When you are really ready to determine your true state of health it is time to discover Live Blood Analysis (LBA). Using LBA will allow you to observe your live blood which is your “river of life”.

This amazing analysis will help establish your level of health as well as a diagnosis for disease. We can all benefit from more information and a better understanding of how our body is doing in relation to optimal health. Remember: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

What is Revealed in a Life Blood Analysis?

LBA is the process of looking at a drop of your live blood under a dark field microscope. With this process you are able to observe your live blood and observe many fascinating components such as: red blood cells, white blood cells, lymphocytes, platelets, parasites, yeast, fungus, crystal formations, blood proteins and much more.

My first introduction to LBA occurred in 1995 during a ten day intensive Life Mastery seminar in Maui, Hawaii. Even though I used a microscope for years in college majoring in biology and have had many blood tests I had never seen my live blood before. Wow! This was an amazing analytical and diagnostic tool to help you discover a wealth of information that reflected what was happening in the body.

With one small drop of blood on the slide your blood reveals bacteria and parasite levels, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, liver stress, metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and yeast overgrowths. The true state of your health is revealed and you are educated on how to improve your blood and correct areas of concern. Acting in partnership with your practitioner you are now able to establish a holistic health, natural nutrition and proactive plan to put yourself on the path to perfect health.

Live Blood Analysis Microscopy

Testing Live BloodAn increasing number of health practitioners in North America are rediscovering Live Blood Analysis Microscopy. This has been a popular procedure and key tool of preventive medicine in Europe. LBA was first used in medicine for diagnosing infections and thanks to the pioneering efforts of Gaston Naessens a Canadian scientist is gaining popularity with naturopaths and holistic doctors.

In traditional medical blood tests your dead blood is preserved and sent to a laboratory for an “autopsy” and analyzed for various cell counts and chemical composition.

With LBA a licensed practitioner examines a drop of your blood from your fingertip that is placed on a microscopic slide. Then a very powerful lens of the microscope projects a view of your living blood onto a monitor via a video camera. Your practitioner will discuss what is being found and show you various pictures on the screen. Your live blood will reveal the condition of your overall body and health. During the assessment, you receive an in depth understanding of your blood chemistry and the potential impact from changes in diet, exercise, hydration, supplements, vitamins and other aspects of optimal health. This information is a very useful tool to help improve your health and vitality.

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  • Abnormal blood clotting
  • Allergic Responses
  • Bacteria/ Candida/ fungi/ yeast overgrowths
  • Bowel toxicity
  • Cell shape and size abnormalities from immune system deficiencies
  • Dehydration
  • Folic acid and vitamin B-12 imbalances
  • Free radical damage from unstable molecules created by chemicals, diet, pollution, smoke and toxins
  • Iron deficiency
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Liver Challenges
  • Oxygenation level and possible poor circulation
  • Parasite overgrowth
  • Red Blood Cell (RBC’s) ‘stickiness’ to one another as a result of poor protein digestion
  • Uric acid crystals may indicate risk of aches, gout, joint pain


A LBA will reveal a wealth of interesting and useful information to help determine your current level of health and areas for improvement. Compared to expensive diagnostics, hospital stays, medical interventions and prescription drugs having a Live Blood Analysis is a small and smart investment in your health and long term well being. Remember “your blood is your river of life” and the more your know about it the easier it is to keep it beautiful, clean and healthy.

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