Last week the Earth Day, Every Day article outlined the risks of excessive synthetic antibiotics abuse and this week we will discuss deadly diets and how and why to avoid them. As we maintain our intentions for an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day we sustain the momentum for minimizing man made health risks and improving our global ecosystem and environment.

The twelve issues of Earth Day, Every Day are designed to empower millions of global citizens with helpful information regarding risks to our global ecosystem and suggesting simple solutions. Sharing simple strategies encourages everyone to help enhance and enjoy a closer connection with our environment. Support all affirmative actions directed toward Earth Day, Every Day awareness to create an even happier, healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

The ripple affect of benefits from being even more ecological and health conscious with an Earth Day, Every Day commitment will help transform our world. As we begin to feel, hear and see improvements from creating a healthier today we will enjoy compounding effects which result in an even healthier tomorrow. As our conscious and subconscious minds make better daily choices it is easier to avoid the environmental health risks and transform the quality of our lives and our families.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world in order to create a conscious and subconscious paradigm shift. As we focus our actions on promoting peace, people and prosperity instead of the abuse, corruption and destruction caused by destructive politicians, pollution and plundering profit driven greed our relationships with each other and planet earth will transform. When we redirect our thinking and put our lives and world back on the path to perfect health we will rediscover the Garden of Eden we were meant to enjoy.

Currently, one of the most harmful global changes occurring is the shifting away from healthy home cooked meals and from locally grown natural organic foods toward an over abundance of nutrient deficient fast foods and junk foods.

Most of these foods and packaged highly processed foods are prepared with artificial additives, cheap ingredients and unhealthy methods. This dramatic shift in the types of foods being consumed is causing a destructive chain reaction to the emotional, financial, mental and physical health and well being of the consumers. Young consumers are being specifically marketed to in order to get them hooked at an early age for life.

Refining the Problem

Pancake Stack

Addiction to Refined White Flour Products

There are numerous issues evolving as the world raises and consumes more GMO corn and soy and highly hybridized wheat and rice crops. We have discussed the numerous environmental and health issues with GE and GMO crops. What bears further discussion is the over abundance of highly adulterated, processed and refined derivatives of these crops such as: corn meal, corn oil, high fructose corn syrup, soy oil, soy protein powder and other combinations showing up as the most common food ingredients in fast foods, junk foods and packaged process foods.

The main issues with rice and wheat are how the vast majority in the food chain is highly processed and refined white simple sugar (carbohydrate) without the valuable bran, fiber or germ which harbors most of the nutrient benefits.

This results in refined white flour based bread, cakes, cereal, cookies, crackers, noodles, pancakes, pasta, pastries and white rice which have been found to rapidly increase the blood sugar, spike insulin production and significantly increase the risk of insulin resistance, weight gain and frequently diabetes.

Other issues occur because of the over consumption of refined white potatoes and white sugar which are additional foods contributing to an abundance of major disease, health issues and obesity.

Factory Farm Feeding Frenzy

Additional issues are evolving as the world raises and consumes even more animal products and eats less of a plant based diet which causes a major shift away from protecting the essential diverse grasslands, rainforests, savannahs and wetlands towards raising more mono culture animal feeds such as corn, soy, hay and maize for ever increasing animals (cattle, chickens, pigs and turkeys) in factory farms and grazing in fields that have been cleared of trees.

Let’s look at some of the main problems with our current misguided approach to the excess consumption of fast foods, junk foods and highly processed foods prepared with artificial additives, cheap ingredients and unhealthy methods in order to begin making better choices and finding safer solutions.

Watch Food Inc Movie Trailer

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Key Points, Safer Solutions

Last week we explained how the giant agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are mistreating animals and plant life as a non precious entity to be molded and shaped into any synthetic compound that suits their whim and they have carried out science experiments which are unleashing Pandora’s Box.

The fast foods, junk foods and highly processed foods are really fake foods manufactured by industries to look like, smell like and taste like something delicious and safe. In reality these fake foods are significantly adulterate, chemically altered, cooked, fried, heated, hydrogenated, irradiated, micro waved, mistreated, processed and treated with synthetic chemical additives, colorings, flavor enhancers, ingredients, minerals, preservatives, sweeteners and vitamins,

Therefore they are using the fake foods supplied to humans like pellets fed to laboratory rats while they are experimenting with our foods, health and future well being. It is up to you to educate your self and choose wisely what you put into your mouth since your decisions will determine the course of your current and future health and wealth

Many people are not aware that factory animal food production is a very inefficient system which consumes excessive amounts of valuable energy, food and water resources compared to most plant based foods. All the bits, pieces and scraps are formulated into something they can sell even if it would normally be considered waste items. Check out those chicken nuggets ingredients.

Often after receiving excessive antibiotics, non milk producing, old and sick milk cows have a very shortened life and end up as ground meat for hamburgers.

As we vote with our massive purchasing power to stop the harmful antibiotics abuse and synthetic hormones and start buying the eco friendly natural versions we shift the pendulum in favor of our health and safety.

We must stop allowing foods with dangerous synthetic compounds to be sold and demand full ingredient labeling so we can choose healthy and safe natural choices.

Avoid eating factory farm foods loaded with antibiotics, chemicals and hormones which have proven to have serious side effects in favor of choosing natural whole food plant options.

As we expand our Earth Day, Every Day awareness we build our momentum for improving our happiness, health and long term well being.

This week we learned about the deadly diets and why and how to avoid them. Suppliers and restaurants will change their behavior when we change ours with healthier choices. Please do your part to embrace an Earth Day, Every Day mindset for better choices for you, our global community and future generations to come.

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Mastery Action Plan

  • Learn more about harmful fast foods and juck foods by reading or watching Fast Food Nation.
  • Have you watched the documentary Super Size Me or Food Inc?

These are great ways to learn more quickly and then share with your family and friends.

Super Size Me Movie Trailer

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Our next blog post will share: Part 10: Earth Day, Every Day – Dangerous Body Care Products & Cosmetics