There are many complex concerns and legal liabilities regarding genetically engineered risks from Genetically Engineered (GE) foods and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) This is a sensitive subject and significant data exists to indicate that we should be greatly concerned about the known and unknown risks associated with all GMO’s (animals, bacteria, fish, food crops, plants and virus).

While on the surface it may appear that science and technology are joining forces to produce more food crops, better agriculture products and a safer environment for humans there may be major risks in their methods and mindset. Some might even say madness. When it comes to “playing GODD – Genetic Organism Divinity Doctor” and “Manipulating Against Mother Nature” with the potential for global repercussions it is time to focus on the reputed rewards versus the real risks.

Why We Need to Disclose GMO’s

We need strict guidelines and rules in place with an independent international agency. They would serve as the guardians and stewards of current and future generations as regards to the safety and welfare of all organisms (animals, humans and plants). We also need transparency and independent peer review in advance of experiments with the intent to profit from GMO’s.

This makes good sense and is a common courtesy towards our fellow global citizens. Our collective health and well being are too precious for a company to risk survival of the human species in an effort to make a quick profit. All GMO products which may result from the scientific activities must be fully disclosed and labeled in advance to government agencies and the general public for comment and approval. After all why would a company want to invest money and proceed with a product if the public will not buy it due to legitimate concerns about its safety?

When you do the research on the corporate greed, deceptions and hidden agenda to manipulate and monopolize our citizens and farmers you quickly come to the realization that we will pay the price and suffer the consequences from their quest to make a Billion Dollars. It is our health and happiness that they are risking. A GMO product may be an elaborate cover up for a hidden agenda and huge risk so an international conglomerate can produce a harmful product and dominate over safer natural choices which have passed the test of time for our health and safety.

Risks of Genetically Engineered Seeds

GMO Rapeseed Field

GMO Rapeseed aka Canola

For example the majority of GE seeds (canola, corn, cotton, soy and sugar beets) are being engineered to be resistant to herbicides such as Roundup manufactured by Monsanto. Roundup studies have found many serious health risks such as a recent study published in sited Roundup’s potential to cause birth defects. Roundup (highly diluted up to 100,000 times or more) tested on human cells caused the cells to die within 24 hours. Additionally damage to cell membranes and DNA was found, along with inhibiting cell respiration.

As a result more herbicides than ever are being sprayed on crops and end up contaminating our food, soil and water. Instead of producing more healthy food for us to eat the use of GE seeds are responsible for: more health risks, harm to our ecosystem, use of more expensive chemicals and tainting our foods with toxins.

To reduce the risks it would be beneficial to: assess fines and penalties for agriculture based chemical pollution, eliminate all subsidies for crops like GE canola, corn, cotton, soy and sugar beets, require extensive legal liability and bonding requirements and tax the GE products to create a reserve for future liability and sick care costs. These steps would help insure the consequences are tied back to the industries that caused them versus a government agency bailout. These steps would prevent the current crisis resulting from the take over of agriculture and food production by a few multinational biotechnology companies that act more like common criminals that concerned corporations operating with ethics. These steps would also help highlight the true value of locally grown sustainable organic products.

Demand Full Disclosure

Remember you deserve the right to full disclosure if you demand it. Many countries of the European Union (EU) have succeeded in preventing GE foods from being allowed in their food supply thereby forcing food producers to use natural ingredients in their products. However in the United States we’re still exposed to many GE products in our food supply and we do not have protective full disclosure laws requiring that GE foods be identified on the label.

This will change when you express your wishes and make better choices with every dollar you invest when purchasing products. You are what you eat so choose wisely. Please help spread the word. When we refuse GM foods, food manufacturers will listen.
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