29 03, 2012

Being Prepared for Pathogens, Parasites, Pests and Problems

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Previously the Great NEWS blog shared suggestions for Perfect Health for Terrific Teens and today we shift gears to help you Be Prepared for Pathogens, Parasites, Pests and Problems. During my recent ten day trip to Costa Rica I met Doug an American that was bitten by a poisonous Fer de Lance pit viper. The [...]

24 09, 2009

26 Being & Thinking Healthy Travel Tips

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Business and pleasure travel is easier with strategies and systems developed to help you focus on thinking healthy travel tips. Many people invest an extensive amount of time traveling for business, family, seminars and vacation trips without adequate planning and thinking ahead. Two mottos that definitely apply when it comes to travel are: Be Prepared” [...]

2 07, 2009

Traveling Checklist: 10 Terrific Travel Tips

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Many people become frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed during travel therefore learning these Ten Terrific Travel Tips will help you enjoy your travel more. We depend on travel for our business, career and lifestyle and anything to make it less difficult and more enjoyable will contribute to our happiness and health. While we travel for many [...]

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