Many people are finding that a few days of travel can side track their healthy goals and are looking for strategies to help them eat healthy while traveling.

After several trips back to back it was easy to notice how unhealthy many people eat while traveling. Therefore it seemed the perfect time to share some Great NEWS about eating healthy travel tips

Airport Travel Preparation1. Always carry a healthy meal with you on the plane. Avoid plane food (except banana, fruit, raisins and salads) no matter how good it looks or smells. An almond butter sandwich on sprouted grain bread or wrap with honey and cucumber slices is great. Avocado on a sprouted grain wrap with lettuce is also great.

2. Always carry bottled water with you on the entire trip. Drink adequate amounts of room temperature water to stay hydrated. Most people become dehydrated while traveling and eating salty foods, alcohol, coffee and sodas. Remember to only drink water while on the plane.

3. Avoid all cold drinks offered such as sodas, wine, beer, alcohol, juices, and canned drinks (even if free). Ask for a squeeze of lemon. Carry natural Mega Greens powder to add to your water. Carry your own herbal teas or hibiscus tea bags for warm tea.

4. Pack a healthy fresh fruit snack such as (apple, banana, grapefruit, grapes, orange, peach, pear, plum)

5. Pack healthy veggie snacks such as avocado, celery, cucumbers, carrots, jicima, snow peas (optional dips almond butter, cashew butter, guacamole or humus). Eat them with dried fruits, raw nuts or raw seeds

6. Carry dried fruit snacks such as (dried fruit snack such as apricots, blueberries, currants, figs, papaya, pineapple, prunes, raisins,

7. Pack raw nuts for snacks such as raw almonds, Brazil, cashews. hazelnut, macadamia, pecans, pistachio, walnuts, Avoid all roasted or dry roasted nuts and peanuts.

8. Avoid all pretzels and chips.

9. Pack raw seeds for snacks such as raw pumpkin & sunflower seeds.

10. Eat mostly fresh live cuisine/ raw foods on the trip. You need all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients you can consume.

11. Look for a healthy Japanese, Chinese (avoid the battered & fried or mostly meat dishes), Asian, Thai, Indian, Lebanese, Greek, Middle Eastern or Vegetarian style restaurant. Pass on the fast foods, fried foods, large meat dinners, all you can eat buffets, overeating, alcohol and rich deserts in the evening.

12. Eat a good healthy breakfast and let dinner/ lunch be your main meal and supper be a smaller and lighter meal. Finish eating at least 2-3 hours before bed.

13. Find a grocery store or health food store close by and stock up on healthy foods, snacks and treat items.

14. Look for hotels that offer healthy choices for breakfast such as fresh fruit or old fashion oatmeal. Avoid the typical continental breakfast with coffee, juice, cereals, pastries, bagels, pancakes as well as those fried meats (salty) and hash brown potatoes, toast etc. as these foods either spike your blood sugar, dehydrate and / or make you sleepy.

15. Carry all natural bio energetic vitamins, minerals and Mega Green w MSM supplements for daily use.

16. Find and carry some natural & super healthy raw whole food bars. (Bliss bar, Cocochia, Govinda’s, Lara Bar, Raw Power or Flax seed crackers)

17. Buy a fresh coconut and learn how to easily crack it. This is one of the best foods on earth and usually costs less than $2.

18. Carry a small bottle of sea salt and use a little each day. Avoid all table salt (Sodium Chloride NaCl) and foods with table salt (almost all processed and prepared cooked foods).
With the hectic pace of travel today it is important to have a printed list of great strategies to help you eat healthy while traveling.

Remember there is always a way when you are committed to the these 18 fantastic travel tips to ensure you remain balanced and healthy while away from home.

Our next blog post will share: Staying Healthy Travel Tips