The Healing Power of Light

What have you heard about the benefits of infrared and red light therapy? Many chiropractors, doctors, health coaches, health consultants, and wellness professionals are discussing and promoting the benefits of infrared therapy. The benefits and use of infrared therapy have been around for thousands of years.  Early Ayurvedic, Egyptian, Greek, Middle Eastern, and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) holistic health practitioners believed that the sun was a key source of healing and health. These early health seekers and wise wellness practitioners may have been the founders of energy medicine and energy psychology.

Many adults, children, and teens are dealing with a wide array of emotional, mental, and physical health challenges, and infrared and red light therapy may be some of the easiest ways to enhance health and well-being.  Infrared therapy might be the perfect strategy to boost your emotional, mental, and physical state to help promote happiness, health, and harmony. There are many easy, effective, and efficient ways to access infrared therapy to supercharge your happiness, health, and well-being. Infrared therapy offers many benefits because you can use it almost anytime to enhance your health and well-being. I believe everyone can benefit from infrared therapy and sunshine.

Energy psychology includes a broad spectrum of modalities to help people improve and support their quality of life. Various methods are available to provide easy and effective support for maintaining your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual happiness and health.  Infrared therapy may be one of the cheapest and easiest energy psychology therapies to help enhance your well-being. Energy psychology is like an AM/FM radio tower broadcasting a variety of shows that you can tune into. Each radio station opens the door to various information, messages, songs, and talk shows. All you must do is tune in and take in the education, entertainment, and information.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to access more energy psychology therapies for boosting their happiness, health, and harmony. Infrared therapy is safe and simple, and anyone can access it and benefit from it.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light and Wavelengths

Infrared light is a natural part of sunlight. Infrared light is a complex array of different energies and wavelengths combined into what we perceive as sunlight. Even light bulbs and other devices have been designed to emit various frequencies, types, and wavelengths of energy. Different infrared light wavelengths have been identified as being beneficial and healthy for different aspects of human health.  The different and various energy emissions across a spectrum of wavelengths are like a health and information code your body and brain need to be happy and healthy. There are many wavelengths of infrared light, including far-infrared, mid-infrared, and near-infrared. Far infrared has a longer wavelength, and near-infrared has shorter wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. Most people have heard about other energy wavelengths in sunlight called ultraviolet (UV). Ultraviolet light has shorter wavelengths than visible light.  Ultraviolet light in the form of UV A and UV B is often discussed regarding sunlight exposure and skin damage. Ultraviolet light and infrared light are different.

Infrared Benefits

The lack of infrared light and sunlight can lead to seasonal affective disorder. It can also lead to low melatonin levels, sleep issues, and Vitamin D deficiency. Infrared light has been linked to our emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being. When people have adequate infrared light exposure, they typically feel energized, excited,  and exhilarated. When people are deprived of sunlight and infrared light, they often feel lethargic, moody, sad, and sullen, which is not optimal for feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically happy and healthy. Infrared light and sunlight are essential for life on Earth.

Infrared and Red Light Therapy

Doctors, researchers, and scientists have learned how to use technology to make devices that produce infrared and red light therapy wavelengths. These devices can be useful in supporting various healing and health therapies. Today, you can find infrared blankets, devices, heating pads, lights, and saunas to help support your happiness and health. There is a wide array of infrared and red light therapy devices available to support your healing and health journey. Red light therapy is also known as Photobiomodulation Therapy.

Light Therapy for Skin Health

Infrared Therapy and Red Light Therapy Benefits

Infrared and red light therapy can provide many benefits. Infrared and red light therapy has been found beneficial to…

  • Help boost your attitude and mood.
  • Help a person rejuvenate, relax, and restore health and resilience.
  • Help a person reduce aches and pains naturally.
  • Help a child by supporting their circadian rhythm and sleep.
  • Help a person deal with and help heal injuries, scars, and wounds more easily.
  • Help people improve emotional issues, PTSD, and trauma.
  • Help boost your digestion, immune system, and mitochondria.
  • Help people deal with health issues, insomnia, skin issues, and sleep issues.
  • Help people better balance their endocrine system and hormones.
  • Help people deal with mood and seasonal issues due to the lack of sunlight. Seasonal affective disorder is associated with less than adequate sunlight.
  • Help adults and children enhance their energy and vitality for peak performance in school, sports, studies, and success.
  • Help your body and brain operate and perform more effectively and efficiently.

Call to Action

Most people can utilize different forms of energy psychology to support their happiness and health. Infrared therapy and sunshine are easy and effective ways to help change your state of being and thinking to help restore your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Can infrared therapy help you? You know it can, so go outdoors and soak up some good vibrations and restorative rays of sunshine.

Deep Penetrating Light Therapy

Helpful Hint

Even though infrared therapy can help your body and brain, it is important to do your homework and research the quality controls and guidelines regarding devices. Many chiropractors, doctors, researchers, and scientists are great resources and role models to help you learn more about the benefits and powers of infrared therapy. Be sure to avoid electric devices that emit harmful, dirty electricity and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The cheapest and easiest way to receive the benefits of infrared light is to get outdoors and enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight exposure on your skin every day you can. When you are unable to do this, then find an alternative infrared therapy source.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog is designed to encourage you to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine every day.

“Red light therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for many conditions, including acne, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, compromised blood circulation, and for reversing hair loss.”― Mark Sloan, Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine

“Similar to the famous saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” I believe one hour of sunshine a day will help keep the doctor away.” “Your skin is like a solar panel and needs the sunshine to supercharge your cells.” —Michael Morningstar

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