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26 01, 2012

Principles for Perfect Health

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Last week the Great NEWS blog post was devoted to EFT Tapping Benefits and this week we will discuss Principles for Perfect Health. Right away some people may think that perfect health is highly unlikely or maybe even impossible to attain. Before you allow yourself to think that way you may want to remember a [...]

9 09, 2010

Top 10 Super Spanish Foods for Health

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When you think of Spanish beverages and food do you think of ham, red wine and tapas? Spain has many foods with great health benefits as you will discover with the top ten super Spanish foods for health. My main outcome during almost two weeks in Spain and two months of travel in twelve countries [...]

14 01, 2010

How Living Cuisine Foods Provide Beneficial Nutrition

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As we make plans for a New year, now is a great time to discover the many benefits of Living Cuisine Foods to help manifest a happy and healthy fresh start. Living cuisine and raw foods consist of natural and nutrient dense whole foods carefully prepared to preserve the natural compounds, enzymes and megahertz of [...]

10 09, 2009

The Sunny Side of the Street: Biology and Biophotons Basics

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As summer is slipping away in the northern hemisphere and the amount of sunlight is reduced, now is a great time to rediscover the basics of biology and biophotons. Once you discover the connection between sunlight and our level of energy, health and vitality you will be able to tap into one of the primary [...]

3 09, 2009

Part 1: Autoimmune Booster Checklist – ABC’s

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Almost every day in the news there is another story about various auto immune disorders so it seemed important to share a beginner’s autoimmune booster checklist to offer helpful information. While I’m not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat any medical disease I’m totally committed to educating and empowering people as a holistic [...]

28 05, 2009

6 Food Groups for Eating Better for Less

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During the current concerns regarding global economic changes and health challenges it seemed logical to write about strategies to eat better for less. Many people say and think that they are not able to eat healthy foods because it is too expensive. This is a limiting belief which keeps people locked into an unhealthy spiral [...]

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