Many people become frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed during travel therefore learning these Ten Terrific Travel Tips will help you enjoy your travel more. We depend on travel for our business, career and lifestyle and anything to make it less difficult and more enjoyable will contribute to our happiness and health.

While we travel for many different reasons and access many different types of transportation there are several main aspects of travel that cause the majority of the stress. Yet with common sense and some prior proper planning we can prevent a lot of the common sources of stress and strain on our body, mind and spirit.

Global Flying StressFlying is one of the most stressful forms of travel due to many factors and influences outside our control. While traveling by plane the body is forced to remain inactive, spending hours seated while our mind is usually in a very active state organizing, planning and preparing. We’re not only busy with our own travel details but we also have to deal with airline delays, hotels, jet lag, luggage, meals, passengers, security, schedules, shuttles and many challenging situations

While in the corporate world and one year traveling forty eight weeks out of fifty two as a Platinum Elite flyer it was imperative to develop some proven principles to keep my mental and physical health and sanity. These principles are now an integral part of my routine and help me continue to enjoy decades of extensive travel.

10 Natural Healing Tips for Traveling

Here are the Top Ten Terrific Tips to help you travel and arrive feeling more relaxed and rested. They we developed over many years of extensive travel from studying and applying many natural healing systems based on holistic health, natural healing and proven wisdom. Remember if you do not take responsibility to take care of yourself first no one else will do it for you. The more you take great care of yourself the better you can deal with whatever comes up and be ready for peak performance.

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  • Pack your suitcase in advance with a checklist to insure you have the main business items, clothes and personal items you will need.
  • Travel in comfortable clothes and shoes when possible.
  • Plan adequate time to travel to the airport and check in early. Remember that many delays outside your control are possible and may cause you severe stress that affects your performance.
  • Develop a routine that meets your key needs to maintain your balance and energy with exercise, food, sleep and support.
  • Avoid junk food, fast food and most airline food items while traveling .
  • Pack healthy meals, snacks and treat items to meet your travel needs. Containers with apples, oranges, dried fruits, raw energy bars, raw nuts and seeds, guacamole with carrots, celery and jicima, healthy wraps and prepared meals are a real treat when it is time to eat.
  • Pass on the alcohol, coffee, juice and soft drinks. These products will dehydrate you and drain your energy.
  • Drink only water (without ice) or warm herbal tea while traveling on a plane. Carry a water bottle with you at all times.
  • Invest time in quiet meditation during take off and landing to calm the mind and prepare for the transition that you will be facing. Getting too caught up in needless conversations or video screen chatter clutters the mind.
  • Always have a great book, notebook or project to focus on when delays occur or time permits to be creative, focused and productive.
  • Reduce and replace the aimless chatter on cell phones which wastes your energy and time and annoys others. Use it as a helpful tool and not a mindless chatter box and you will be doing yourself and others a big favor.
  • Develop a routine of movements and stretches you can comfortably perform in your seat to keep your body energized and your blood and lymph flowing This is important to avoid the possibility of blood clots during and after flights. Or get up and take a walk to restrooms and stretch the leg muscles, back and arms.
  • Schedule time to exercise and meditate at your hotel first thing in the morning to rebalance and reenergize each day.
  • Carry your own relaxing music for during the flight and during the day.
  • Plan and prepare for the temptation of late night room service and mini bars by having healthy alternatives. Late night eating of these items will keep you more out of balance and distracted from a healthy and nurturing routine.
  • Be sure to turn off the computer and cell phone at a reasonable time and relax before going to sleep. Most people are sleep deprived from staying up too late and using the cell phone, computer or television as a distraction. It is better to get to bead early and then get up early to exercise and then start your busy day refreshed.
  • Start and end your day with a prayer of gratitude and celebration for all your blessings.


You probably noticed there are more than Ten Terrific Travel Tips included in this article!

Travel can be very stressful while you are on the trip and the consequences can affect you several days and even weeks later so it is essential to develop a healthy travel routine that you can maintain. The stress and strain of travel can affect the health, happiness and harmony of you and your family while you are traveling and even when you return home.

Please create a healthy plan and routine that works for you with at least Ten Terrific Travel Tips that will help you maintain your energy, enthusiasm and excitement for creating a great life.

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