Over the last several years there has been quite a bit of buzz, controversy and abundance of information regarding the issue of modern technology and Electro Magnetic Frequency Risks (EMF). Regardless of your love for technology advances or lack of technology awareness it is important to look closely at the consequences, rewards and risks associated with the abundance of devices, equipment and sources for electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF).

While there are volumes of comprehensive technical data available on the various aspects of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) and their risks, the purpose of this article is to share some basic issues and steps you can take to immediately help minimize and protect your self from unnecessary risk.

Sources of Electro Magnetic Frequency

To understand the complex issues there are two basic sources which produce EMF. On one hand we have EMF produced by natural sources such as our sun and other stars. These are produced by natural sources which give off visible and invisible rays of energy and light. Some EMF produces visible light and colors while other produce wave lengths that are invisible and may be harmful such as ultra violet rays causing sunburns. Fortunately we have many natural defenses in place to help protect us from excess exposure such as the earth’s atmosphere and ozone layer.

EMF from Cell Phone Towers

EMF from Cell Phone Towers

On the other hand we have EMF’s which are produced by electronic appliances, equipment and technology applications. This consists of the electricity which provides the energy to power a compressor, heat a wire or operate a motor. It also includes the transmission of electricity through electrical wires and high tension power lines. Therefore all electrical appliances, machinery, motors and wiring give off varying levels of EMF. Since EMF can pass through walls it is important to realize they are all around us from many sources. The amount of EMF is also determined by whether the item is turned off or on.

The other source of man made EMF comes from technology applications such as cell phones, cell towers, computers, fluorescent lights. Microwaves, radar, radios, satellites, televisions, WiFi, wireless phones and x-ray. The EMF’s from these devices are at a different frequency, intensity and proximity to our body and therefore a much greater concern. Even when you turn off your cell phone or television the signal is being transmitted continually all around you. The same is true for WiFi which sends out a continuous signal that transmits a significant amount of energy and information on an invisible signal.

Best Practice is Common Sense

Since most of the technology is relatively new and we only have several decades of actual data and experience it is important to be aware and cautious regarding claims of being harmless and totally safe. As with any new science and technology it is prudent to use caution and common sense and to err on the side of good judgment and use proper precautions.
[colored_box title=”12 Common Sense Suggestions That May Help Minimize EMF Risk and Exposure” variation=”teal”]

    • Minimize your use of high technology blue tooth, gadgets and toys.
    • Limit your use of cell phones and wireless phones. Minimize exposure of EMF to your brain. This is especially important for children. Use a shielding ear piece or cradle system for hands free use. .
    • Limit your WiFi exposure. Use a wire connection to the internet when available. Avoid and minimize time at locations that provide continuous exposure.
    • Remove all appliances near your bed such as electric clocks by your head.
    • Turn off all electronic equipment when not in use. Turn off cell phones and most electronics at night.
    • Unplug appliances and equipment that are not in use and plug in only as needed. Many items continue to use electricity even when turned off.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to cell phone towers, high tension power lines and transformers. These items are now very common around homes and buildings so be aware and distance yourself.
    • Use active awareness and passive protection and shielding devices to block and ground out EMF’s.
    • Avoid using a microwave. Do not even heat water or food regardless of the container.
    • Avoid using electric blankets, hair dryers and gadgets that expose you to unnecessary EMF’s.
    • Be sure to ground your self frequently during the day by connecting with the earth, metals, nature, plants and water.
    •  Consume fresh, nutrient dense and live whole foods that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral to help strengthen your body and neutralize the affect of free radicals from stress and EMF’s.


Modern Technology is Increasing the Exposure to EMF

While we may be complacent and unconscious about our extensive exposure to EMF’s it is important to realize that the advancement of modern technology increases our exposure to mental and physical health challenges from the Electro Magnetic Frequency Risks (EMF).

Remember that every cell in your body is affected by every visible and invisible energy field so be careful and choose wisely what energy fields and frequencies you are exposing yourself and your family to.

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