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31 05, 2012

Costa Rica – Problems in Paradise

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Last week the Great NEWS blog shared Costa Rica - Health & Longevity in Paradise for Pura Vida (Pure Life) and today is a follow up with the Costa Rica - Problems in Paradise imported from the US and other developed countries. After traveling on my third trip to Costa Rica and being immersed in [...]

22 03, 2012

Perfect Health for Terrific Teens: A Foundation for Smart Choices

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Last week the Great NEWS blog covered the Perfect Health for Children and this week we will wrap up with specific suggestions for Perfect Health for Terrific Teens. The Perfect Health Mastery series is dedicated to helping families be happier, healthier and in harmony. This Perfect Health for Terrific Teens article provides simple strategies, suggestions [...]

26 01, 2012

Principles for Perfect Health

By |2012-02-26T18:08:33-06:00January 26th, 2012|Categories: Nutrition|Tags: , , , , , , , |3 Comments

Last week the Great NEWS blog post was devoted to EFT Tapping Benefits and this week we will discuss Principles for Perfect Health. Right away some people may think that perfect health is highly unlikely or maybe even impossible to attain. Before you allow yourself to think that way you may want to remember a [...]

16 06, 2011

Part 9: Earth Day, Every Day – Deadly Diets

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Last week the Earth Day, Every Day article outlined the risks of excessive synthetic antibiotics abuse and this week we will discuss deadly diets and how and why to avoid them. As we maintain our intentions for an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day we sustain the momentum for minimizing man made health risks and improving our [...]

23 12, 2010

Focus on Fitness or Food First for a Fantastic Future?

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With the year rapidly coming to a close and the new year just around the corner have you slowed down long enough to invest a few minutes to appreciate the many magic moments in your life right now? Right now is also a great time to think about whether it is better to focus on [...]

3 09, 2009

Part 1: Autoimmune Booster Checklist – ABC’s

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Almost every day in the news there is another story about various auto immune disorders so it seemed important to share a beginner’s autoimmune booster checklist to offer helpful information. While I’m not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat any medical disease I’m totally committed to educating and empowering people as a holistic [...]

13 08, 2009

Eating and Energizing Essentials

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While traveling on vacation and business for four weeks I notice that most people are lacking in awareness of the basic eating and energizing essentials for health and vitality. While observing people from many cultures and diverse backgrounds at seminars in Las Vegas and San Jose and a resort in Mexico it was clear that [...]

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