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10 11, 2011

Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011

By |2012-02-24T04:35:51-06:00November 10th, 2011|Happiness|0 Comments

Last week was the conclusion of the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health success series and this week we will reveal my Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011 sharing Great NEWS Perfect Health. This article is dedicated to the many great people and life lessons learned made while traveling in Europe and exchanging cultures. Once [...]

25 08, 2011

Eat to Live and Learn to LOVE

By |2013-02-10T21:26:23-06:00August 25th, 2011|Emotions|0 Comments

Last week we discovered profound principles to awaken the genius within each of us and today we will share some terrific tips regarding how to eat to live and learn to love. You may think that these are such important topics that our parents, grandparents and teachers would be sure to teach these key subjects [...]

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