Last week the Earth Day, Every Day article shared concerns about the dangerous and toxic chemicals harming our health and polluting our world.

This week is dedicated to understanding the risks from excessive synthetic antibiotics abuse. As we focus our intentions for an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day we maintain the momentum for minimizing man made health risks and improving our global ecosystem and environment.

The outcome for dedicating twelve issues to Earth Day, Every Day is to empower millions of global citizens with helpful information regarding risks to our global ecosystem and suggesting simple solutions. Sharing simple strategies and solutions makes it easier for everyone to help protect our environment. Invest a few minutes to acknowledge others and yourself for all affirmative actions directed toward Earth Day, Every Day awareness to create an even happier, healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

We begin the ripple affect and create chain reactions of new benefits by being even more environmentally and health conscious as our part of the Earth Day – Every Day commitment. Very quickly we will all begin to feel, hear and see an improvement as we start with small steps to create a healthier today which will yield a compounded effect resulting in much healthier tomorrow. As we awaken our conscious and subconscious minds to our daily choices it is easier to avoid the environmental health risks and improve our choices to transform the quality of our lives and the planet.

As we expand our awareness and intention on providing for peace, people and prosperity instead of the abuse, corruption and destruction caused by politicians, pollution and profit driven greed our relationship to planet earth will transform. WE must be the change we wish to see in the world in order to create a conscious and subconscious paradigm shift. We must redirect our thinking and put our lives and our world back on the path to perfect health because without this shift our very existence is at risk.

Pathogen Phobia & Overuse of Antibiotics

Currently the mega animal agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries of the world appears to be fixated on manufacturing and using many thousands of tons of synthetic antibiotics that are harming our health and polluting our world.

Let’s look at some of the main problems with our current misguided approach to the excess use of synthetic antibiotics, compounds, hormones and pharmaceuticals in order to begin making better choices and finding safer solutions.

A Misguided Approach

Healthy Cows in a Natural Environment

Healthy Cows in a Natural Environment

For tens of thousands of years animals have lived and survived in a complex and natural environment. Man decided to intervene with wild animals and plants and domesticate them. He began to experiment with hybrids and natural selection to create more choices and varieties which would better suit his needs. Most of this was fine up to the point that man actually began to make the new hybrids and varieties more susceptible to disease and genetically weaker than the wilder versions. When done slowly over time the natural evolution process was able to maintain some basic checks and balances.

Fast forward to today where giant agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are treating animal and plant life as if it were a giant chemistry and science experiment and have unleashed Pandora’s Box.

By manipulating the laws of nature, natural evolution and tinkering with the DNA of animals, plants and organisms they have self appointed themselves as Supreme Beings in the universe in order to circumvent the wisdom of our divine creator and Mother Nature.

Whatever you believe about the master plan for our universe it is obvious something more divine and wise than us created the universe. Therefore, you must decide if you trust that divine wisdom or the ego driven insanity of greedy men eager to unnaturally alter the course of evolution by experimenting with our current existence, foods, health and future well being. Many are suffering as a result of men “playing god” while the divine guidance has directed the course of evolution and nature very well for many millions of years.

Over-Crowded Factory Farming

By feeding the cruelly confined, overcrowded and overfed animals unnatural foods (animal parts, synthetic chemicals, corn, fish, sorghum, and soy) and synthetic hormones in an unnatural environment they cause the animals to become diseased, genetically impaired, stressed, toxic and weakened to the point of a premature and unnatural death.

To keep these dying and sick animals alive long enough to get the maximum food production (eggs and milk) and growth (cattle, chickens, hogs and turkeys) out of them for the super markets the mega commercial animal factory farm industry uses massive antibiotics in the feed to minimize and prevent pathogen infections from rapidly spreading and killing these vulnerable animals.

The problem is that bacteria, fungus, germs, pathogens and virus continue to mutate over time as part of their evolution and survival mechanism and become more antibiotic resistant and virulent in the process. These more resistant pathogens are released into the environment from the animal’s body, feces and urine. This ends up contaminating the air, food, soil and water we depend on for our life.

