January is a great time to channel your desire and motivation to be happier and healthier now and begin making improvements in your current nutrition program. While many people focus on buying exercise equipment, starting new exercise programs or joining a gym or health club they often over look a comprehensive health and wellness plan.

Delicious and nutritious raw whole foods should be a key part of your foundation for health and wellness long term. Nutrition supplies the fuel for energy, basic nutrients to maintain and extra bonus compounds to be active, fit and healthy. Without a strong foundation you will likely become inactive, unfit and unhealthy. Great nutrition is an essential first step.

Raw Nuts and Seeds

Eating Raw Fruits and NutsConsuming delicious and nutritious raw nuts and seeds is a great way to naturally satisfy and supplement your body’s need for extra nutrients. These supply great whole foods sources of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. Raw nuts and seeds are nature’s way of providing essential healthy fats, minerals and trace elements to help us be happier, healthier and stronger during the winter months.

Avoid roasted and salted nuts and seeds. Heating alters and breaks down many of the enzymes, nutrients, oils and vitamins which will greatly reduce the nutritional value. Roasting nuts and seeds converts the natural oils from healthy to unhealthy. A better alternative is to soak the raw nuts or seeds in sea salt for several hours and then dehydrate them so they remain raw live foods versus cooked dead foods. Live food provides more vibrant energy and natural nutrition that our bodies need to maintain peak health and wellness.

Raw Nut or Seed Milk

Many people are lactose intolerant and find it best to avoid any homogenized and pasteurized cows milk, cream or cheese. A delicious substitute can be made with a raw nut or seed milk. They are made by soaking raw flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or almonds in water for 24 hours and after draining the water blend them with some fresh water. This makes a very delicious nut or seed milk base that is creamy, rich and thick. Adding a banana or a few pitted dates to this mixture will make a great super delicious milk substitute which adults and kids really enjoy. This can also become the foundation for a delicious and nutritious Energy Elixir which will be discussed more in a future Great NEWS Letter.

Raw Chocolate treats

Raw Cacao Fruit BeansMany of us enjoy the taste of chocolate and may learn about the antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that seem to enhance our health and help us “feel good”. A key concept and great health and wellness tip is to avoid unhealthy commercial cooked chocolate and enjoy healthy natural raw chocolate. There are many advantages to raw chocolate which is made without additives such as artificial flavorings, colorings, milk, refined sugar, corn syrup, soy lecithin and more. Many of these ingredients may contain questionable and potentially harmful substances which contain antibiotics, synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered substances.

There are many deserts made with natural raw chocolate (cacao bean, nibs or powder) nuts, seeds and a natural sweetener that taste great and are much healthier than the commercial cooked chocolate candies and deserts. Remember that natural and nutrient dense raw whole foods are healthy for your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

For additional help on your journey to health and wellness check out our link to DavidWolfe.com  to find books, information and products which are dedicated to natural health and raw and live foods. There is a wealth of information on the benefits of raw vegetarian and vegan foods. You may also find information on raw foods potluck diners to connect with other health conscious individuals. Enjoy some delicious raw foods now to help begin your transformation to perfect health.

Our next blog post will offer Emotional Wellness Tips: The Benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).