Last week we shared the Part 8: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Rest and Rejuvenation and this week we will focus on (Part 9) Gratitude.

In the previous article we discussed the importance of a great sleep environment and strategies to promote rest and rejuvenation to maximize your energy, fitness, health and vitality. This article will focus on being grateful for the many blessings, gifts, skills and talents we enjoy. Appreciation and gratitude help synchronize the power and wisdom of our hearts and minds for manifesting even more benefits and blessings for our greater good and that of humanity. Gratitude is an essential element for creating perfect health and mastery action plans help us remember to share our many blessings with our families, friends and communities.

Now that you understand the importance of  rest and rejuvenation and are benefiting from a great night’s sleep it is essential to develop and maintain a special state of gratitude and prayer. The quality of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being is one of the most important factors that help to determine your health and longevity. The Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and specifically (Part 9) gratitude are simple strategies to enhance your body, mind and spirit for perfect health and peak performance.

Appreciation for a SunflowerWhile most people intellectually understand the importance of the first eight commitments for perfect health many people are a bit fuzzier and less disciplined regarding maintaining a state of gratitude.

When you allow yourself to focus on what is lacking or not right with your current situation you are more likely to attract more of that state of being into your life.

On the other hand when you invest the energy and time to maintain a state of appreciation and gratitude for all of the many blessing you enjoy you are much more likely to experience and manifest even more abundance, blessings, happiness, health and love into your life.

 The 80/20 Rule Applied to Gratitude

The best strategies and systems in the world to acquire and have more are shallow victories if you do not allow yourself the gift of gratitude to enjoy our experiences and life lessons. The body, mind and spirit benefit greatly from states of appreciation and gratitude and conversely suffer greatly from self centered indulgence in envy, greed, regrets, self-pity and worry.

Invest 30 seconds to remember the 80/20 rule which is based on the hypothesis that 80% of our benefits come from 20% of our actions and behaviors. With this proven principle in mind it is easy to understand how maintaining a state of gratitude will help insure you create a better environment for attracting and manifesting even more energy, health and success in your life.

Imagine what it will feel like as you develop habits and rituals in order to direct 20% of your thoughts towards being appreciative and grateful in order to move away from negative thoughts and to create and then enjoy 80% of each day as a positive experience. Remember we experience and manifest what we think about on a consistent basis so choose being grateful and thankful to experience even more bliss in your life.

23 Strategies for Appreciation, Gratitude & Joy

A mastery action plan with simple strategies to insure more appreciation, gratitude and joy includes:

  1. Establish a consistent ritual of blessings and prayer each day for the abundance and affluence we experience.
  2. It is better to see the glass as half full than to see it has half empty. Be an optimist instead of a pessimist and see how life responds.
  3. Plan your daily activities in advance and establish a consistent routine for gratitude, meditation and prayer to connect with your divine being and higher spirit.
  4. Focus on consuming only the resources than are needed to maintain and sustain your health and well being and avoid the habit of keeping up with the Jones which promotes envy, jealousy and resentment.
  5. Avoid the medias manipulative siren songs for putting harmful substances into your body which destroys your happiness and health as it robs you of your wealth.
  6. When you catch yourself focusing on the lack of abundance or affluence in your life invest a few minutes to use EFT or Meridian tapping to release those thoughts and then attract thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for what you have currently and what you will manifest in the future.
  7. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally out of balance and mentally confused by falling for the illusion of material possessions as true wealth. Remember the importance of perfect health as the ultimate source for maintaining long term abundance and wealth.
  8. Feeling deep levels of gratitude and joy each day is the perfect prescription to reduce anxiety and stress which are twp of the most common sources for disease, pain, sadness and sickness.
  9. Be grateful for all your many blessings and direct your powerful mind combined with intelligent actions to turn your dreams into reality.
  10. Doing some prayers of gratitude upon wakening and before sleeping is an excellent way of maintaining a state of gratitude all day long.
  11. Be grateful for all the people that provide the labor and love to produce the many foods and services you depend on daily for your survival.
  12. Be sure to plan quality time enjoying the beauty and majesty of nature to enhance your appreciation and celebration of the many blessing and gifts around you.
  13. It is essential to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit in order to sustain a state of gratitude and enjoy a great day.
  14. When you abuse your miraculous body through negative behaviors you weaken your resilience and vigilance for accessing your positive behaviors.
  15. Traveling is a great way to experience massive amounts of gratitude as you feel, hear and see the diverse world we live in and the abundance and blessings you truly have to be grateful for. We are all lucky to be alive on this planet and orbiting around the sun which provides the energy, light and warmth that allows us to be alive. Any day the solar system could shift and the loss of those powerful forces would cause life on earth to cease.
  16. Looking at the stars at night and enjoying the immense universe we are a tiny part of is a great way to experience feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.
  17. Waking early and going to bed early are great ways to reconnect with the cycles and seasons of Mother Nature and planet earth in order to feel grateful for the amazing and beautiful universe we inhabit.
  18. Listening to the relaxing sounds of nature and tuning out the disturbing sounds of bad news is a great way to reconnect with your spirit and state of gratitude.
  19. Reading inspirational or spiritual writings is a great way to feel more grateful.
  20. Be sure to surround yourself with family, friends and peers who also maintain a state of gratitude and prayer. We are easily influenced by those close to us so it is essential to be vigilant and guard access to your body, mind and spirit to prevent your energy and enthusiasm from being drained away by others.
  21. Excess exposure to digital devices, electronics and EMF’s can interfere with your relationships, sleep and thinking patterns so it is imperative to shield yourself from harmful effects as much as is practical.
  22. Consider using notes and reminders to enhance your focus towards appreciation and gratitude.
  23. Reducing excessive mental distraction from electrical devices such as cell phones and computers can free up quality time for reconnecting to your self, family and friends which opens the opportunity for enjoying even more gratitude.

There are many more strategies to help you feel grateful and thankful for the abundance and affluence we are blessed with. Invest a few minutes to consider how you can experience even more gratitude to improve the quality of your life. There are numerous benefits, blessings and divine gifts to be grateful for each and every day. Simply surveying your personal assets and looking around you to notice and acknowledge all the amazing freedoms, infrastructure, privileges, resources and public assets which are accessible is enough to show the abundance and affluence we are blessed to enjoy.

Focusing on the basic necessities we can easily access but often take for granted and feeling deep gratitude rather than focusing on the things you lack and feeling depressed is a conscious choice which improves your happiness and health.

Our energy, health and vitality is a direct result of where we decide to place our attention and energy. The quality of your thoughts determines how we experience life on a day to day basis so choose wisely. The outcome for this article is to highlight the importance of gratitude, prayer and spiritual well being. While many people feel there are too many factors outside their control affecting the quality of their life it is important to remember that happiness and health are based on our internal decisions and therefore we are the captains of our destiny. Once you realize that your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is significantly dependent on the quality and quantity of positive emotions you experience it is easier to make better choices to help you feel happier, healthier and more in harmony each day.

Mastery Action Plan

  • Access an inspirational or spiritual book, CD or DVD to help you improve your emotional state and well being to move towards a state of gratitude.

Our next blog post will share: Part 10: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Yes You Can

PS: This ten article series was inspired while organizing a European Tour for sharing the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY.