join a Master Mind group for scheduled accountability and meetings.
  10. Access books, e-books, CD, DVD and MP3 resources to feed your mind.
  11. Research events, seminars and programs you are interested in attending.
  12. Select a coach and mentor.
  13. Identify Role Models to emulate – How to Think Like Leonardo De Vinci, Mozart Effect, Einstein, Ben Franklin, Hippocrates, Socrates, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra MD, John McDougall MD, Dean Ornish MD, Bernie Siegel MD, Andrew Weil MD, Oprah Winfrey, Dali Lama, Gandhi.


Moving Beyond Procrastination

Many people make excuses and procrastinate when it comes to creating written goals. One of the top excuses used is not having enough time. In reality if you say you do not have enough time you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Most likely it has not yet become a high priority and you still lack extra incentive to make it a higher priority and therefore a reality.

We do not need extra time and yet we do need to better prioritize and utilize the time we already have to focus on the really important stuff. Once we access the clarity and determination to seek our core desires it is important to write out your goals, values and vision for creating a great life.

Think and Grow RichNow that you have a better understanding of the manifestation process it is up to you to invest the time and begin the specific steps to design a great year.

Remember it is important to develop new beliefs and behaviors and implement habits and routines to reinforce and support the destiny your desire and deserve. One of the most important steps to manifest your desires is to schedule time to contemplate, meditate and visualize your goals, values and visions each day.

As you enjoy the final days of this year and start planning and preparing for a New Year, now may be the perfect time to focus on your New Year values, vision and visualization to help 2011 be even more amazing and outstanding.

Mastery Action Plan

Read Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, or The Aladdin Factor by Mark Victor Hansen, or another inspirational book to help preprogram your mind for writing your goals and outcomes for the New Year.

Next, block time on your calendar for creating a new Vision Board.

Our next blog post will share: All You Need Is LOVE