10 11, 2011

Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011

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Last week was the conclusion of the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health success series and this week we will reveal my Ten Life Lessons on EU Tour 2011 sharing Great NEWS Perfect Health. This article is dedicated to the many great people and life lessons learned made while traveling in Europe and exchanging cultures. Once [...]

10 09, 2009

The Sunny Side of the Street: Biology and Biophotons Basics

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As summer is slipping away in the northern hemisphere and the amount of sunlight is reduced, now is a great time to rediscover the basics of biology and biophotons. Once you discover the connection between sunlight and our level of energy, health and vitality you will be able to tap into one of the primary [...]

25 06, 2009

Live Blood Analysis

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When you are really ready to determine your true state of health it is time to discover Live Blood Analysis (LBA). Using LBA will allow you to observe your live blood which is your “river of life”. This amazing analysis will help establish your level of health as well as a diagnosis for disease. We [...]

20 02, 2009

Going Green is Great!

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With current concerns about the economy, global warming, health issues and food crop challenges, now is a great time to focus on why going green is great for everyone. In today’s often confusing and complex world it is more important than ever to focus on our daily actions and the resulting consequences to us, our [...]

15 01, 2009

Delicious Raw Whole Foods for Perfect Health

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January is a great time to channel your desire and motivation to be happier and healthier now and begin making improvements in your current nutrition program. While many people focus on buying exercise equipment, starting new exercise programs or joining a gym or health club they often over look a comprehensive health and wellness plan. [...]

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