We intuitively know that synthetic antibiotic abuse is harmful. Since we are what we eat and we will transfer these harmful factors to our bodies if we consume them. Therefore this article is designed to help you avoid the unhealthy foods and make better choices. If you choose to eat animal products it is important to choose humanely grown and processed, free range, grass feed organic animal products raised without antibiotics abuse. Be sure they are also raised free from any GE or GMO food crops. The same is true for avoiding farm raised fish which are given antibiotics and unnatural foods.

Environmental Impact & Health Risks

Pile of PillsWhen discussing antibiotics abuse it may seem a bit overwhelming to know where to begin first. We must educate our selves on the environmental impact, health consequences and long term risks and start making conscious decisions today. Taking baby steps toward eliminating the feeding of antibiotics to factory farm animals we begin minimizing the antibiotics abuse of these synthetic chemicals. Avoid and reduce consumption of foods known for antibiotics abuse or synthetic hormones.

If you choose to eat animal products be sure to choose free range, grass fed and humanely treated animal products only. Avoid purchasing animal products from Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) and choose organic choices instead. The more we reduce our purchases of these products associated with antibiotics abuse and synthetic hormones the less risks we face from these harmful synthetic chemicals.

Many people are not aware that factory animal food production is a very inefficient system and consumes excessive amounts of valuable energy, food and water resources. John Robbins describes how a plant based diet is much more efficient and will feed many more families on less land so that all will be fed. It is sad that billions of animals are well fed while billions of humans are hungry and many are starving. A plant based diet will also greatly reduce our carbon footprint and protect the precious environment.

As we vote with our massive purchasing power to stop the harmful antibiotics abuse and synthetic hormones and start buying the eco friendly natural versions we shift the pendulum in favor of our health and safety. We must stop allowing foods with dangerous synthetic compounds to be sold and demand full ingredient labeling so we can choose healthy and safe natural choices. Avoid eating factory farm foods loaded with antibiotics, chemicals and hormones which have proven to have serious side effects in favor of choosing natural whole food plant options.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

With the abundance of antibiotic resistant bacteria and virus in existence today it is imperative to build up your immune system naturally and choose natural and organic compounding, essential oils and plants to maintain and regain your health. Avoid the seductive sirens songs about using synthetic antibiotics, hormones, medicines and modern chemistry to keep you healthy.

There is no such thing as an ailment, disease, issue or problem which occurs because of a synthetic compound deficiency. We are deficient in the essential enzymes, fiber, minerals, phyto-nutrients, probiotics, trace elements and vitamins which are key to health. We must follow the Native American wisdom outlined in the seventh generation philosophy which says to look at the consequences of your decision seven generations into the future and choose wisely today.

What You Can Do Now

Setting an intention for an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day helps maintain the momentum for minimizing health risks and improving our long term well being.

This week we learned about the synthetic antibiotics abuse, hormones and medicines which are responsible for harmful super bugs, harming our health and polluting our world. We now have numerous strategies and suggestions to stop using these harmful synthetic chemicals and start using natural alternatives.

A valuable mantra and motto to repeat regularly for better choices is: Mother Nature knows best and it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Manipulating and manufacturing harmful and toxic synthetic antibiotics, compounds and hormones are disrupting the natural balance of life on earth. Our creator made everything perfect without our scientific manipulations. We must embrace an Earth Day, Every Day mindset for better choices for you, our global community and future generations to come.

Mastery Action Plan

Learn more about harmful synthetic antibiotics abuse, chemicals, hormones and medicines from Environmental Working Group .

Read very informative books such as:

  1. May All Be fed by John Robbins
  2. Diet for a New America by John Robbins.
  3. The Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman

These three books will help you understand why this cattleman decided to stop eating commercially grown animal products and maybe you should also.

Our next blog post will share: Part 9: Earth Day, Every Day – Deadly Diets