Business and pleasure travel is easier with strategies and systems developed to help you focus on thinking healthy travel tips. Many people invest an extensive amount of time traveling for business, family, seminars and vacation trips without adequate planning and thinking ahead.

Two mottos that definitely apply when it comes to travel are:

Be Prepared” and “Prior proper planning prevents pathetically poor performance”!

In order to accomplish both it is important to have written checklists to help you effectively and efficiently plan each and every trip.

Travel Checklist for Being & Thinking Healthy

Traveling often requires more energy, patience and stamina than a routine day. There are many aspects to consider and variables to plan for and it is easy to feel exhausted, frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed. Learn to expect the unexpected as you plan and prepare for travel while you visualize the best that can happen.

Another key is to be flexible and know that you cannot control the people, places and things around you. However you can control how you feel and react to the various events that unfold and this is essential to remain calm and peaceful in spite of what ever happens. Remember you can decide to be flexible, feel fantastic and have fun regardless of what actually happens.

Travel Checklist for a Fantastic TripSome great techniques, tips and tools to help turn any trip into an amazing adventure include:

1. Avoid using the phrases “road warrior”, “rented mule”, “jet lag” and “tired traveler” which reinforce the negative aspects of your travel. It is better to use terms such as adventure travel, amazing traveler, professional traveler, terrific traveler, or frequent fun flyer to help you put a positive spin on the events related to travel.

2. Have electronic documents, printed packing checklist and a packing strategy and system to help you quickly prepare for trips of various destinations and duration. (i.e. short, medium or long domestic trip, international trip, vacation, etc.). Mark your suitcase with durable identification luggage tags and a colorful cloth, strap or tag to clearly identify it from others.

3. Wear comfortable shoes when traveling and relaxed yet stylish clothes whenever possible. This helps to pre-frame your mind the trip is more like an adventure or mini vacation than a tough business trip.

4. At the airport consider walking up and down the stairs for exercise rather than use the escalator to help compensate for significant sitting time.

5. Prior to boarding the plane get up, walk around and stop by the restrooms in preparation for the trip.

6. Pack running or walking shoes and exercise clothes. Plan time for a fitness routine, running, treadmill, walking or weights each day. Waking up early for some exercise, mediation or yoga in the morning before you dress and eat will help you begin the day in a peak state. (Be extra safe to acclimate to new electronics, environments and equipment)

7. Carry 2 water bottles to stay hydrated. They can also serve as weights in each hand for some quick resistance exercise or power walking.

8. At the hotel be sure to avoid the television totally as this will distract you and probably hinder you from doing what is most important for your health and well being which is to enjoy exercise, relaxation and sleep.

9. Too much time on the cell phone, computer or PDA working late at night over stimulates the mind before bedtime, which often has a negative effect on having a restful nights sleep.

10. Focus on your key outcomes for the day, schedule your time wisely and plan to finish your action items at least 1 hour prior to bed time. Then read, relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with some special treats. Aromatherapy, bath, shower, reflexology foot massage or some stretching yoga feels great. EFT tapping on acupressure points is also a great way to release stress and relax. (See EFT link at ).

11. Learn about natural personal hygiene products and carry them with you on trips. Avoid the hotel shampoos and soaps as they are often made with harsh and toxic chemicals. Learn about the many uses of calcium Bentonite clay and carry some with you as a natural beauty aid and health supply.

12. Carry some eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil to use in the morning to perk you up naturally. Also carry rosemary or lavender essential oil for in the evening to help calm and relax you for a good night sleep.

13. Stretch every hour while sitting. Get up and walk at least once for every two hours of flight time. Look in the airline travel magazine for simple stretching and health tips.

14. Avoid ordering room service whenever possible. It usually takes too long and you will be eating too late which both impact your quality of sleep. Carry healthy foods for each meal during the entire day of travel plus the next day.

15. Access the internet in advance or ask the concierge to help you locate a grocery store, health food store or healthy restaurant close by to shop for healthy meals and traveling food items. Be sure to have your handy checklist available as a quick reference. If you have an expense account and per diem use it wisely to purchase healthy foods and drinks. Avoid the temptation to splurge on unhealthy alcohol, meals and deserts that are loaded with empty calories which pack on the pounds and stress out the body.

16. Magnetic support insoles help many people easily alkalize and energize. My favorite ones have the magnetic acupressure beads that activate acupressure points on the soles of the feet. There is also magnetic jewelry and pads that many find helpful to remain alkaline and reduce the effects of jet lag.

17. Carry a small traveling magnetic pad or therapeutic magnet to help with specific soreness, stiffness or tension.

18. Carry an MP3 player or CD’s with your favorite relaxing or soothing music. Some great choices include Baroque, classical, guitar, healing music, instrumental, nature sounds, Native American drumming or flute, piano. Listen to on the plane or to relax in the evening. Most airlines have 1 or 2 channels of relaxing music.

Travel Necessities19. Carry an MP3 player or CD’s with your favorite personal development and self growth content. (Plane & evening)

20. Carry 1 DVD with a movie or educational content you are interested in watching in case you find yourself determined to watch something. You can always stop and mark your place should you chose to turn if off. This is better than surfing the TV or movie channels and becoming distracted.

21. Use a pull bag with wheels or back pack to carry computers, electronic devices and files. A heavy briefcase/ computer bag on one shoulder puts excess strain on the neck and shoulder which may cause aches, alignment issues and possibly headaches/ neck aches.

22. Noise reduction headphones or ear plugs may help reduce the distractions and noise pollution that bombard our hearing and overload our minds.

23. Avoid watching the mindless media on the TV monitors and use the time to relax and rejuvenate. You can close your eyes and meditate or visualize important aspects of your travel. Other options include writing in your journal, reading articles or documents you carry to read for business or pleasure while traveling. Maybe there is a special book or magazine that you would enjoy reading.

24. Enjoy water without ice and the healthy food options you brought with you. (See previous article for Eating Healthy Travel Tips)

25. Call home or email your family regularly to let them know you are missing them, thinking about them and would like to find out how they are doing.

26. Email your itinerary and travel details to your entire family in advance so they are in the loop as to your destinations and travel schedule. It is very frustrating and stressful for your family to not know where you are during travels or call you in the middle of the night. Turn off all electronics when sleeping.

Regardless if you travel for business or pleasure these key principles will help you focus on planning and implementing your thinking healthy travel tips. With great strategies and support systems in place travel will be less stressful and more enjoyable. Life is not just a destination so remember to enjoy the journey.

Our next blog post will share: Commuting Healthy Travel Tips