As summer is slipping away in the northern hemisphere and the amount of sunlight is reduced, now is a great time to rediscover the basics of biology and biophotons. Once you discover the connection between sunlight and our level of energy, health and vitality you will be able to tap into one of the primary principles for quantum health and longevity.

Consuming abundant amounts of live and raw foods rich with Biophotons is one of the keys to perfect health. It may be beneficial to read this article several times until it is imprinted into your conscious and unconscious mind. Remember “you are what you eat” therefore it is imperative to carefully evaluate everything you may consume and then choose wisely.

Basic Biology and Nutrition Principles

It is common knowledge that many people today are suffering from allergies, compromised immune systems and a wide assortment of health issues. It should be no surprise that these same people are responsible for experiencing most of those issues based on daily choices regarding their emotions, lifestyle and nutrition. To maintain a strong immune system, vibrant energy and perfect health it is imperative to relearn some basic biology and nutrition principles.

One of the greatest threats to our health is what we choose to put in our body. Many people consume large amounts of highly processed and refined beverages and foods. They consume fast foods, fake foods and junk foods that appear to be cheap, easy and quick without realizing the long term consequences of their decisions. This is best described as being “penny wise and pound foolish”.

Remember…”garbage in” means garbage in your bones, brain, heart, muscles nerves and organs and what is not utilized is “garbage out”.

Is it any wonder that people around the world are suffering from chronic and degenerative conditions with the extreme amount of unhealthy and harmful foods being consumed?

Causes of Premature Aging

What's wrong with this pyramid?Many people treat their electronic devices and vehicles better than they do their bodies. You would not consider using 220 volts to power a 110 volt computer. Nor would you put contaminated and low octane fuel into your vehicle. Both could function and both would be damaged. Yet people use harmful drinks and foods on a regular basis. Is it any surprise when their body and health begins to deteriorate prematurely?

Many people choose to eat a burger, fries and soda when they could have a large green salad, avocado, nuts, seeds and water instead. The key distinction is not just the amount and source of calories but also the quality of nutrients derived from the foods consumed. Many people are being influenced to think in terms of the pure mechanics and science of foods regarding calories consumed, genetically modified foods, grams of fat, sugars, proteins, vitamins, styles of cooking and synthetic substitutions. Instead we should focus on using natural intuition involving the art and history of consuming pure and unprocessed foods which are the most bio-available for energy, information and natural nutrition.

The USDA’s Best Interests

In the US we are advised to follow the food pyramid which is a program designed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA is also responsible for regulating the raising of animals and plants for human consumption. Many people question the wisdom of allowing the USDA to regulate food production let alone their ability to determine what food is best for optimal health and vitality for humans.

After all do you want an agency focused on rapidly feeding, fattening and processing animals to be your guide for health and nutrition? When you experience their inhumane and mechanical approach first hand you will discover how important it is to do your own research and choose what is best.

A Better Choice – Macro & Micro

Many find the premium choices for energy, health and vitality come from locally grown, organic plant based foods raised in a sustainable way and are naturally ripened and delivered fresh. These fresh live and raw foods are the optimal source of great nutrition because of the presence of all natural nutrients which are bio available for absorption and assimilation by the human body.

Sun Transference of NutritionOur bodies thrive on premium fuels such as oxygen, water and pure nutrients. The best source for the majority of our nutritional needs seems to be uncooked plant based foods which provide the macro nutrients and micro nutrients our complex system demands. It is important to provide our bodies with high quality antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, trace elements and vitamins. These vital compounds are very delicate and are easily denatured and rendered less potent by altering, cooking, processing and refining.

Sun Power

One of the most important yet least understood concepts regarding nutrition is the megahertz of energy supplied by the sun which is stored within the plant. This pure energy is transferred through the miracle of sunlight combining with chlorophyll, carbon dioxide, and minerals through photosynthesis to convert this pure energy into the structure of a plant.

The photons of energy from the sun light are transferred into the plants as biophotons which are then consumed by animals for food. Unfortunately accessing this energy potential is much less efficient when the plants are consumed by another animal first. Naturally it is much more efficient for you to eat the plants yourself to absorb and assimilate the biophons and nutrients directly.

After all who would want an animal to consume the best plant foods on the planet and yield a low return on investment rather than having humans consume the best foods while offering the greatest efficiency and most nutrient potential? It is hard to be green and concerned for the planet when you regularly consume commercial meat products.

The Rainbow Diet

Rainbow of veggiesWhen we eat a variety of fresh beans, flowers, fruits, grains, grasses, green leafy plants, herbs, lentils, nuts, roots, seeds, spices, tubers and vegetables (land and sea) in a rainbow of colors we will feel, function and look our best. Conversely when we eat the highly processed and refined beverages and fast foods, fake foods and junk foods we are sentencing our body and mind to suffer the consequences.

The obvious and simple conclusion is for humans to eat the best and most energizing plants foods available to maintain their emotional, mental and physical health and vitality. Remember food provides a combination of complex compounds and molecules to provide the energy, communications, fuel, healing, information, maintenance and vitality our cells and entire body needs.

Think of each biophoton as a solar cell for energy and an integral part of our complex field of energy and information. Each biophoton serves as both a receiver and transmitter for the whole life system to function at an optimal level.

One of the easiest things anyone can do to improve and invigorate their health and well being is regularly providing direct exposure of sunlight on your skin. It is also important to consume freshly harvested plant based foods that are still in their natural form and full of sunlight energy. Now that you have a better understanding of the biology and biophotons basics you are also know how to excite, empower and energize your body by consuming the majority of your foods as living cuisine. Enjoy!

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