Last week was the conclusion of the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health success series and this week we will reveal my Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011 sharing Great NEWS Perfect Health.

This article is dedicated to the many great people and life lessons learned made while traveling in Europe and exchanging cultures. Once an opportunity presents itself for me to learn a valuable life lesson it is important for me to create Mastery Action Plans to really learn the lesson and put systems in place for me to retain and then retrain myself with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual distinctions.

My Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011 are intended to enhance collaboration and cooperation with communities and counties to make the world a better place.

Our energy, health and vitality results from where we put our attention, emotions and energy. Our actions, decisions and thoughts determine how we experience life on a day to day basis. The goal for this article is to reflect on the many great observations and occurrences that allowed me to see, hear and feel things with a fresh and renewed perspective. When we invest the time to review and rethink the many things going on around us it is easier to make better choices in life.

A Life Review

No matter where we live, what language we speak or what nationality we claim, we are all connected and co-inhabitants creating the quality or lack of quality of life on planet earth. Everything we do and think ultimately affects us and everyone else on the planet.

You may wish to ask of yourself:

  • How can you contribute to more cooperation and collaboration and less competition and criticism?
  • When you take a closer look we all share many of the same decisions, desires and dreams.
  • What are you doing to focus more on our similarities versus our differences?
  • Our families are often the greatest source of pleasure and often the greatest source of pain in our lives …how often do you focus on ways to create more pleasure and minimize the pain?
  • Couples, companies, communities’, countries and families are feeling excess stress, strife and struggle because they do not feel they can be open, honest, direct and safe with others …how can you support these values for you family, friends, community and companies?

Love, Unconditionally

The majority of people I connected with in the EU (and probably true of most people in general) feel that there is too much conditional love and a lack of unconditional love which is one essential nutrient we need for our happiness, health and harmony. No matter how much money you have, where you live or what you do for a living most people seem to be craving more affection and love.

All you need is love, — as the famous Beatles songs goes. What can you do today to share more unconditional love?

Becoming Self Sufficient

Dandelion FieldMany people are interested in living close to the land, having a garden and accessing local foods to be more food independent and healthy. Other people have become almost totally dependent on others to produce their foods for them and determine how the food is prepared.

  • How self sufficient are you at providing food?
  • What could you do to have a greater influence over the quality of food you consume?
  • Do you read the food labels to identify ingredients?
  • When is the last time you harvested your own berries, dandelions, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, nettles, nopales, sea weeds or any food?

Health Versus Wealth Paradox

One of the greatest mysteries of life is the paradox of losing our health as we are seeking to gain wealth and then losing our wealth seeking to regain our health. What if you were able to maintain your health as you accumulated wealth and a key measurement of wealth was centered on sustaining long term health which contributed even further towards building and maintaining wealth?

Have you heard of the profound phrase “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”? How are you doing in applying this wisdom?

How Do You Save Daylight?

Old bell tower. France. Europe

Old Bell Tower, France, Europe

Daylight savings time is an oxymoron. Who are we kidding with the mass hypnosis aimed at manipulating time to create the illusion that we are actually saving day light? We all have 24 hours in a day and no matter what we do to manipulate time the sun will continue to rise and set on its own schedule.

Who really feels that the time wasted changing clocks, keeping track and readjusting our internal clocks is really worth the effort? A large part of the world does not follow this charade. When will we realize the importance of being synchronized with the circadian rhythms and seasons to reduce our stress and be more in harmony with nature?

What’s on that label?

The EU has really great disclosure and guidelines on ingredient labels and source of origin for foods. The US is clearly way behind with a lack of easy to understand and full ingredient disclosure on food labels and does not even require the disclosure of GE or GMO’s.

The EU makes it much easier for the consumers with the uniform ingredients and labeling disclosure requirements that includes an easy to understand list of additives, preservatives and GMO’s. When will consumers in the US realize “you are what you eat” and demand full disclosure and transparency for food labels?

Seventh Generations to Follow

We all intuitively know we share the same home we call earth and have basic human needs and rights for access to clean air, healthy food, clean water, safe shelter, health and healthcare, protection from unnecessary danger and risk. We also deserve freedom of choice, religion and speech.

How is it that we accept and justify that some people deserve to have all of these needs met while others do not? How can we justify that a minority of the world’s population can cause a majority of the destruction and pollution for the planet? These are important consideration we need to solve soon to save our one and only home called planet earth.

Most people make decisions today without investing a few seconds to consider the impact to the Seventh Generations to follow. All countries and people could benefit from focusing on and following a comprehensive decision making process based on the Seventh Generation philosophy followed by the Native Americans. A small minority of people are abusing, misusing and overusing the majority of the world’s precious resources to the detriment of the rest people and of the world. Any choice made today will have long term consequences on all future generations to come and we must therefore be good guardians and stewards of the air, environment, land, organisms, people and waters for the good of all humans and life on earth.

Personal, private and public transportation are negatively and positively impacting people around the world. Every choice you make has a chain reaction of consequences to you and everyone else on planet earth. Whether you drive a car, ride a bicycle, ride public transportation or walk you are causing a chain reaction for the betterment or detriment of all. Are you thinking of the global consequences?

Everything you drink, eat, hear, say, see, smell, taste, think, touch and intentionally or unintentionally come in contact with affects each and every cell in your body. Are you choosing wisely?

Smoking creates a long list of problems for the non-smokers and smokers alike. No matter which side of the fence you are on this addiction is affecting the beauty, environment, health, productivity and wealth of people around the world. Are the consequences too severe and the price too high to continue allowing this addiction when we know it is dangerous and detrimental to the health of the people and planet? This is something to think about and take action on.

Most people do not know there are more bacteria in the body than human cells and how these pro-biotics impact your health and vitality. Nor do they understand the importance of microorganisms and topsoil and the significant symbiotic relationships that are necessary for our foods and plants to grow. Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides harm the organisms in our gut and our soil.

If we do not understand the basic connections and proven principles of digestion, food, health, nutrition and wellness what does that say about our chances of health and survival? Most people live to eat rather than eat to live. How would you rate your understanding of the complex details involved with growing food and your digestive systems?

Time To Rest Now

Can you remember when Sundays were reserved for spiritual devotion, family time and a day of rest? Most of EU still practices the “old” fashion habit of keeping most stores and businesses closed for observing a restful day and opportunity for families to enjoy time together. It was great to go walking outdoors or in town to enjoy some exercise and relax with family and friends.

Thank you for reading my Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011 where I was I was honored to share Great NEWS Perfect Health with lots of great people in great countries. It is such a blessing to be connected with people in different cultures and countries and sharing so many things in common. My trip to Europe was fantastic and my Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011 were super souvenirs.

Mastery Action Plan

  • Look at pictures of your last trip or vacation when you traveled to another state or country and remember some of the key life lessons you learned.
  • How has it changed the way you live your life today?
  • What will you do differently in the future?

Our next blog post will share: Dark Side of Envy